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A special girl in a special clip

star star star star star by Javier, 12 years ago.

I'm not sure I can do justice to how completely impressed I was with this clip. I really liked Venus already but she reaches a Goddess-like level here. The pics make it clear that this clip features a little something extra due to the shear top, but there is a lot more going on here than that. For starters, Venus talks to the camera almost non-stop and has all kinds of interesting things to say about her habit. Her voice alone is sexy as hell and I think I could listen to it all day. She smokes 5 Marb Lights and the last scene is almost all dangling. She doesn't disappoint with her usual hungry drags and noisy inhales, but this time around there also seems to be more visible smoke on the exhales. Venus is just stunning, and she clearly spends time thinking about her smoking and what makes her sexy. This clip is a perfect example of why Smoking Sweeties is doing some of the very best smoking fetish work in the world right now. Please keep it up guys, and give us more Venus.