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Missed opportunity?

star star star star star by Flattery, 9 years ago.

Alexia has the beautiful looks that make her a stunningly photogenic treat to the viewer. Also, a smoking style, and intensity that can be almost hypnotic. I already have footage of Alexia, so when I saw the pictures it seemed a no brainer to add to my collection. In the first half of the shoot, there is plenty of good lighting that enhances the smoking of the model. With the interview in scene two, Alexia has some incredible volume exhales. However, in parts due to the camera being too close, the effects of the residual smoke was completely lost to the viewer. In the second half of the shoot. Once again we have full frame close up of Alexia smoking. Unfortunately, for me the lighting was not appropriately placed to fully enhance the visual smoking experience to the viewer. Alexia is a beautiful model with a five star smoking style. Perhaps in future shoots the camera angles, and lighting of residual smoke will provide the the jaw dropping experience we have come to enjoy. However, please don't allow my disappointment of the above to dissuade anyone from purchasing this video. It's still an enjoyable addition to your library. Thanks Fran!

Respect for models

star star star star star by Flattery, 9 years ago.

You know...At times, when I read reviews I often wonder what kind of nit-wits write their insensitive diatribe with NO regard to the models feelings. It's worth remembering, in order to attain feed back and assist them in future shoots, comments are most probably read by the girls. Irrespective of how one views, or feels regarding the models. Not good to magnify personal issues. Best we give constructive criticism, along with support to everyone involved.


star star star star star by Flattery, 9 years ago.

Well...There are many smoking videos that have there own attributes. This is one of them. Nuria is a great looking model, and certainly knows how to smoke. At the beginning of the video Nuria seems little nervous. Perhaps understandable if it's her first time. However, The way she is able to manipulate the smoke and and converse at the same time, shows what a comfortable and accomplished smoker she is. As the video moves on, Nuria becomes more comfortable, and along with some RAY (right at you) shots, uses the camera to entice the viewer right into the scene. There is an abundance of well lit volume exhales that make the viewer feel as though they were in the room with the model. Very nice! For me, this video definitely has that WOW! factor. Particularly the final scene. Nuria is a great find. Another five star hit from Fran, and one for everyone's library....

Dissapointed no WOW factor?

star star star star star by Flattery, 9 years ago.

Well...I have many videos of Rosy. After looking at the images, I wasn't sure about this one. However, on reading all the reviews, I decided to purchase this latest installment. I was so dissapointed. For me, there is NO wow factor. It's not Rosy's fault. She has already given many moments of pleasure, with her beauty, accompanied by a great smoking style. There were parts of this video that could have been great. Only to be lost with improper use of camera angles not exploiting the lighting of residual smoke. Although this is a rare occurrence, it has happened in other videos. The site is all about smoke, and usually we get plenty of it. Sadly, I see this latest shoot as a lost opportunity to fully enjoy the smoking of this five star model. I based this review solely on the camera work, and the lighting. Rosy is always easy on the eyes.

Absorbing...Just soak it up.

star star star star star by Flattery, 9 years ago.

First off, the back lighting in this video may have been a little better, hence my 4 star comment. However, it's NOT a spoiler for the viewers enjoyment. There's good eye contact along with some very enticing volume inhales, and exhales. To appreciate this video of Erika, you need to watch it a couple of times, allowing it's subtlety to grow on you. The bath scene is particularity stimulating. Full marks to Erika for pulling it off in the confines of such a small space giving Fran, and the team another HIT. One for YOUR library....

The eyes should have it...

star star star star star by Flattery, 9 years ago.

Well...what can one say about such an attractive model? Looking at the stills it appears there is plenty of smoke, and there is. However, in a couple of scenes due to lack of back-lighting, it's not quite as striking as in other videos. A shame really, as Sausan has remarkable exhales.

Whether intentional or not, with Sausan unfortunately due to lack of eye contact, there was often a feeling of no awareness of the viewer. As well as their smoking styles, perhaps models need to be aware there's a requirement from their body language, that third party awareness not only enhances their personality, it also entices the viewer into the whole experience. Although understandably, this isn't always the easiest part of a shoot to achieve.

This is a terrific site, and is unique in what it's trying to achieve. The above is presented as constructive criticism to assist all the team, and I hope taken in the best of spirits.

In summery...With gorgeous model Sausan. This video is still worth having in your library...
Another hit from Fran and the team!

Another hit!

star star star star star by Flattery, 9 years ago.

Hmm...Reading some of the reviews, one wonders why people seem to think this is a porn site. It's clearly not. Requests to see the models showing much more of their bodily attributes seems out of touch with what the team is actually trying to achieve. However, that's another debate.

Francesca is a very sensual model, great smoking style with some terrific volume snaps, and exhales.
I don't agree that grabbing the smoke is helpful to the scene. It can be difficult to achieve such a large and sensual French inhale/exhale, the smoke should be allowed to find it's own level, as this adds to the intensity of the scene. This point is eloquently demonstrated in last video of Ariadna smoking on the couch. With virtually no movement she allows the smoke to caress her cheek as it drifts upwards, indeed creating that WOW factor....

I enjoyed this video of Francesca. There were a couple of RAY (right at you shots) which were good. Although, camera was probably a tad too close. Criticism requesting not to do these RAY shots is unfounded. If done properly, they can give an enticingly sensual experience to the viewer.

As I said earlier, Francesca has great French volume snaps that are one of her best smoking attributes. Sadly in this video, we didn't see enough of them. That's my 3 star reasoning. However, this one of Francesca should still be in your library. Nice one Fran!


star star star star star by Flattery, 9 years ago.

Alba has a comfortable smoking style that entices the viewer. Huge inhales that produce superb quantities of residual smoke. At the beginning, there were a couple of RAY (right at you) shots that completely engulf you, bringing you right in to the experience. Mush more of these please. I thought Alba was more attractive with her hair down (a minor detail). Over the piece, I enjoyed this video. Attractive model, excellent lighting to enhance the exhales. Also, a couple of good light ups with lots of residual smoke. All in all, a worthwhile addition to your library. Nice one Fran!


by Flattery, 9 years ago.

Well..I read other reviews, and along with some second gazes at the stills. Decided to purchase. The initial scene could have been so much better if the camera wasn't partially hiding behind the mirror. This obscured the effect of residual smoke for the viewer. For me, the model spends too much time fidgeting and moving around, instead of concentrating on the viewer. Generally, I think the site is about pretty models and sensual smoking, enhanced by strategically placed lighting to give the viewer an exciting experience. Most of the time it works. However, in my opinion in this shoot there were lost opportunities to make this happen. So for me 5/10. Sorry Fran! Can't win'em all...


star star star star star by Flattery, 9 years ago.

Well...I don't usually do reviews. Although, I probably should. As I do read many submitted by others.

So, after purchasing this video I wasn't disappointed. The lighting along with the smoking style of Ariadna was excellent. Some of the french snaps, along with residual exhales were very sensual.

Ariadna has a great smoking style, that with a little practice will entice many of the viewers to make her video's a must in their library.

Perhaps some longer, and more RAY (Right at You) shots of Ariadna may have added to the enticement of the shoot. Although, this can also be said of a number of other videos.

In summary, well worth the purchase of a video showing off a beautiful model sharing some sensual, and relaxing moments with the viewer.

Nice one Fran...