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Smoking is unimpressive.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 weeks ago.

I've seen Anna many times on Youtube and, frankly, I find her smoking rather ordinary. She's a beautiful girl and she jazzes up her smoking with lots of french inhales and extended (for too long) her open mouth inhales. However, in terms of smoke volume her exhales are often thin and short because her inhales just aren't that deep.

Excellent Model, Broken Audio, Scenes are Repetitive.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 4 months ago.

This girl is just yummy as hell!! I also like her style, especially the nose exhales which are thick enough to cut with a knife. However, I have three major complaints. First, there's no audio from 11:45 to 15:00. Second, she wears the same outfit from the first cigarette to the last. Third, there's virtually no change of scenery. It's a damned shame because Mireya is just smoking hot but the video seems like a rushed, low-budget production effort. Sorry, SSW but when you get a model this good you've got to take better advantage of her than you did.

re: Great smoker....

by Eleuthero, 6 months ago.

I'm with you on this one, Oilibhear333. I don't know why women want to blow up their lips with Botox. It's definitely not attractive and it just looks so artificial. Her botoxed lips look like they belong to somebody else.

Raquel ALONE please.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 7 months ago.

Candid shoots outdoors are virtually never as good as studio shoots. I've never been fond of Vanessa and I don't find Ona that attractive. Raquel is so special on this site that she should always do solo shoots. In general, I don't like shoots with multiple girls because I don't like my attention split between all the girls. That's just my preference but it is what it is.

Gets Better With Each Replay

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 8 months ago.

I love "mining" SSW for old gems like this one. I love her voice, her wet hair, and, of course, the way she punishes a cigarette.

Need more side profile.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 9 months ago.

This girl takes thermonuclear drags and I'm sure that a side profile shot would show lots and lots of residuals. Her drag are a little "messy" i.e., smoke leaks out when she takes the cig out of her mouth. This is another terrific girl like Vero. However, I think these videos would be 5-star if there was more variety. Both Zahira and Vero should be reshot and SSW should take advantage of their smoking power. Need way more nose exhales, double pumps, and residuals.

She's so sexy!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 9 months ago.

I love her enormous inhales but I agree with the gentleman who said he preferred side profiles more than right-at-you. Her inhales are large enough that side profiles would reveal copious residuals, I'm sure. She's a really, really lovely girl though I wish she had made the whole video with her hair hanging loosely. All in all, a very good video and I really hope she returns some day because she's a 5-star woman.

Not my favorite SSW video.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 9 months ago.

The pros ... she really is lovely and I love her smoker's voice. It's really sexy. However, I didn't find her smoking particularly compelling. That "kiss" move with her mouth actually detracted from the beauty of her inhales. The girl can smoke but she's not in the same league with the Jens and Gwens and Raquels of SSW. Her inhales aren't huge and her exhales weren't well lit at all. Not SSW's best video by far.

Penelope is gorgeous.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 9 months ago.

She has a VERY pretty face and she takes long, hard drags. Why hasn't a video of Penelope been created?

Dafne steals the show!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 9 months ago.

Dafne needs absolutely no instruction at all. She's also really good looking. Of course, Silvia is playing the older sister role but, frankly, I'd love to see a video of Dafne going solo.

Not a Vanessa Fan.

by Eleuthero, 9 months ago.

The loud hissing after each drag just strikes me as artificial and not sexy. Personally, I also don't like all-whites of any kind. What happened to the Marb Reds she used to smoke? I also don't like it that every time she removes the cigarette from her mouth a lot of smoke escapes before she exhales. It looks messy to me and just doesn't do it for me. I know she's a fan favorite and I will just never understand why.

Get her back!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 10 months ago.

Now Jen is a mature woman entering middle age. I'm sure that a lot of us SSW devotees would be very happy to see her again. I'm really, really surprised that this superb video is now discounted by more than 40%. It's one of SSW's all time greats. I have to confess that I'm also very curious to see how she looks now since in Jen 02 she looks markedly older than Jen 01 (this one) ... which startled a couple of other viewers. I adore her either way!! I wonder if she's still living near Fran?

