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Soon an Update??

by Frank Wilhelm, 4 months ago.

I want to know how Cristina changed in the last ten years. There is no doubt, that she is a great smoking mature and will not stop smoking anymore.


star star star star star by Frank Wilhelm, 10 months ago.

Wow, a wonderful smoker. She does not feel it as an addiction, but as fulfillment. She will no doubt smoke all her life. She is also not afraid of consequences because she sees smoking and the consequences as part of her life, that everything will happen the way it should. Hopefully there will be a current video soon.

The best!!!

star star star star star by Frank Wilhelm, 11 months ago.

Raquel is the most fascinating smoker here. I love her videos because after so many years she still smokes with conviction. I am looking forward to a new one, soon it will be thirty years with her. She is a smoker who will never stop, it is her passion until the end.