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simply wonderful

star star star star star by Galib, 13 years ago.

i watched the first elsa video and i could not wait to see the follow up. i am amazed by the result. by seeing this cute innocent girl you can never guess she is such a powerful and addicted smoker. but in this vid she shows that the addiction is in her body. since the lighting up of the cig she does huge nose exhales while dragging hard. we can hear very clearly the sound of the exhales and some nice coughing. i especially like the dark side interview about the effects smoking so much has on her and her candid answers \"i know it's bad but i cannot stop\". there is also a nice part with her trying different brands of cigs and making comments on the cigarettes(\"too light\" for some). finally, she reveals she had a last heavy smoking night and the reasons (just broke up with her bf) with her lovely voice.
the friendly way of fran to interview her and her spontaneous answers adds to the truth and the pleasure of the vid. WONDERFUL WORK AND PERFORMANCE

unique smoking style

star star star star star by Galib, 13 years ago.

this lovely lady is a very special smoker. you don't see very often a lady with an innocent look smoking with such intensity and unique smoking style. she nose exhales while dragging hard on her cigarette. so you will frequently see huge nose xhales followed by a long thick exhale. you cannot imagine the volume of the smoke she can do. the sound of her exhales is very clearly audible and it adds to the pleasure of this video. there are also lots of nice residual exhales while talking. at some moments she inhales, keep the smoke inside her lungs, drinks something and then exhales after (in a similar way as anne bancroft in the movie with dustin hofman). this pretty lady doesn't act her smoking. she is a very natural heavy smoker and you can see it is her natural everyday style. i cannot wait to see more from her (maybe with 2 cigs at same time). thanks again fran for finding this natural nose exhaling beauty.