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Excellent! The best so far!

star star star star star by Konrad, 7 years ago.

This is easily the best video so far on SSW! Monnie's smoking is awe inspiring and she is such a beautiful lady! Her face, her smile are just divine and her breasts are perfect. The lying down segment oozes eroticism and it is all natural, nothing forced or artificial, wonderful! The moment the ash fell on her body, sublime!
At 35 minutes this is a very long video but it felt way too short. I wanted it to go on and on...
I also liked the outstanding quality the 1920x1080p mp4 delivered. This is a perfect presentation! I can only ask to make this now the standard for your videos.
I have three words regarding Monnie: more, more, more!

P.S.: I didn't quite understand what Monnie said at the end of the film, something like "poner pulmones". Can anybody tell me what she actually said and what it means. I understand Spanish but I am not proficient in it.


star star star star star by Konrad, 11 years ago.

This is so far the best smoking video I have seen, and I have seen a lot. Alejandra is a pure pleasure to watch: her beautiful face, her sweet smile and her killer body so accentuated by this incredible outfit! Alejandra's smoking is so amazing, this is true perfection. Her deep, deep inhales and the enormous amount of residual smoke she exhales are just awe-inspiring! I hope we will see more of ALEJANDRA soon. An remake for smokingsexies would be a dream!

Beautiful Girl - Great Style!

star star star star star by Konrad, 11 years ago.

Alejandra is a marvel! Her natural, unpretentious smoking style a pleasure to watch. I am absolutely not for multiples - probably in the minority here - but still the footage in the streets of Barna is nice to watch as Alejandra shows off her great body in that sexy jeans and top. True eye-candy! Indoors footage is just great with the natural sounds of her deep drags and resident exhales. She really can hold her smoke! I specifically liked the shot from behind where her mirror image is visible in the glass of the door. Great idea! Please give us more more of Alejandra!


star star star star star by Konrad, 11 years ago.

This girl truly rocks! Her smoking style is extremely powerful and a pleasure to watch. On top of it she exceptionally beautiful, a feast for the eyes! And she has such a sensuous voice, too!

Among the stars of the very many genre films I have seen (and not too few on this very site here) KYLIE rules as the Queen Supreme. She is charming, smart and very likable! I specifically liked her views on smoking she so eloquently and persuasively brings forward. This young lady, already a smoker for 13 years, simply loves her habit and it shows.

A specific accolade has to go to the camerawork in this film as it brings out all of her many qualities perfectly and showcases her impressive smoking brilliantly!

KYLIE: BURNING INHALES is a shining jewel this site can be very proud of! I have lost count of how often I have watched it, this is as addictive as smoking itself. A must buy for all lovers of beautiful smoking women! I hope we will see more of KYLIE soon!