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Just for Victoria

star star star star star by James West, 2 years ago.

I'll be honest: I bought this ONLY for the all-too-brief 6 minutes of Victoria. May is beautiful and sexy, but for me, her smoking style isn't firm, deliberate, and desperate enough. Victoria, on the other hand, fulfills the promise of her debut video with double-pumps, deep inhales and holds, & nose exhales. When she drags, her cigarette is secured firmly in her lips, her jaw drops as she pulls hard and the cigarette angles sharply upward, and then she snap-inhales. It's to-die-for perfect. She drags with desperation; it's essential and necessary that she get that full rich tobacco flavor delivered. Overall, was it worth the price of admission just for Victoria? Absolutely. Looking forward to Victoria flying solo at some future date.

Back with a VENGEANCE!

star star star star star by James West, 7 years ago.

Oh my... Fran is BACK! And what a return! I reviewed Ariadna extensively in her December 2012 debut (giving her an enthusiastic 5 stars), so I refer you to that for further detail on this stunning young woman. Here, she tops that performance, and then some. She is drop-dead gorgeous, a killer figure, and the smoking - though her style is a bit unusual - is first-rate. When Ariadna takes a drag, her lips create a firm, tight seal around the filter; she immediately pulls hard and fast for about a second to get the tobacco burning brightly, then interrupts the drag, and starts another, longer drag that she eventually inhales deeply. Did I say DEEPLY? OMG. And then holds, and holds, and holds it in. It's a beautiful thing. I also love the way she angles her cigarette sharply upward while continuing to drag, the head of her cigarette continuing to burn brightly. It's interesting: Often, especially toward the last half of a cigarette, she pulls SO hard when dragging that the actual time length of the drag isn't that long. But when you pull THAT hard, and the tobacco burns that fast, you CAN'T take longer drags; you do, however, get amazingly full and rich tobacco taste, something that Ariadna clearly loves. This video includes two outdoor scenes shot from a distance. They are outstanding, and one can only imagine seeing this beautiful young woman smoking, alone, on the street, and thinking, "Damn, if only I were lucky enough to meet her!" Crisp camera work, sexy yet girl-next-door outfits, and a face that says, "I know. I look WAY too sweet and innocent to be a smoker." There's one outdoor shot in a sexy blue dress, viewed from the back, where Ariadna has her head turned to the right, dangling. She takes a hands-free drag, and then another, and then a forceful, dangling nose exhale. It will leave you speechless. I'd put Ariadna up there with Rosy and Franchezca, which is no small feat. BUY this video and support Fran's unparalleled work!

Almost Great

star star star star star by James West, 7 years ago.

This video has many strong points. Though Lola appears to have added a few pounds since her last outing, she’s still a remarkably desirable and sexy woman. She takes ferocious, intense drags - actually, double- and triple- and quad-pump drags - usually during the first half of each cigarette. They’re long, hard, hands-free, cheek-hollowing drags, and when she finally does inhale, it’s deep, followed by thick exhales. Gorgeous. Sonia is drop-dead gorgeous from head-to-toe, though she’s not quite as comfortable as Lola in front of the camera, and her smoking is rather unremarkable. That is, she takes reasonably firm drags that are not particularly long, and her inhales and exhales are about “average.” There’s some nice dialogue about the experience of smoking and personal smoking habits. At one point Sonia describes waking at 5:00 AM, smoking an entire cigarette, then going back to sleep some more. Hot. There’s also some nice smoke swapping toward the end of the video. Also hot. The only shortcoming - and this is based on my personal taste - is that there’s no dangling, NO nose exhales (except for a few accidental ones), no double-drags (double-inhales: yes, but double-drags [exhaling the first drag out the nose while taking a second drag]: no). The result then, at least for me, is that Sonia seems like she’s “somewhat into” smoking, but not really THAT INTO it; in other words, she does it more out of nervousness and habit, than for tobacco taste and satisfaction. Watch the Rosy & Desiree video to see what I mean: It may be THE video of the century. I realize, of course, that over-directing the models by prescribing specific smoking techniques seldom works well. This is the way these gals normally smoke, and that’s what we’ll have to live with. Fair enough. I still HIGHLY recommend this video; there are some great scenes and moments. And as always, I thank Smokingsweeties for his ambition, skill, and contributions to the community.

