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Somewhat Disappointed

star star star star star by Gerardomundo, 9 years ago.

I am a conehead. We coneheads are forever hopeful. This woman takes nuclear hits leading me to assume (even though the stills didn't reflect it) that a few of her exhales might be cones longer than Halley's Comet. Alas, it was not to be. The video is almost all residuals and talking exhales. Valeria is an attractive woman and offers a disarming charm. But, I don't buy fetish videos for that reason. My hope is that Fran will request a fews cone exhales from power smokers like Valeria. How about 2 minutes out of the 24 minutes. The rest can be nose exhales, ear exhales,residuals, coughs, sputters, pointless conversation, all the rest of it. Two minutes of blue ribbon cones would be enough for me to buy the video. Unfortunately, I am going to have to guess from still photos whether or not the vid has what I want. But Fran offers a rare service and it is easy to be critical. I remain ever hopeful. Jman

Rosy's Friends

star star star star star by Gerardomundo, 9 years ago.

Where, in the name of heaven, do you find these angels. All four of the women in this vid are excellent smokers. Even more importantly, was how sexy and open they were about their smoking. No mugging and school-girl nonsense. It is incredibly powerful when women who smoke know they are sexy when they do it and exude that sexiness for the camera. Great job? I could gush some more. Hoping to see more Alazne, Jen, Valeria, Helen. Keep me posted.


star star star star star by Gerardomundo, 9 years ago.

Jumpin Jehosophat. This is the best smoking vid I have ever downloaded and I have collected hundreds. Those prodigous cone exhales are mesmerizing. I love her visual attitude. Again, my strongest preference in smoking videos is long lasting, cone exhales, a rarity. This girl is a goddess. I am ready to offer my hand in marriage. Please inform me if you have any new Jen downloads. I am down for that. The sounds, lighting, costumes, all of it are extraordinary. Fran is on a level by himself. Keep me posted.


star star star star star by Gerardomundo, 9 years ago.

I stopped looking for smoking vids a long time ago because there were no real power smokers. I stumbled into Smoking Sweeties. I am blown away. Alazne is a revelation. I bought both vids and will buy any new ones. Her style, those prodigous drags, magnificent cone exhales, those eyes, the sound, the lighting -- all superb. The only thing missing that I would love to see is cone exhales done in one long stream, rather than multiples. I would enjoy seeing match blowouts with the same kind of stream. Please keep me posted when new vids come out. I would love to know what part of the world these beauties come from. gerardomundo