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Ariadna is the show

star star star star star by Jack, 8 years ago.

For me, Ariadna is the show... I have her 1st video and to see her this time around, it is safe to say that she has become an even more intense smoker. She has a style in this video of a dangle followed by 2 to 3 double pumps. There are many closeups of her Marlboro Red 100 filter, and it is a very dark brown. Although I didn't count, it looks like she has more smokes than her friends. I personally, love this video. Penelope looks great when her hair is down, and the young blonde seems to be a protege of Ariadna. The young blonde, although she can't keep up with either of the 2 ladies in intensity, has some great dangles.


by Jack, 8 years ago.

I think I'm in love... Jessi is absolutely gorgeous. From start to finish, she is spectacular. I love Marlboro gals, and it's obvious that Jessi's brand, like Raquel, is Marlboro Reds... and lots of them. I loved the interview, listening to Jessi speak about her smoking. In the interview there were lots of close ups and plenty of dangles (I love dangles, and Jessi is #1 in my book.)
She has that "girl next door look" and that is very, very sexy to me. She is the total package. Top to bottom--beautiful hair, skin, lips, hands, nails and the EYES... Perfectly proportioned body. She is also athletic to boot. She is a runner and the thought of this athlete smoking 30 Reds a day is such a turn on!
Her smoking style is also fantastic. Unbelievable dangles and drags, double and triple pumps, long drags and smoke holds in her gorgeous body... Can I give Jessi's latest video ten stars??

Angela A+

star star star star star by Jack, 8 years ago.

I have a major M. Reds 100 fetish.... I have all the cuties videos-- Rosie, Jessi, etc... If they smoke Red 100s, they are in my library!
That said, Angela has risen to #1... Had this video for awhile. For some reason, I decided to "study" it today. WOW!
A short sensual 7 minute video. Angela chains 3 full strength Red 100s. No fancy tricks, just a pure display of power smoking! Minimal inhales of 4 seconds and maximum inhales of 6 seconds! I enjoyed Angela holding that Malboro tobacco smoke inside her sexy body for a minimum of 4 seconds. I sooooooo wish Fran could entice Angela and Paula (another foxy Reds 100 gal)to do more videos. I'm of the opinion that both of these foxes are the best

Jessi is gorgeous!

by Jack, 8 years ago.

Just purchased Jessi's 2nd video. What an amazing powersmoking display. Not one of her Reds was lit more than 4:27 and you're guaranteed at least 15 long, deep drags from every Red that Jessi destroys. She smoked one her Reds in 2:53, taking 21 drags. Also, I love dangles and Jessi can dangle with the best of them. She has some seductive eyes.... What a gorgeous sexy woman...

Jessi is incredible!

by Jack, 9 years ago.

Oh Lord... Jessi is fantastic! Can't believe I waited soooo long to order this video. I absolutely love Marlboro girls, and Jessi is the Marlboro queen. She is absolutely beautiful and the gap in her teeth is very similar to model Lauren Hutton, another beautiful lady back in the day. The four and five second drags, the nose exhales, the double pumps... just amazingingly sexy.

Incredible Dangles

by Jack, 9 years ago.

Ariadna is spectacular! I would have paid full price for the 1st 5 minutes of the video. The chain light up and hands free smoking was awesome. Best dangles I've seen anywhere. Double hits, 4 second drags, nose exhales, Marl Reds 100s. She is smoking perfection in every way.

Paula is hot!

star star star star star by Jack, 11 years ago.

There are typically 5 star reviews for Rosy and Raquel, and deservedly so...
But Paula is stunning! Movie star looks... stone cold addiction (you can see her carton of Reds 100s during the video)to her reds... incredible dangles, great drags... a smile that just melts your heart...
I need more of Paula...