Dream Come True

star star star star star by James West, 9 years ago.

Fran's recent sisters video with Silvia & Daphne raised the bar (yet another) notch for what defines the near-perfect smoking video. Rosy and Desiree easily meet that threshold, and then some. Desiree has the same "family eyes" as Rosy, and she's every bit as drop-dead-gorgeous as her younger sister. ANY video with Rosy, of course, merits a 5-star rating, but the addition of her older sister pushes this one way over the top. Imagine walking into a nite club and seeing these two, just like in Scene 2, sitting across the room. And the NOSE EXHALES... particularly from Desiree!!! OMG. The dialog is excellent, and the devilish look of mischief shared between the two of them makes these two "good girls" just "naughty enough" to start any man's heart racing. It's sexy, of course, but OH SO FEMININE to watch these women enjoying their cigarettes with such enthusiasm, and having fun along the way. I just KNOW that Fran will be bringing them back for an encore performance this coming year.


star star star star star by James West, 9 years ago.

Read Allen2020's and Lane's review of this video. They completely "get" what this video is all about. It's a radical, bold, and brave departure from anything else in the smoking fetish niche, and it could not have been done better. As we watch Gwen's transformation, we get a front-seat bird's-eye view of art being created, art being displayed, and art being lived, step-by-step and drag-by-drag. It's about sexuality, yes, but it's also about femininity. Gwen's figure, and the way she carries it, and models it for us, takes your imagination to a whole different level. Having said that, I've never found Gwen's smoking style to be among my favorites; though the open-mouth exhales are gorgeous, I prefer slightly more smoking intensity (forceful nose exhales, double-drags, dangles). That's not to suggest, however, that watching Gwen smoke isn't a delight; she's a bit more sedate, a bit more subtle, sublime than, say, Rosy, Francezca, Alexia. In that sense, her smoking style is more realistic; it's more like the way you'd expect anyone to smoke on a daily, or hourly, basis. With this video, and the previous "sisters" video with Dafne and Silvia, Fran raises the bar yet again, providing us with something very, very special.

Another Masterpiece

star star star star star by James West, 9 years ago.

Love this video and the 3 fresh new faces. Each has a unique smoking style, mannerisms, wardrobe, and attitude. What makes this video so compelling is the natural, unscripted nature of the dialogue between them, as well as they information they reveal about themselves and their feelings about smoking. About 12 minutes in SandraJ shows us how to properly finish a cigarette: She takes a final drag, inhales deeply, holds it in as she reaches for the ash tray, and as she crushes her cigarette she does a firm, forceful nose exhale. Perfection! She also has many residuals and talking exhales, and I love her "stand at attention" drags where the cigarette angles toward the ceiling. Anabel's style includes a firm grasp of her cigarette in her lips, long drags where her chin drops down to expand the volume of smoke in her drag, a few double-drags and nose exhales. Dunia's style is a bit more conventional, but still quite impressive. None of the smoking is over-the-top; there's no extreme smoking here. But that's quite OK, and it makes the video all the more real and believable. Comfortable in front of the camera, confident, and comfortable being smokers: THAT'S what it's all about. Though SandraJ is my favorite, I'd take any one of these attractive women out on a date, thrilled to be seen with them (and their cigarettes!) in public. Highly recommended!

Another Stunner

star star star star star by James West, 9 years ago.