Her style just isn't very good.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 months ago.

When she removes the cigarette from her mouth in the preview video, she spoils it by letting a ball of smoke leak out before the actual inhale. I would much rather have a video of her friend smoking than Lys.

She's a Stunning Smoking Fiend.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, One year ago.

I love BBWs and she's about as gorgeous as they come. Her chestnut brown hair is lovely. You can get lost looking in her blue eyes. She's totally beautiful. And her smoking is, indeed, "flash" smoking. From light-up until she puts out her cigarette she smokes at a truly incredible pace and there's always residuals coming out of her nose and mouth. Even her voice is sexy. I cannot remember how long it's been since Fran has hired a model as sexy as this one. Even her skin is beautiful. I'm a tough evaluator but this is without doubt a five-star video.

Whistling sound in her voice.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, One year ago.

I didn't buy the video but in the free preview video when she speaks she makes an annoying whistling sound. It's unfortunate because she's a great smoker and I love the fact that she's heavier. I just can't tolerate that ever-present whistle.

Wow, what lungs!!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

This girl is adorable and her lung capacity is impressive. Even after a lusty exhale, or even two or three exhales, she has enough smoke remaining to blow very thick rings. She's the kind of girl you would love to take home to meet Mom. This girl really loves nicotine and you can tell that she really enjoys smoking and playing with smoke. This was a very enjoyable video.

re: Phenomenal

by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

I don't get the metaphor about expecting a hard-hitting drama to be a comedy. I also don't understand how the dichotomy between sport and smoking makes the smoking and the photography any better. You're overthinking this. It's a smoking video and most reviewers look at the beauty of the model and the quality of smoking. Sabrina's style is "amazing"??? On about half her drags when she removes the cigarette from her mouth she leaves a cloud escaping her mouth which obscures her face. On top of the messiness just mentioned there's zero smoking variety (e.g., snaps, OMIs, frenches, double and triple pumps and so on). I'm not using any criteria for rating this video than I would use on any other smoking video. Perhaps you could point out how Sabrina's style is "absolutely amazing" and please use the same criteria you'd use to rate any other smoking video.

It just didn't do it for me.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

On a lot of her inhales a smoke cloud escapes her mouth right after she removes the cigarette from her mouth. It just looks messy to me and that escaped cloud covers her face on many occasions. Her style is monotonous because there are no snaps, no open mouth inhales, no rings, no frenches. There's no smoking variety in the video at all. I have to say, I'm puzzled that some reviewers put this video up there with many of SSW's all time greats. Frankly, I just don't see why.

She's a beautiful woman with a killer body but I just didn't find her smoking especially sexy and the lighting in most of the video doesn't cap

It just didn't do it for me.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

On so many of her exhales she lets smoke drift out of her mouth until there's nothing left for a real exhale. I found her dragging style monotonous because there are no snaps or OMIs. She does double pump a lot but the exhale volumes are not particularly impressive given the way her inhales look. In some scenes the photography just doesn't capture the smoke that well. Finally, she smokes Lights which, for me, is always disappointing. Rym is a beautiful girl and her smoking is decent but I got more out of looking at her beautiful body than I got out watching her smoke. Compared to, say, AnnaMC, Rym's smoking is just not in the same league.


star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

Both of the girls in this video are beautiful. I disagree with the reviewers who want this video without the girl with braces. They're both excellent smokers and I love brown eyed blondes like Natia's friend. The lighting in this video is excellent and the smoking is totally fiendish with lots multi-pumps, nose exhales, and abundant exhales. Honestly, I liked Natia's friend as much as Natia and her braces just made her even more cute because it makes her look innocent. Nice job SSW!!

