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Relaxed smoking in lingerie by beautiful Estefania

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, 7 months ago.

Estefania is an extremely sexy woman, with amazing breasts. In this video she smokes 4 cigarettes in a very relaxed style, not slow, but not rushing either, with calm unforced exhales.

The first cigarette is definitely my favorite. She dangles her cigarette as she removes her top, showing us more of her amazing body. Her lingerie is very elegant, like she just was wearing this under an elegant party dress. She, a beautiful pin up girl, is looking at a book of 1000 pin up girls - how fitting. For cigarette #2 she turns her attention to herself in a mirror and tries more poses. Hey I would spend more time looking in a mirror admiring myself too if I looked and smoked like her.

Her next outfit for her next two cigarettes is not as revealing but is still nice and in a way reminds me of a towel around her after a shower. We do get to see more of her beautiful hair down and sexy. More of the same relaxed smoking, with a small bonus of her seeming to ash on the floor once or twice.

I highly recommend her other solo video in vol 22 (dancing in see through) as well. Both are superior to her performance in the 5 chimmenys (something about her makeup there?). I'd love to buy another solo or duo with Estefania if Fran makes one :)

OMG - best Estefania video

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, 7 months ago.

I wish I could give this video a 6 or a 10.

She's got an incredibly amazing body, wonderful smoking style, and a great dancer, and she puts it all on display here for our appreciation. Very nice breasts, decent butt, and see through tops - what is not to love. Oh yes and did I say, SMOKING? The dance scenes really steal the show - would be nice though if she didn't need to have the headphones though - just have music playing? Also love to see her relaxing with cigarettes after :)

Wish there was more I could say or write a more thorough review, but I am just thoroughly stunned!

Estefania's other solo video in lingerie from vol 19 is great too, but if you have to choose, pick both. ;) Seriously, this one is the better one but can't go wrong with either!

Nicotina, nicotina, nicotina

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, 7 months ago.

Probably one of the best smoking interview scenes ever. "Nicotina, nicotina, nicotina" - would love to be on that bed with her as she smokes her first cigarette of the day and bring her some coffee and light her cigarettes. Beautiful talking exhales, dangling while playing with her hair, etc. Girl next door look and cute outfits throughout - what is not to love!

This in my mind is the better of the two Nuria videos. The one in volume 23 is a bit sexier, but I just love her GND look and the interview scene here. (would be great Fran, if you made a third though!)

An actual review

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, 7 months ago.

I'll try to ignore the back and forth and stick with reviewing the video itself.

Scene 1 is a nice one, both seem to be working or something and smoking naturally as they do do. I'm not normally a fan of "2 girls, 1 cigarette" (2 girls, 2 cigarettes my favourite!) - but somehow these two pull it off very well!

The smoke swapping in scene 2 did get very interesting but I was so wishing it would turn into a little bit of lip to lip kissing! Tanya looked great in her bra and shorts. Subtitles would have been nice for some of the back and forth laughing and smiling. Or maybe I should just learn Catalan :)

The outdoor scene was fantastic, really nice lighting of exhales for outdoors, cool sunglasses on both ladies, flicking ash everywhere, but I would have loved to have seen a butt toss or crush.

As I am writing this review I'm noticing somehow I basically missed the 4th scene, so enamoured by the 3rd!

BTW, I for one do appreciate the great variety of SSW, and enjoy watching girls smoke in a casual and relaxed manner.

Decent short clip

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, 7 months ago.

On the shorter side for a SSW video, but also on the cheaper side - so it's a fair value. This video is mostly about Saray - she is not fully my type. Definitely a beautiful girl, and a great smoker, but something about her eyes I can't place my finger on.I do really like Tanya, but if you want a better video of her, see her video with Lucy :)

All that said, if you like the Saray preview photos you will enjoy this video!

Sexy GND Lola's best video!

star star star star star by Gaius Pulchritudo, 8 months ago.

In this excellent video Lola smokes 7-8 cigarettes in 4 scenes wearing 4 outfits. She's a 10/10 beauty and a 10/10 incredible smoker.

Most of it is indoors, Lola is wearing sexy strapless tops which are great for showcasing her bosom. The first is very playful, the next more elegant, and the last seems like a fun dress (too bad we don't see anything below the belt). Her hair is beautiful also, done a few different ways for each scene which adds some nice spice and variety to this video.

The best scene is the first - she smokes 3 cigarettes in this playful top while talking about her smoking, smiling, and laughing - of course with some excellent talking/laughing exhales!

The outdoor outfit is not my favorite, but she smokes confidently outdoors in public, and she gives a great flick of the cigarette butt when she is finished.

I also like the intro; some interesting reverse editing which is a good primer for the rest of the video.

My only minor complaint is while we do see plenty of her ample clevage rising and falling with the smoke in her lungs, we don't get to see more of her butt or legs. I'm also not huge on the way her nails are done, but this is only a minor setback.

This is my favorite video of Lola (she has two later ones with her sister Sonia. Sister-sister smoking action is great of course, but in the next one her younger sister steals the show (v23) and in the later one there is more of a "trashier" element (v24), vs here she is simply elegant, girl-next-door type.) - but we do get to see more of her butt & legs in those.

There is one odd part - she says she doesn't feel sexy when she smokes! Please, Lola, look in a mirror :) Oh yeah, and invite me to one of those "proper" parties where you go through 3 packs of cigarettes ;)

Great job, Fran and Lola! Well worth the time spent and price paid, and would buy more with her. 5/5