Nuria has that "You smoke??? I can't believe you smoke!!" look: big, innocent eyes and a gorgeous smile. She's also got a fabulous figure, great teeth, beautiful cheekbones, and I love her "au naturel" breasts. What makes this video unique is the way her personality comes through, always smiling, clearly enjoying her cigarettes immensely. She's got a great smoking style with lots of split-finger drags, deep inhales, long holds, and full-volume residuals. Personally, I could do without the smoke rings, but it doesn't detract from her performance. I'd also like to see some nose exhales (there are none), and some dangling double-drag nose exhales (like we've seen from Rosie recently), but don't let my personal preferences deter you from buying this video. Nuria is definitely one of the new, rising stars at SmokingSweeties; her off-the-charts debut performance merits repeated viewings, as well as an invitation for more work with Fran in the future. Move Nuria to top of your spank bank queue.

Full Rich Tobacco Taste

star star star star star by James West, 9 years ago.

First, let me place my pre-order for the next 10 Rosie videos right now. Even though she's one of the most-filmed models, I'll never tire of seeing her. So, what makes this video different, special, or worth buying? At least three things. First, in the last few videos Rosie has started to master the forceful nose exhale, which is one of my favorite things. To me, the forceful nose exhale says, "Yes, I LOVE the taste of tobacco smoke." Which, of course, is what smoking is (supposed to be) all about (thus, the title of this review, borrowed from an advertising campaign back in the 1960's). What's more, Rosie does the forceful nose exhales through double- and sometimes triple-drags. As if that's not enough, she removes the cigarette from her lips after several dangling drags, and exhales that last drag forcefully through her nose. OMG, that's just so friggin' perfect! The second thing that distinguishes this video from Rosie's earlier ones is the hint - just a hint, mind you - of a smile during the last (bikini) scene. She's such a beautiful woman, and she has such a great smile, I'd love to see more of it. Third, Rosie seems to make a lot more eye contact with the camera in this video. In previous shoots, her gaze meets the camera for only a few fleeting seconds, as if she's a little uncomfortable making extended eye contact. Here, she really nails it, and it adds to the intimacy of the shoot. The bikini scene "makes you feel like you are right there." I can think of only a handful of smoking celebrities in my top 10 - Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Kate Beckinsale - and Rosie is right up there with the best of them.

Stunning Debut

star star star star star by James West, 10 years ago.

Beautiful young woman and a stunning debut for a first-timer; puts on a great performance that is both natural and completely comfortable in front of the camera. Great hair, very pretty eyes, and luscious lips; fabulous figure and petite-yet-firm breasts with erect nipples just begging for a gentle caress. Gives us lots of different looks and styles. As the video progresses she gets better and better; the scenes around 15:00 minutes with a purple jacket and a single breast exposed are sultry and mouth-watering: radiant sexuality and sensuality. Hard, deep drags, long holds, residual exhales, big open-mouth inhales. Ines rockets into my Top 10 SmokingSweeties models. Buy this, buy this, buy this. Looks like 2013 is going to be a very good SmokingSweeties year.

It's the Hair!

star star star star star by James West, 10 years ago.

Beautiful young woman with just the right mix of innocence and sexuality; love everything about her smoking, from the 100's to the multiple-pump light-ups to the dangles to the nose exhales to the teeth-clenched inhaling sounds; definitely an experienced smoker, definitely enjoys it and knows what she's doing; maybe just a tiny bit awkward on some of the double-drags, but certainly not to the point of distraction. LOVE the long, flowing hair, straight teeth, inviting smile, and comfort in front of the camera; wears little make-up, and certainly doesn't need it with those big eyes and smooth complexion. My vote for best preview pics: 1, 2, 8, 11, 13, 18, 19, 26, 30. Damn - I can't pic... they're all breathtaking! Absolutely stunning. She's an amazing find, and I look forward to seeing more of her in 2013, along with (newcomer) Teresia from a few months ago.

Add more stars

star star star star star by James West, 10 years ago.