Lighting could be much better.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

Stefi is about as gorgeous as any model SSW has ever had. I wish SSW didn't sell her other video where she's smoking 5 Marlboro Reds to SmokingClipStore which recently went out of business. Stefi is a powerful smoker but in many scenes the lighting of her exhaled smoke just isn't very good. This is a real shame because she's one girl whose smoke you definitely want to capture in its entirety. I love her outfits and her face and body are just stunning. This video really could have been one of SSW's greatest ever but the photography just fell short of the mark.

The blonde!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

After I saw the one and only review of this video I just had to get it just to see the blonde in the short skirt. She did not disappoint!! Her exhales were huge and she did many double pumps which is always a sign of a serious smoker. She also had to do a couple of exhales to clear her lungs a few times. She would make an outstanding smoking model. She's certainly a terrific smoker and she's absolutely gorgeous. Too bad she doesn't live in Barcelona!!

I love dangle drags.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

Again, I find myself amazed that no one has reviewed this video in 12 years. I love it when woman do dangle drags and Veronica dangles during most of this video. The only thing that made me give 4 stars instead of 5 is that I found the rap music in the background irritating. I like to hear the models' smoking sounds. Nonetheless ... a very good video.

She's beautiful.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

She's a really lovely girl. She definitely takes large drags and often multiple drags. It's too bad that SSW never saw her again after this video. She would have been a great model.

Tania needs to smoke.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

It was fascinating to watch Tanya do her household chores. She unpacked the shopping bag and cleaned off the dishes with a manic, slightly angry energy. She's a speed demon who uses nicotine to slow her pace and calm down. This video was fascinating in several respects and so, so sexy. When she unbuttoned her shirt and took her skirt off it revealed an incredibly sexy body. She takes really big drags off of her cigarettes and on a normal inhale her cheeks always cave in. I doubt she'll ever be able to quit smoking because nicotine is her primary way of removing anger and anxiety. It would be fascinating to know what she's up to now that she's nearly 40. All of Tania's videos are fabulous and they're unique because the observer can see true need for nicotine in a direct way.

Such a natural smoker.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

This girl just looks like she was born to smoke. A cigarette between her lips looks so natural. She looks really good in a white shirt but when she took off her pants and unbuttoned that white shirt it showed off a totally rocking body. Her curves have curves. I'm so happy that i"ve discovered some of these models from more than a decade ago.

Damn She's Sexy

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

That profile view of her walking on the street move my manhood if you know what I mean. :) Her body is just delicious. Her smoking is terrific, too. I can't believe I got this for a dollar. What a find!!

Changed my mind.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

There's something about this girl that makes me watch her videos ten times. It's true that I like lusty exhales but when she does do a full exhale she blows a cumulus cloud out of her mouth. She's so damned sexy from her eyes to her lips to her curvy body. People that haven't discovered her would do well to go back to some of Fran's earlier videos. He was great then and he's great now.

She's Amazing.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

I'm utterly shocked that no one in 12 years has reviewed this video. She's sexy as hell and smokes like a fiend. On all of her videos she takes such large drags that one exhale isn't nearly enough to clear her lungs. This girl obviously loves smoking because she only likes full flavored reds on all her videos. That outfit with the schoolgirl skirt and the white top is enough to drive me wild. Tania's physical beauty is unique and she just bursts with eroticism. The camera angle for the second cigarette is all wrong because you can't see the exhales. However, the angle for the first cigarette is perfect and makes this a worthy acquisition. It would be fabulous if she was still in Barcelona and still smoking. That would be quite the video.

Still terrific on further viewings.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

Some of these older videos have been unjustly neglected by the community. Tania is the real deal. She's such a fiend that she smokes the filter before moving on to the next cigarette. She takes huge hits, too. It seems like the SSW community ignores videos made before about 2011 or so. A lot of would-be buyers are missing out by ignoring some of Fran's older work.

Bad smoke visibility.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

I bought this video mainly for the bar scene where she smokes a Red 100 in 2:15. That scene kept this from being a 3 star video. In the rest of the video, the smoke visibility is very bad. It's a shame because it's obvious that she's a heavy smoker. I think she's also very beautiful and has that beguiling British accent. Definitely worth buying but when you get a model as gorgeous as Sophie you've got to get the best out of her because you never know when models are going to disappear for good.

