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Fantastic Model

star star star star star by Frolf, 7 months ago.

Fantastic model withotu a doubt, I just wish she'd smoke marlboro's.

Yes, yes and yes.

star star star star star by Frolf, One year ago.

Oboy, where do I begin. The second I got into the site and saw this video, I knew this was a keeper. After so long of (in my opinion) rather mediocre stages and performances, I felt in my gut that this video had it coming in the right direction. Yes, Agatha got some skill in the SF scene. I had no idea who she was until now.

What you got here is a matured lady with the obvious skill of years of smoking on her back. Her hairstyle is fine and her smoking style is backed up by her skill. She's smoking Marlboro reds (and you can finally see the packs and Agatha interacting with the pack. Something I have felt have been absent in recent time) and you can often bare witness to the ashtrays. Which contains her consumed butts. If this is your fantasy, you have it here. The wardrobe has been hard at work here with these different shots and even her hairstyle changes too. Want her without glasses? You got it. Want her with? You got it. Want her from a distance? You got it. Want her close and personal? You got it. You get a lovely service from Agatha here.

However, one critique I have is that there seems to be a video error between 15:51 - 17:53 as the video gets really shakym laggy and kind of gives the illusion of blur. In my sincerest opinion, it looks atrocious and it really took me off guard. If it can be fixed, I hope it will. Because I love the scenography during that shooting. Due to this issue, I cannot give this video more than 4, as that looks like an error which you guys will likely not like.

Anyway, you will likely not be displeased.

Would be next BIG HIT on site.

star star star star star by Frolf, 2 years ago.

I know a stunning woman and a smoking fetish profile when I see one. This woman is a hidden GEM. But, for some odd reason, the brand just does not get to me. It feels uncharacteristic and inelegant. It leaves a lot to be desires. This is one of those clips I will buy as soon as I am able to. I want there to be interest in this model. She has unparalleled potential!

Just, please Site Moderator, give her some Marlboro's. That brand is a big turn off for not only me, but many.

Absolutely fantastic!

re: Skinny all whites: Not sexy.

by Frolf, 2 years ago.

I totally agree, she's a stunning woman. An absolute MUST for anyone loving smoking fetish women. HOWEVER, it's absolutely criminal that she's not smoking Marlboro cigs. This brand looks bad.

re: re: I don't know...

by Frolf, 2 years ago.

Idk, I just feel that the quality has been downgraded. Now that the forum is down, there seems to be no chance of having a contact with the creator about these changes. Recently we've gotten "a few releases a year" but to me, the quality has not been there.

I don't know...

star star star star star by Frolf, 2 years ago.

Ok, it's very important to state that I haven't purchased and seen the video yet. So any of you can take this "review" however you wish. This is just my opinion revolving around my tastes based on seeing the "preview" or "trailer" in the description. I will be harsh here and take it as you wish. I expect many thumbs down, and that is okay.

Right, so first off I must take heed of the price for what we're getting. You pay 169SEK (or like 17-18€) for this video featuring what could be like 10 chicks smoking. If that doesn't feel overpriced enough,the fact that there are definitely 10 chicks in the video at all times is a problem too. It feels disorganized and rushed together. No quality zooms with perfect lightning to feature the exhales in the kind of "Alazne" or " quality shots. Raquel videos, Old Lorena videos were astounding, The First Encarni videos are some of my favorites to THIS very day! Your wardrobe choices were always mixed, but now it almost feel skimpier and skimpier is your forte, and I don't like it. Some are fine, you have a fanbase that like that too, but I am one of those that prefer those coats, leather jackets even and confident, well prepared looks.

Latelt, I feel like you've hit a standstill in what you want for your videos. I feel like recently we've seen overpriced downgrades of what was likely only masterpieces before. Videos that used staged lightnings where you were in total control were the best, not using the sunlight with bright windows and bright white backgrounds. Bright white backgrounds for smoking videos should be a bit of a sin, don't you think?

I don't know, this video has a few babes (based on the trailer that I saw) that I would really like to see in a single video, not mashed together in some unprofessional dance party. I miss those good old videos from you mate. I hope you don't get stuck on these. I don't like them as your customer who's spent a lot of well spent money on your quality contents out there. I hope to see you return from the ashes, because in my opinion, you latest videos have featured some great girls, but you didn't use them effectively with poor staging and poor wardrobe choices.

I give it 3 stars, as I believe that not buying it and seeing it for myself before reviewing and placing a verdict out of that alone is fair to you as the creator of this video. But I hope you heed at least some details of what I've said to be used in future videos.

Good luck, SmokingSweeties!

My Point Of View

star star star star star by Frolf, 5 years ago.

Hello, me again. You've probably seen me on the previous clip "Vanessa: Her regular habit" which was apparently quite controversial. But lets get into this clip!

This time, compared to last time, I've seen the whole video. I didn't judge it truly by just pictures this time and I have now seen the whole clip from start to finish. It is truly a good clip and it hit me on a couple of weak spots, but I had some details that I believe didn't truly satisfy me personally.

The good parts here is the girl. She definitely knows how to smoke and she knows she does. I've seen her on her previous videos and she definitely is hooked. Which is a definite plus here. She has an interesting style when she takes drags, she lifts the cigarette with her fantastic, thick lips, showing her strong drags to the viewer. fantastic indeed. With a nice variation of angles there's bound to be something there for everyone and the different clothing she wears in different scenes is alluring indeed!
Another one is the brand. Marlboro lights/gold 100s EU does really does the trick for me in pretty much every video on the whole site. The length and color of the filter, the shape and length and thickness. It's a perfect brand in my opinion and it fits her perfectly. Of course my opinion!
And finally the Price, it's a really good price and for me it's 67kr(SEK), which is cheap in comparison to the later videos on the site. Which is great!

And now, what I don't like. It's an outside video. The problem for me in outside videos in broad daylight is that there's hard to find good lightning for smoke. Smoke works best when it has a quite dark background with spotlights towards the girl. Which means that the smoke is barely visible in most angles and it makes the smoke underwhelming. I also found it bothersome to hear people talk and whatnot that is merely a distraction for the viewer. You're lucky if you can hear her breath/inhale during the video as the background noise clearly takes over. I do believe this is a matter of taste as I am sure there are people that does fancy outside videos like this, and I do believe the creator wanted to make something new as something like this has been a while since (Last video was with Ariadna if I am not mistaken and it was only in 1 scene, not full length) and I respect that. But personally, outside videos that wants to give it a "candid" type of video, feels underwhelming to most of the details that creates a great smoking video.

In my opinion, definitely better than the previous Vanessa release. Glad we see someone wearing clothes at least as someone is not automatically sexy because she's stripping naked. But in the end, it always comes down to taste and opinions, and this is my opinion. Great job Frank and I hope to see more in the future! :)