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Rosy is back

star star star star star by JZ, 3 months ago.

Wow she’s aged beautifully. Love seeing those smoker lines and creases around her mouth and lips forming from the habit. Haven’t purchased yet but we need small update interviews with these girls you bring back.

re: I don't know...

by JZ, One year ago.

Agreed, I’m not into the cheap club look either. Personally, I think three is a max for group videos and I like the ones that break off to interviews between two girls and rotates. I’m mostly interested in seeing former models come back so we as fans can see their progression and catch up with them. We’ve gotten that to an extent, but I’m still hopeful for more dialogue in the future. I can live with a few releases a year if the quality is there.

Too good.

star star star star star by JZ, 3 years ago.

The best material out there by far. Would love to keep seeing the reoccurring girls from years ago and to hear a little update interview at the beginning of the videos. It’s unique to have the opportunity to bring back girls and see their aged skin and habit still being as strong as ever. Praying this website stays alive and well.