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re: re: re: Finally something good

by Irene, One year ago.

I agree that it wound be lovely to see some of the more experienced smokers back on the site with interviews. I'd love to see Alazne (fantastic multiples smoker), Jen, Raquel and Bojana - all accomplished smokers in different ways and to hear how they are progressing. A big fan of multiples which I do (60 cigarettes a day) and my boyfriend loves me smoking a lot..... Irene xxxx

Rosy is the Tops

star star star star star by Irene, 6 years ago.

I agree with all that has been said. It is so great to see Rosy back and she gives us a stunning performance of her addiction. I love multiples and she really powers through the cigarettes with her wonderful style. Also good to have her profile updated - excellent. I look at the site every other day to see if there are any new videos. Although there aren't many these days it is great to see the top heavy smokers being featured. Worth waiting for. Rosy is certainly a very sexy woman and I agree it would be good to see full body shots. However, still good to see her sucking so much smoke into her lungs once again. Thanks so much for a great video..

Long Awaited Bojana

star star star star star by Irene, 8 years ago.

I have waited soooo long for Bojana to return. She is such an accomplished smoker and has developed an impressive style. I am not convinced by the dancing on these videos. However, it is good to see her return. Her breasts heave when she inhales which is most erotic and sensual. I had to wait a long time before experiencing the double and triple pumps but they are there in the second half. I modelled my pumping on Bojana and now double pump my way through 2 packs at least a day. Please do not make us wait so long before we see her again. Even though this video is short by comparison to many others it is certainly worth it - and especially for fans of Bojana like me. Please bring her back soon but for longer next time.

Alba - poor intro

star star star star star by Irene, 9 years ago.

Alba is a terrific smoker with huge lung capacity and massive drags. However, the first quarter of this video was spoiled for me with her exhales at the camera - I hate that. The rest of the video is excellent and the lighting allows the viewer to appreciate her huge drags and double pumps. We could have more of the latter which would have improved it. She would be excellent in the 'Chimneys' selection if you do more of them. It is much better to see the models 'side on' so we can appreciate the exhales rather than have them blown at the camera in the frontal shots. I know some viewers will like this - but it doesn't work for me. Given that this is a relatively short video it is disappointing that the start was impaired in my case.

Four great smoking stars

star star star star star by Irene, 9 years ago.

This had all the potential given the players to be a great video. The first part is quite good although there seems to be a fan blowing the smoke across the table. The 'make up' scene is disappointing and goes on for a long time - so only half the video works for me. I also missed the line up at the end as has been done on previous group vids. This is normally a great scene as we can compare the smoking action. Also previous videos featured the girls double dragging at the same time which was one of the best parts for those of us who love multiples - and each of these girls has good multiple action. When I saw who was featured I was excited and downloaded it immediately. Sadly the end result was slightly disappointing due to the points made above.


star star star star star by Irene, 10 years ago.

This is one of the best vids so far this year. Lots of double and triple inhales and dangling. Superb. Alexia has huge lung capacity and clearly loves her deep inhales, holds and voluminous exhales. She is so sensual in her style. This is a must have video and top quality througout. She has set a new standard and would be a great asset to a Chimneys video.

Pumping Frenzy

star star star star star by Irene, 10 years ago.

Fantastic! I was waiting for a communal 'smoke-in' and this is it. So great to see 2 of my favourites - Jessi and Erika with their multiple pumps and nostril exhales. I could watch them forever. Not sure about Estefania - makes a lot of noise but is outclassed on the smoking side by the others. There are hours of pleasure in this video and one of the best this year. Also good to see the girls in a different setting enjoying their smoking and giving us so much pleasure. This is a must have video - even for Erika and Jessi alone. Well done Fran - up to standard as ever.

Power Exhales at their Best

star star star star star by Irene, 10 years ago.

What a find. Sara not only is beautiful but has power exhales of top quality. She takes in huge lungfulls of creamy smoke and the lighting is so good that we can enjoy the full exhales as she packs another drag into her mouth. The lighting at the end of the video is not so good and we lose the quality that was evident for the first half - but the first half is enough to give this video top marks. Please keep the lighting good for the next one as Sara is clearly a winner. A great video and a great discovery.

Voluptuous smoking at its best

star star star star star by Irene, 10 years ago.

Rosy is stellar in this video. Her worderful breasts are on show throughout and it is great to see them move as she lungs the smoke. Her intake is huge and I think improving as she gains more experience as a chain smoker. The lighting shows the lung capacity and the thick creamy exhales both mouth and nostril. Her multiples have always been a trademark and they are on show here again. The Rosy videos never fail and this one is excellent. This is one of those 'must buy' videos for sure.

Such a natural chainsmoker

star star star star star by Irene, 10 years ago.

You always know that any vid of Franchezca will be excellent and there are no disappointments here. She is such a natural chainsmoker taking deep drags wiht some great nostril exhales which I love. She should do more multiples as we have seen in previous ones, but nonetheless this is top quality. The noise she makes on inhales is truly sexy and yhou can see how much she needs the smoke inside her. She knows how to flirt with the camera and plays with her hair while she smokes. She smiles a lot in this vid which makes it more enjoyable to watch. She is more relaxed this time with the camera. Clearly a top chainsmoker on the site. Great vid Fran - top quality.

Great power drags

star star star star star by Irene, 10 years ago.

Mireya is a top powersmoker so we know this will be good. Her double drags are now becoming her signature. Lighting in parts is disappointing partly, I think, due to the light coloured clothes she wears and we can really see the power of her exhales. The window scenes are great and the powersmoking here is first class. Another great Mireya vid and so worth the download. Well done again Fran - worth wairing for.

Dangling at its best

star star star star star by Irene, 10 years ago.

Raquel has excelled herself and her lungs. She is a really accomplised smoker with huge lungfulls of smoke bellowing out of her nose and mouth. The lighting is excellent so you can see everything and her breasts heaving with each inhale. Amazing. By far the best she has done do far and a lovely lady. Please bring her back again soon.

Erika is the new powersmoking Queen

star star star star star by Irene, 10 years ago.

Erika is amazing. This is one of the best vids on the site to date. For those who love dangling and nostril exhales this is brilliant and the lighting shows up all the lungfulls of smoke in great detail. Great vid - can't wait for the next one, so you need to top this Fran..... Well done. Fantastic


star star star star star by Irene, 12 years ago.

She is amazing. Something for everyone here. Love the double pumps and nose exhales. Fantastic. Also dangling great. She exhales great lung fulls of smoke which is really erotic. Heaving breasts when she inhales which is so clear in the video. We need more of her for sure. Just fantastic.

Elsa: Nostril Exhales interview

star star star star star by Irene, 12 years ago.

Elsa is amazing. I love her deep nostril exhahles and her double pumps. Her nostril exhales really do it for me and it is great to know that she is now on 2 packs a day. It would be good to see her smoke with Alazne or Helen - both really great chain smokers who inhale deeply with huge drags. Also it would be good to see her in some leahers - very sexy. A great clip -anyone who loves nostril exhales this is one for you. Well done Fran - we need more of Elsa for sure