Very good.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

This would have been a 5-star video if Tania would have done more exhales. On half of her inhales she holds all of the smoke inside of her lungs and there's no exhale at all!! Maybe this is just my opinion but I want to see smoke, not smoke hidden in her lungs. She's obviously a heavy smoker and she's very sexy. All in all a pretty good video.

Pretty Good.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

It has to be said that this young woman has huge lung capacity. When she does regular cone exhales you can see that there's enormous smoke volume and enough left over for residuals. She's also a very cute girl with a smoking hot body. She also has a nice voice.

However, I don't like Cleo's style that much. There aren't any snaps, rings, or other fun tricks. I also don't like the way Cleo copies Alazne's style of multi-pumps while keeping the cigarette in her mouth. I don't think that's particularly sexy. I'd prefer it if the second and third drags were accompanied by nose exhales of the first drag. Sometimes Cleo does too many "drifting" exhales. A good husky cone exhale is the sexiest and Cleo's smoke intake could give rise to long and sexy cones which we do see a few times in this video.

Finally, there are too many scenes with poor smoke visibility. So, to sum up ... it's an okay video and Cleo certainly has the talent to make a 5 star video. It's a shame that she never came back after this video in 2009. While the video is worth the purchase, I don't feel that it got the best out of Cleo.

Such a dream girl.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

The amount of smoke she takes in is just amazing. Her lung holds are just amazing. She will take a huge drag and even after holding the smoke for 15 seconds there's still smoke remaining when she exhales. I love her smoker's voice. SmokingSweetie's Marlboro girls ... Raquel and Gwen ... will always be my favorites. I love the videos that feature the older models because it just seems like they take larger drags. Great video!!

Hard Core Smoker!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

I think Ines is sexy as hell and she takes enormous drags off of her cigarettes. You can tell she's a hardcore smoker because even after long lung holds there's still plenty of smoke that comes out of her body, especially in residual mouth and nose exhales. I see from her bio here that she smokes 35 cigarettes a day which is a lot but she must consume about 50 or 60 cigarettes worth of smoke. Also like a lot of hard core smokers, she often makes a "pop" sound when pulling cigarette out of her mouth. That means she's dragging really hard and makes a tight seal around the cigarette with her lips. The only way in which this video could be improved is for Ines to wear her beautiful hair down. It greatly heightens her sensuality. Too bad she only made 2 videos because she's a total cigarette fiend and a real babe to boot.

Skinny all whites: Not sexy.

by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

Her look has a little in common with Raquel but not as compelling and Raquel smokes REAL cigarettes. I don't know when these skinny all white cigarettes came into being but I don't think they look good in a model's mouth or in her hands. They just look oddly unnatural. Unless you're old like me you may not know that regular Marlboro Reds were a woman's cigarette for 30 years. The only reason they got associated with cowboys is because Philip Morris knew that men smoked more and they just wanted more revenue by aiming at men. Just because Madison Avenue markets long all whites to women doesn't mean they actually LOOK feminine or sexy. When Marlboro Reds were strictly a woman's cigarette, only MEN smoked long cigarettes like unfiltered Pall Malls and Chesterfields. Women all smoked short cigarettes. It just goes to show you how the advertising industry, especially post WWII, creates false "stereotypes" that don't represent reality at all.

The preview just makes this video way too "art house" for me. Frankly, even the video description just seems like it's trying way, way too hard to create a mystique. I love poetry and I love sculpting but I don't want smoking in an art video and I could care less about art in a smoking video. It's like Iveta's crazy poetry but on a grander scale. I didn't rate this video out of fairness because I didn't buy it.

She's kind of average.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

Cute girl but there were some things in the video description that just don't seem to be true. For example, on the vast majority of Lorena's exhales I just don't notice the "pop" sound referred to in the description. I found most of Lorena's exhales to be rushed. She doesn't hold the smoke long at all. Her inhales are odd because sometimes they look deep and sometimes they look very shallow. All in all, I find her to be a rather average smoker.

