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Marta great - the clip isnt

star star star star star by Eric, 10 years ago.

Love Marta & her natural closed-mouth inhales - must have more of her in a solo interview clip

Nina a complete waste of time though.

Moreover way too many stupid Smokey Kisses, so-so lighting in many parts of the vid & the sound is pretty average.

The last bit on the bed is deeply irritating.

Fran reveals his amature camerman status again by constantly spinning the camera around & zooming.

The camera position is dumb, so the exhales obsure each other & you can\\\'t make out WTF is goin on.

I hear he never watches his own work. Maybe he should.
He might actually realize how bad many of them are.

Maybe he should go to film college rather than produce yet another ineptly produced over-priced POS.