This one requires TEN (not just five) stars. This video is a bit of a departure for Fran: Instead of staged scenes, the camera watches these women go through normal routines like putting on make-up, reading e-mail, casually chatting, and standing outside in the middle of a busy shopping district. The impact is stunning. These ladies are very, very comfortable in front of the camera. And they are very attractive, very sexy, very sensual, very appealing, very desirable. Each has an entirely different look and smoking style; and each one's personality comes through clearly. They also have unique smoking styles, but both take powerful, long drags, deep inhales, and combinations of nose and mouth exhales. And they drag frequently, devouring and getting many, many drags out of each cigarette. I love the way they both grasp their cigarettes firmly between their lips and pull hard for each drag; I love the way the head of their cigarettes angles upward as they start each drag. They share cigarettes, they light each other's cigarettes; it's obvious that they absolutely LOVE smoking. It's one of the most absolutely amazing videos I've ever seen, and I've been following this smoking fetish thing on the web daily since its emergence 20 years ago.

Amazingly, the outdoor scene works incredibly well. Fran is one of the few producers to actually pull this off with credibility and style (he did a similarly fine job with Franchezca smoking outside on the sidewalk at night). Outdoor scenes are difficult, with lighting and so many other factors that can go wrong. Even more amazing, the people who walk and drive by as these girls are smoking like chimneys in the busy square hardly seem to take notice; it's as if everyone in Barcelona smokes, so what's the big deal?

It just doesn't get any better than this.

Not Necessarily Darker

by James West, 10 years ago.

Sir D. said, "I feel that the target audiance of this site would agree that the darker side of the smoking fetish is what makes this site special."

Not necessarily. It may be YOUR target audience, but I wouldn't assume it's THE target audience. I haven't downloaded this video, though I have downloaded at least 50 of SSW's video's over the last 3 years. I don't know what the target audience is, or what the majority of customers are looking for, but I will say that for me, it's NOT the darker side. I'm not interested in seeing my favorite models (Rosie, Franchezca, Alexia) strip down buck-naked, double-pump 4 cigarettes at once, and cough until their lungs bleed. There's not much feminine, or sexy, in that... even though you (or others) might find that reason enough to get off.

I don't find Lucy or Tanya particularly attractive - smoking or not - nor do I find their smoking "style" particularly attractive. Smoking 30 cigarettes in an hour, or 5 at once, or however you might characterize "dark side" smoking behavior - wouldn't make them any more alluring, appealing, or attractive (to me).

As for "we can see pretty smoking girls almost anywhere," think again if you live in the U.S.

Lots of Potential

star star star star star by James West, 10 years ago.

Kind of a mixed bag.

The good: Beautiful woman, every bit as sexy, feminine, and attractive as Rosy, Alexia, and Franchezca; gorgeous figure, perfect outfit; excellent scenes and lighting (as always with Fran!); takes firm drags, wraps lips tightly around her cigarette; takes long, cheek hollowing drags, trying to get as much smoke as possible; inhales deeply and holds smoke in for a long time.

The not-as-good-as-it-could-be: Does drifting combination nose/mouth exhales with strong residual exhales; spends W-A-Y too much time looking at Fran for direction; with almost every drag, her eyes seem to be saying, "How was that? Did I do it right? How do I look? Is that what you wanted me to do?" (she kind of did the same thing in the Chimneys video); spends W-A-Y too much time wiggling around, shifting her posture, constantly moving her arms, head, legs, etc.

Estefania has GREAT potential; THAT in itself merits 5 stars, and under any circumstances this is a top notch model and video, worth every penny. Maybe she needs to spend some time watching Rosy's and Alexia's videos to get a better sense of how to perform for the camera. Although I prefer a more forceful, purposeful exhale, and it would be nice to see some strong nose exhales, I can live with the drifting nose/mouth combos. But the way she keeps looking for direction from Fran, and the constant wiggling around, is very distracting. She's obviously VERY comfortable being a smoker, but she needs to display more confidence about her smoking style and her physical beauty by not looking at the director. She's got it all - just needs a little more polish.

