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Best model ever?

star star star star star by Ewa Fan, 10 years ago.

What an amazing video! Ewa is stunningly sexy and an incredible smoker--she does double drags without withdrawing the cigarette a couple of times--and she flirts with the camera very, very well. Fran's camerawork here, too, is great: you can see Ewa (in maybe the hottest scene ever!) sucking in sidestream smoke with the cigarette just removed from her beautiful, glossy lips. PLEASE DO MORE WITH EWA!

The most intense....

star star star star star by Ewa Fan, 11 years ago.

This is the most intense smoking I've ever seen. Vanessa never goes more than a beat without having smoke in her lungs, and there's usually quite a lot of it in there....I feel like my lungs hurt just watching her. Double and triple drags, chain lightups, deep inhales, inhale noises: what can you say? And the candid part at the end is a great finish. I hope Vanessa knows that she has HUGE fans out here. If the right word is "talent," she's got the most smoking talent of any model I've ever seen, not to mention that she's gorgeous and has a killer body. Thanks so much, Vanessa and Fran!