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by Jim, 9 years ago.

Gwen has been a favorite of mine for a while. Its nice to have another video of her. Glad to see she is still smoking. I still have a hard time imagining her sweet innocent lungs actually wanting all that smoke! So amazing


star star star star star by Jim, 10 years ago.

It's so wonderful to think how just three years ago her lungs were innoccent and healthy. Its so amazing to see a womans body connecting with smoke the way Fran portrays it.

Long Time Waiting

by Jim, 10 years ago.

Wow I have been waiting for this video for some time. I can tell it will more than surpass my expectations. How does she do it? Jessica is the ultimate....her passion for smoking shows through every breath. Ahh her poor innocent lungs....helplessly addicted. And she loves every last drag. I wish there were more women in this world like her

Another Classic

star star star star star by Jim, 10 years ago.

Great video. Read about some complaints but could find no merit to them in the video. Perfect lighting once again combined with a woman who's love for cigarette smoke is obvious, create this art of work. Her breaths are audible with almost every inhale, and the exhales are very thick. How does Fran find these women? Keep it up!!

Lung Power!!

star star star star star by Jim, 11 years ago.

Wow, if you like the visual aspect of the smoke there is plenty beheld inside the chests of these young beauties. The lighting in the first scenes are excellent with exhales as thick as molasses. Great to see so many beautiful women stimulating their precious lungs with smoke at the same time...loved the scene where all the girls syncronized their drag and all inhaled at once! Smoking perfection in that moment.