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re: re: Outstanding

by JK92, One year ago.

It's a top notch video that I'd highly recommend, but if coughing is really your thing, there's only one sharp, barking cough, in the bathroom scene.

re: What about the others?

by JK92, One year ago.

I'd love to see Mery, Mel, and Estefania back as well, but I'm certainly not going to complain about a new Vanessa.

re: re: The cutting is disruptive

by JK92, One year ago.

I don't agree that massive, highly visible exhales are the are the best indicator of a model's heavy smoking habit. It's possible to make the exhales of a social smoker with a light brand look huge through lighting tricks, but I'd see through that easily and wouldn't be impressed because there are other things I know to look for and consider important.

Obviously, it's better to have the smoke well-illuminated than not, but it's not a deal breaker for me if there's a good reason. I think the trade-off is worth it for the incredible scenery and vibrant colors in Mel's video. Vanessa's beach video is another that I would consider a classic. Sometimes, a girl's skin looks incredible and just seems to glow under natural sunlight, like in Lorena's outdoor shoot. I'd also make an exception for Lorena's most recent indoor video. It feels very intimate and personal, like you're right there with her as the camera follows her around.

For this one, though, there isn't any good reason for the smoke not to be better lit. It's indoors and mostly shot from a static position. The lighting and the editing are marks against it, but it gets 4 stars because I really like both models.

The cutting is disruptive

star star star star star by JK92, One year ago.

May is a gorgeous woman by any standard, and especially so at her age. Her skin and hair (not to mention those nice, firm breasts) are remarkably youthful for 34 or 35!

The first scene in the kitchen features excellent, crystal clear audio of her deep breathing. I love the way her eyelids flutter with each inhale and release, and the little expressions of pleasure that flit across her pretty face while she holds the smoke in her lungs. The only (minor) critique I have of her is that she seems just a *little* bit camera shy, and sometimes when she does make eye contact, she's looking at the photographer instead of the camera.

I'm glad to see Victoria back after the Smoking Ladies Night video. She and the blond in the white lace top were my two favorites from that one. (Hopefully we get to see her as well!) Both women look great reclining together on the couch in the duo scene, showing off their lovely long legs.

The video gets 4 stars instead of 5 for two reasons. First is that the smoke is not very visible in most of the video due to the white background. Secondly — and others have complained about this before, though it hasn't generally bothered me — the cuts in this video really are excessive. I feel like I can't settle into a scene because they constantly disrupt the flow. The last scene is particularly jarring. May walks into the bathroom at 27:10, and from there until the end at 28:48, it cuts SIX TIMES! That's a cut every 16 seconds. And it wasn't even done to show a different angle. I want to see her little mannerisms, and facial expressions, and how she holds the cigarette in between drags. She was giving these great, soft looks at the camera and they're all cut out! Please consider re-releasing this with fewer cuts.

re: re: No

by JK92, 2 years ago.

I disagree. I will do a full and proper review of this within the next few days when I have time, but I want to briefly address this. I think she does smoke with a natural style. It is simple, straightforward, unembellished.

Most models — very heavy smokers included — smoke a little more faster, take slightly bigger drags, etc. when they're in front of the camera, mostly because that's what they're focused on, and they're aware it's what the viewer is focused on, as opposed to something they happen to be doing while focused on something else. They smoke as if they are on a smoke break. Vanessa (SmokingVanessa, not SSW Vanessa), Bree from USA Smokers, and others have mentioned this. It's something they do unconsciously.

This is not the same as their style being unnatural. If you've seen Carole's video (Volume 17), you've seen her exaggerated inhales and writhing and expressions of pleasure. She does this very consciously and it is very unnatural. Girls using a holder when they are not used to using a holder, or smoking 120s when they are not used to 120s look unnatural. Kuroha looks slightly self-conscious, because she is young, and slightly nervous because it is her first time on camera, but not unnatural.

Short but sweet

star star star star star by JK92, 5 years ago.

Gwen is easily one of my all time favorite smokers (Gwen: Sexy Smoking Girl might be my favorite SSW video to date) and she looks *stunning* here. Purchased immediately. Pity it's so short :(

re: Welcome Back Rosy!

by JK92, 5 years ago.

I don't mind the scarcity of updates. Fran has a life, this isn't the only thing he does. It probably barely even pays for itself; it's a passion project of his. I'm just grateful to have someone as passionate as he and for the unparalleled quality of the work he continues to produce, however infrequent, as long as it does continue!