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best model

star star star star star by Fonvej Konfej, 2 years ago.

It is always kinda reassuring to see that a beautiful model on this site is still a heavy smoker, especially with the knowledge that she is having a decade and a half of smoking history. It is incredible to think about the 30 cigarettes she smokes everyday sisnce being 15, and obviously she still doesn't mind the health effects of her addiction. Her body is just perfect, her face is truly beautiful (especially her hollowing cheeks as she sucks the smoke into her blackening lungs), and cigarettes in her hands and mouth truly elevate her sexual appeal. Congrats!


star star star star star by Fonvej Konfej, 4 years ago.

Next to Lorena Mery is my favourite modell on this site. She has an extremely hot body, with nice curves, with awesome breasts and butts. And of course she is obviously still addicted to smoking. It is always good to see that this beautiful girl still smokes heavily and doesn't mind the effects on her health and beautiful body. Really good to see her back.

the hottest smoker

star star star star star by Fonvej Konfej, 4 years ago.

This video was definitely worth of waiting. Lorena is probably my favourite modell on this site and her smoking is truly amazing. Finally we can see her beautiful body, her perfect, tanned skin, and of course her gorgeuous and extremely long legs. It is good to see that she still smokes a lot and she doesn't care with its effects on her body and health (I remember her wet and deep coughs from the first video when she inhaled too much smoke into her tar-filled lungs). This woman definitely knows how to smoke and that she is incredibly sexy when she does it.


by Fonvej Konfej, 8 years ago.

I am i love with her arms... Perfect smoking!