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re: re: My points of view.

by Filip Thorin, 3 years ago.

I was just stating my opinion, not how everyone should think. If you liked the video, then that's great! But it's not my type and I stated why because we obviously have different tastes.

Ok, I am dumb then. :)

My points of view.

star star star star star by Filip Thorin, 4 years ago.

Let's get a couple of things out of the way. 1st, I have not seen the clip yet. I have not bought it yet. And 2nd, these are entirely my own personal thoughts which of course changes from person to person.

I am really happy to finally see some new content on this site! It's my favorite SF site out there, hands down. Only SmokingSweeties has girls that really look and act like mature, addicted and deticated smokers. But, Personally, judging from the fantastic images of this video, It doesn't fulfill MY personal desires.

I don't make it automatically sexy when a model is stripped like a half naked bimbo. Why not have some clothes on for a change? Decorate the model! Just because she has her breasts out does not define sexy. Why not a dress? Why not a leather coat for a change? There are SO~ few leather coated smoking videos out there with such an outstanding quality as SmokingSweeties! The potential is there, and Vanessa is definitely a crowd favorite and I fancy her myself. But alas, just because she's wearing basically nothing, does not make it interesting. It distracted me, and not in the good way. It looks boring. The fact that once you see her with clothes on, it's always removed as soon as it gets interesting. Like the fantastic Alazne video, she starts with a sexy leather coat for about 20 seconds, then she removes it! Why!? It already looked great on her so why remove it? Why not change it up on another scene? It's kind of a mood breaker and makes the pacing almost frustrating. Again, remember these are my personal thoughts just by seeing the pictures. Well that's the major problem here that distracts me, and someone who's been a smoking fetishist for many, many years and seen tons of videos, gets picky. I am picky with what I want to see and you can almost define what you're going to see just by seeing the pictures.

Also a minor thing, I personally prefer Marlboro lights 100, because they have the perfect length of the filter and it looks fantastic and I am a Marlboro/PallMall Cork fan.

Again, Thanks for another video and I hope for a lot more, Cheers! Hope no hard feelings Frank (I think that was your name, excuses if I forget).

Annie. Where are you?

star star star star star by Filip Thorin, 4 years ago.

I love Annie. Her voice is grand and I would love to hear her speak some swedish.