Rosy - The "Quiet" One

star star star star star by James West, 10 years ago.

Love this video. Though I'd already purchased videos with all 4 models before, I still enjoyed seeing them again, especially Marta. Having said that, it's very difficult NOT to focus almost exclusively on Rosy while watching this masterpiece from Fran. She's so attractive, her smoking style is so alluring, that everyone else around her seems like a supporting cast, like mere window dressing. Rosy does great light-ups with double-drags and nose exhales, and the double-drag nose exhale preview pictures (#11 and #13) are absolutely to die-for. Rosie's light-up is unique: rather than open the sides of her mouth a crack to inhale the first drag, she keeps her lips sealed around the cigarette, forces the smoke into the back of her throat, and inhales through her nose. This is an alternative "french inhale" technique seldom seen. In fact, the only other place I've seen it is from Sondra Locke in Clint Eastwood's movie "The Gauntlet."

No disrespect intended, but frankly I've seen enough of Iveta; she's got too many nervous tics and head movements to make her smoking appealing. AnnaMC is a great smoker, but her style is a little truck-driver-like. Marta's style is fine, but not particularly remarkable. Though I already own all of Rosie's videos, I cannot imagine any serious fetisher tiring of seeing her light-up and enjoy her cigarettes. If there's a heaven, Rosie will be there waiting for me.

I love that Fran has been more active with multiple-model videos of late. I'm still hoping for a Rosie-Franchezca-Alexia (my TOP 3) video in the future.

Girl Next Door-type

star star star star star by James West, 10 years ago.

Nice video - not exceptional, but enjoyable. Rebeca has "Girl Next Door" type looks. Her smoking is confident, attractive, and feminine. The bed scenes with the deep inhales and forceful nose exhales are very, very nice and the main attraction in this clip. I had already seen enough of Rebeca in her solo clip and the "Five Chimneys" piece, so I was going to pass on this one. But the pictures of the bed scenes made it a must-buy for me; I wasn't disappointed.

Nice little clip

star star star star star by James West, 10 years ago.

I like this clip a lot. Saray has a unique smoking style that is very relaxed; she makes great eye contact with the camera, and seems to be saying, "Yeah, so I'm smoking a cigarette and enjoying it - what's the big deal?" The big, innocent eyes and the hair up in a ponytail are a huge turn-on. She has a great profile. Even better are the nose exhales, which are a fave of mine. You can tell she really enjoys the taste of tobacco, the joy of inhaling smoke, and the overall sensation of having, lighting, holding, dragging on, and savoring the cigarette experience. The friend does some fine smoking, too, though the way she holds the cigarette during a drag is a bit awkward. This is a nice approach from Fran: I kind of like having a shorter, less expensive clip as a way to introduce new models. I'd like to see Saray again, though I'd prefer to see a little more intensity in her smoking; not Erika-flashing-smoking intensity, which for me is a little over-the-top, but more like the intensity Rosy has developed in her more recent sessions, with some double-drag nose exhale power smoking a few times with each cigarette.

Alexia loves the camera; the camera loves Alexia.

star star star star star by James West, 11 years ago.

For the vast majority of Fran's videos, I'll wait until at least a few reviews come in. There are exceptions: Rosie and Franchezca - I'll buy anything from these models sight-unseen. Now, add Alexia to that short list. This is a woman, and a video, to die-for. In profile, she looks like J-Lo; straight-on, she's got the eyes of Michelle Pfeiffer and the lips of Angelina Jolie. These similarities, however, aren't the real appeal of Alexia; she's her own woman, with her own style, beauty, and charm. There's much more than model beauty, however, that makes this video a winner. The smoking is first-rate, with absolutely fabulous nose exhales (my fave), double- and triple-drags; Alexia doesn't "dangle" so much as she repeatedly "holds in her lips and draws"; it's beautiful, and very sexy, especially with her thick lips and wide mouth. PLUS, she manages to put more than half the filter in her mouth, and makes a beautiful "pop" sound when finishing a drag. What really pushes this video over the top, however, is Alexia's comfort in front of the camera, and her comfort in smoking FOR the camera. You never get the sense that she's posing, putting on a show, being directed by Fran; it all feels very natural, personal, and at times voyeuristic. One suspects that Fran never had to direct Alexia by saying, "Try to look at little more sexy," or "Take a drag as if you're really enjoying it"; rather, one suspects that Alexia's already got it all figured out; she has absolutely mastered the art of the smoking fetish video.

