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star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, 11 months ago.

Somehow I missed Maite until recently. Wow, she is a smoking beauty. The video begins, Maite reclining with a cigarette, talking about how she enjoys smoking. She stands, takes a phone call, and her cigarette is generously lit, so she can have some pleasure and relaxation as she deals with her call. A nice candid style scene.

She reclines back on the couch, in a nice tank top that reveals the tops of her breasts that rise and small with the cigarette smoke that brings here so much pleasure, as she talks about that pleasure. She goes back into an elegant low-cut black top, smoking, relaxing, and reclining as always. Her talking exhales are great, always releasing her pleasure back into the air slowly.

She smokes MR 100s and Newports. She dangles as she fixes her earrings. It's great to hear about how she discovered this pleasure and the pride about how she shared this with her friends. She tals about also how she feels right at home on a web site dedicated to smoking girls, she wants to explain how she feels about smoking.

Do you want me to smoke? She proudly smokes her MR100 in yet another crop top. She lets her ash fall wherever. And last but not least another lightup reclining in that sexy lace croptop. She learned about this great pleasure from her mother, and now she shares it with us all!

Lil sis steals the show!

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, 11 months ago.

My jury was still out on Silvia, but in this one she is breathtaking, and her younger sister Dafne is really hot. Her smoking is great; hard to imagine she has only been doing this for 2 months. I love the great talking, residual exhales, etc.

Silvia lights up, confronts Dafne, offers her a cigarette. They are wearing bikini tops revealing a good amount of their bodies and showing chest rises, especially Dafne as she lays back relaxed. Love the talk about the smoke entering inside - teaching sbout snapand french inhales. Next scene Dafne in a crop top - they share a cig, but with Sivlia holding it. Silvia chains to a second, Dafne changes (off camera) to bikini top. There's then a getting ready scene, followed by a frustrating scene where only one girl has a cigarette. Some dancing, and nice blowing smoke in the face.

Smoking Beauty

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, 11 months ago.

Eli is a fantastic smoking beauty. Definetely liked her in her duo with hot friend Lorena, but glad she gets a solo here.

The first scene is great, mostly profile smoking in a top which shows her abundant breasts rising and falling as she inhales and enjoys her smoke. Second scene is right at you, across the table, showing some interest, but her cigarette first of course. We get to see what looks like the same scene again from an angle.

From there things begin to really heat up, as she wears an unbottoned shirt to reveal her bra. Some interesting cinematography here (there's a fast-re-wind segment which is cool, as if she is inhaling all the smoke she exhaled, very nice!), but my favorite is the angle for the second cigarette, which like the first scene does a really good job of displaying her rising breast inhales.

Then we have a great multiangle interview as she wears a see through shirt, revealing her bra underneath, and short shorts. Talking residuals of course. Great to hear how she enjoys feeling sexy while smoking. Last but not least another right at you smoke this time in a sexy low cut crop top.

Would love to see her again, perhaps some more full body shots.

A missed gem

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, 11 months ago.

I initially missed this video because I tend to gravitate towards slightly lighter skinned women with perhaps slightly larger breasts; however Berlainy is truly a beauty and her artists are fantastic too!

The video is shown sort of like the Seinfeld "in reverse" episode "The Betreyal" - from end to beginning instead of beginning to end.

In the first scene she is removing the last of the paint, washing her chest with water as she smokes revealing again more of her breasts. Very sensual. Enjoy talking exhales? What about signing exhales??? I have not seen it before, but it is great. She has a beautiful singing voice (Adele song) and you can "see the music" as she sings out her smoke.

In the second scene she is dancing with her fresh bodypaint, very nice, when she then chain lights a second cigarette and begins removing some of the paint with water.

I love the open to the third scene - she greets the artists by igniting a cigarette and offering them each one. They seem so delighted to receive the cigs and be able to smoke while working. They remove her shirt to show her chest totally open for a bit before starting work.

Really one of the main things I miss here is subtitles; she talks with the two artists throughout (with some talking exhales) and would be nice to hear.

I think both artists are great too! Would love to see more of any of the three of them!

The world is her ashtray

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, 11 months ago.

In this wonderful video we see an incredibly sexy young woman enjoy 8 cigarettes. (description says 7, but I counted one additional 1/2 cigarette in the final cocktail dress scene) In addition to all the obvious things that make this video great - a beautiful young lady, great smoking, revealing outfits, etc - two of the secnes are outdoors, she ashes wherever she wants, flicking or tapping them out all over the place, crushing her butts on the ground or just tossing them wherever still lit. She is confidently enjoying her cigarettes, and any other impacts are not important. She knows that as a beautiful women, it is her choice to smoke as she wants and that the world is her ashtray.

I also appreciate her cigarette dangles as she plays with her hair. Why put a pause on the pleasure of smoking to beautify herself when it can all go together? There's some occasional eye contact which is nice; no interview or speaking, but we get to hear from her in "3 chimneys playing cards."

All four scenes are great - the first two with a wonderful casual outfit, both outside and inside; the third in form-fitting workout clothes (she needs a way to relax after the gym!); and last but not least in an elegant party dress (I'd definitely go out for a smoke with her!)

I'd give this 6 stars if I could! Must have/must watch.

Triple the fun!

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, 13 months ago.

A great video of three beautiful women enjoying smoking together. Ariadna steals the show, with her youthful smoking style and sexy strapless top followed by workout clothes putting her fine figure on display. Penelope is next with a mature sexy smoking style and heavy exhales, etc, her rising and falling breasts on display. Clemma is cute too.

Great to see them talking about their favorite habit and having a great time!

Celebrating "right to choose"

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, One year ago.

Here is a sexy woman enjoying a cigarette. Is it better to be a mom who smokes occasionally and is calm and confident? Or stressed out because she cannot smoke? Each woman has to choose for herself what is best.

Great street candid

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, One year ago.

I am not a huge fan of the 4 cigs at once thing, but some excellent street candids mixed in with visible exhales, ashing on the street, and tossing the butt.

Nip slips

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, One year ago.

Probably the highight here is to see her clevage while smoking. Cute girl, decent example of early SSW.


star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, One year ago.

Great smoking instructions - she is pretty and elegant - watch her breasts rise and fall as she explains. Some nice talking exhales too!

Can't wait for Part 2

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, One year ago.

So glad to see these girls again from "Smoking Ladies Night" - Xema was one of my favorites from that video, and she looks even better here, wearing a bikini top with leggings throughout. Yasmin is cute, too. Olivia, the new girl, yes I would love to see more of her also!

This has something for everyone - great talking about smoking. And what is not to love about the dancing scene? 3 beautiful women, 3 sexy outfits, 3 cigarettes, music and dancing. Wow!

This is an awesome video I will be watching again and again, so many angles of these 3 beautiful women enjoying their cigarettes.

I just noticed this is labeled "Part 1" - can't wait for more sexiness in Part 2, Fran!

Great Bikini Top Smoking

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, One year ago.

Always good to see Rosy smoking, her breasts rising and falling in her bikini. Nice floor ashing here. Also we get to see Rosy's smile - she has such a beautiful delightful smile, and we often do not get to see it, but here we do a bit. Amazing video; thank you.

Lounging in Bikini

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, One year ago.

Raquel is so beautiful and smokes so well. I LOVE the scene of her on the water, and how she ashes her cigarette into water. I only wish we could see her flick her butts there too. But really amazing lighting for an outdoor shot, really good stuff!