Not Jen 01

star star star star star by James West, 11 years ago.

I've purchased at least 30 of Fran's videos over the years, and most easily live up to their promise. If I bought one that disappointed (and there haven't been many), I simply wouldn't say anything, figuring that it was my fault for making a bad choice. I'd be the last one to write a negative review that wasn't warranted. But I must say that this one shocked and absolutely stunned me. I had to play Jen's first video side-by-side with this newest one, just to make sure it was the same girl. I thought to myself, "Are you kidding me? This can't POSSIBLY be the same girl?" In Jen's first video she is drop-dead gorgeous; a "10" in anyone's book, easily rivaling Rosie and Franchezca. In this latest video, however, Jen is not the same girl. Sure, the smoking is first-rate, but she looks absolutely awful. Her complexion is rough, she's gained at least 15 pounds (mostly in the face), her hair is scraggly, her teeth are brown, and she looks like she's aged at least 10 years from the last video. Had you met Jen in person during the previous shoot, and then saw her now, you'd have to ask her, "What the hell happened to you?" I LOVE Fran's work, and I LOVED that first Jen video, but in this one I just couldn't get past her homely appearance, no matter how well she smoked.


star star star star star by James West, 12 years ago.

It's hard to imagine that Rosy could have "improved" over her previous videos, but here she has actually outdone herself. As Fran noted in the description, she really does drag deeper and harder than in earlier shoots. And it's a beautiful thing to see: Rather than simply bring the tip of the filter flush with her lips, she now wraps her gorgeous lips around the filter and pulls hard, and long, with some very nice cheek-hollowing as she tries to get as much smoke as possible from each drag. The inhales are rich and deep, she holds the smoke for a long time, and often double-drags with forceful nose exhales. There are also some very nice split-finger drags with the cigarette angling up as she pulls hard. If Rosy's style was a "10" before, she's now off the scale. With some models, after you've seen one video, you've seen them all. NOT so with Rosie: she could shoot a video every week for a year and I'd buy every damn one of them. As always, the lighting is fantastic, the camera angles interesting, and the focus crisp and clear. Though a little pricier than Fran's other videos, this one is absolutely worth every penny and more. It's hard to imagine Rosy - or Fran - doing it any better.

Very nice!

star star star star star by James West, 12 years ago.

Yet another fabulous shoot from Fran! Jen has a beautiful face, alluring eyes, an inviting smile, and thick, luscious lips - all accented beautifully by wearing her hair up. She's very comfortable with the camera, with no awkward "what do you want me to do next?" looks at the director. She also has a great figure, displayed provocatively but tastefully. Her smoking is first rate - long drags, deep inhales, and a wonderful combination of nose, mouth, or combo exhales. The lighting, too, is fabulous, highlighting some very nice residual exhales. But Jen's light-ups are her strongest point: lips firmly grasping the unlit cigarette, a hard pull on the flame of a match, a long initial drag, a deep inhale, and then another drag with forceful nose exhales. Just about a damn-near perfect as it gets!

In A Class with Rosie

star star star star star by James West, 12 years ago.

It's hard to imagine a woman sexier or more attractive than Franchezca; from head to toe she's absolutely stunning, and is one of the few Smoking Sweeties models in the same class as Rosie. And the smoking is first-rate: hands-free drags, nose exhales, combo and regular exhales, a few double-pumps, lots of great wood match light-ups, etc. Early in the video her nose exhales are beautifully long and forceful (there are many of them), and throughout her drags are consistently hard and long. She inhales VERY deeply and it's clearly audible. There's never any doubt that this woman loves her cigarettes and enjoys every one. My only complaint is that her long drags often leave the cigarette dangling down at an angle toward the floor, rather than "standing at attention" and angling up toward the ceiling. It doesn't really detract from the video overall, but rather it's a personal smoking style issue - the "down" style seems to be common in Australia and some European countries, while the "up" style of drag seems more distinctly American. Regardless, this is a top-notch video, and Franchezca should easily rate a "10" on anyone's scale for beauty and smoking appeal. Videos like this one - and several others from Fran over the last six months like Rosie and Gwen - have significantly raised the bar for how we define "quality smoking videos." (Most) other producers still have a long way to go to match the quality of these shoots and the appeal of these women.

One for the ages!

star star star star star by James West, 12 years ago.

I'm surprised their haven't been more reviews of this video. It's about as damn-near perfect as any smoking video I've seen in the last 15 years. Gwen is an absolutely stunning woman - fabulous figure, beautiful facial features, big doe-like eyes - and has a mature and serious smoking style that is sensual while screaming out with every drag, "I LOVE my cigarettes." I can't think of anything that would make Gwen sexier, more feminine, more attractive, or more desirable; nor can I think of anything that could be done to improve this video. My favorite is Scene 2 where Gwen is sitting upright, and does several double-drags with nose exhales. This is one for the ages. Buy it, buy it, buy it!

Buy for Marta only

star star star star star by James West, 12 years ago.

Let me first say that I've purchased 20+ clips from Smoking Sweeties over the last few years. Some have been good, some great, and some among the best (Rosie, Gwen, Silvia, Mireya) I've EVER seen in over 15 years of collecting smoking videos, clearly rivaling the best producers out there (Specialized, Random Snaps). In this video, Marta alone is worth the price of admission; more on that later. Nina, however, is a huge disappointment. She simply cannot grasp the concept of inhaling, and nothing about her smoking gives you the impression that she's enjoying it. Despite Marta's best efforts at demonstrating (beautifully!!!) and describing how to inhale, Nina simply can't seem to figure it out. Marta, on the other hand, is a fabulous smoker who relishes each drag, and is completely comfortable inhaling deeply, dangling, and thoroughly enjoying her cigarette. My suggestion to Fran is to drop Nina, and do some solo shoots with Marta - something like the Rosie series' with nostril exhales, double drags, etc. My suggestion to potential customers is this: If Marta appeals to you, definitely buy the clip; if, however, you're looking for a beginner who has learned how to inhale and enjoy the smoking experience, pass on this one.

Another Winner

star star star star star by James West, 13 years ago.

To date I've bought 12 clips from Smokingsweeties; this one rockets to the top of my fave list, along with Rosie and Mireya. Fabulous audio with crisp dragging, inhaling, and de-ashing sounds; outstanding lighting that highlights residual exhales; great variety of camera angles and close-ups. Silvia is tall and thin, and stunning with her hair up and shoulders bared. Long, hard drags; v-e-r-y deep inhales, FORCEFUL nose exhales, great dangles - I'd kill to take this woman out on the town. Absolutely worth every penny. Please - PAY for this video, DON'T share it, and keep this producer in business so we can all benefit from the excellent, constantly-improving work.


star star star star star by James West, 13 years ago.

Fabulous clip, definitely worth the $$$. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the nose exhales while taking a second drag, and sometimes third drag. LOVE them! Mireya is every bit as sexy as Rosy (another A++ model), though a bit more of a power smoker with very deep inhales and frequent drags. She's very attractive and alluring, has a petite figure, beautiful eyes, and is very comfortable in front of the camera. Excellent audio, great camera work, sometimes with 2 simultaneous but different cameras/angles and smooth editing. Highly recommended!!!!