I guess I am just spoiled by super-smokers like Gwen and Raquel. When you see women with their degree of lung power, smokers like Lorena just aren't in the same league.

She's fabulous.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

Sorry to repost this review which I posted erroneously on another Gwen video but here it is:
Gwen's drags are so huge that it takes her two or three exhales to clear her lungs. On the other hand sometimes she does one exhale which is followed by an enormous amount of residuals. That she's also eye candy and you've got a five-star video. I also love it she still smokes regular Marlboro Reds. Her lungs are cast iron and they're enclosed by a curvy, sexy body where everything is in the right proportions. I can't think of a video from this site that I love more than this one.

She's an amazing smoker.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

Gwen's drags are so huge that it takes her two or three exhales to clear her lungs. On the other hand sometimes she does one exhale which is followed by an enormous amount of residuals. That she's also eye candy and you've got a five-star video. I also love it she still smokes regular Marlboro Reds. Her lungs are cast iron and they're enclosed by a curvy, sexy body where everything is in the right proportions. I can't think of a video from this site that I love more than this one.

An angel smoking Reds.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

What's fascinating about Franchezca is that she has an almost angelic look about her yet she takes thermonuclear drags off of Marlboro Reds. It's such a contrast because you expect king size Reds girls to be the epitome of hard-ass. This is a terrific video.

Not my favorite.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

When Vanessa removes the cigarette from her mouth after a drag a lot of smoke escapes before the exhale. It's messy looking and not attractive to me at all. Also, the inhales don't come with snaps or other sexy styles. I've never found her smoking style attractive but I can see I'm all but alone in that respect.

Smoke visibility.

by Eleuthero, 2 years ago.

Well, Jeff, I think we'll have to agree to disagree about smoke visibility. However, I did note that you took away one rating star for this particular video because of the lighting and editing so maybe we don't disagree much after all. While I like good smoke visibility I am NOT in favor of relentless backlighting that makes weak smokers look strong so maybe we agree to an extent after all. I like the lighting in the vast majority of Frans videos. Indeed, there is an American SF producer I do NOT like much because every model poses in a dark room under high intensity backlight and that's just so artificial. We're lucky we have Fran as our producer because he captures his models in natural settings and I believe it's easier to relate to them as people that way.

While I like good smoke capture, it's less important to me than the brands more and more models seem to be smoking, i.e., light cigarettes. What is going on with lights?? I've always believed that lights are kind of an "artificial cigarette". Back in the 1950s and 1960s when seemingly everyone smoked there was no such thing as a light cigarette. Personally, I feel that lights taste and smell like crap ... like chemicals.

The stills tell a story.

by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

I've always found that the still pictures that Fran so generously makes available always tell a story. If you look at the stills for this video you will notice that there's not ONE with Jessica exhaling. There must be at least 10 photos that captured Vanessa's exhales. I have a Jessica video and it's one of a very few SSW videos that I regret having purchased. Jessica waxes so dramatic with each puff to the point that it felt embarrassingly overdone. Well, we all know that Vanessa went on to make SEVENTEEN videos for SSW and Jessica faded into the darkness. Vanessa is the real deal and I feel that Jessica is an unconvincing actress.

re: A Real Candid

by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

I agree with The Dark Sider that it's odd that she smokes lights. As a girl on another SF site once said: "If it's not a full cigarette it isn't a real cigarette." I don't like ANY videos of women smoking lights. Light cigarettes are an artificiality of the last 40 years because real tobacco isn't "light". To make a light cigarette the producers have to use chemical extraction techniques to blanch out the tar and nicotine. I don't know how people can smoke lights because every light I've tried tastes horrible and smells bad.

Model's exhales too rushed or totally absent.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

It's obvious that Monika takes deep drags because she makes the cigarette stand up. However, someone should have told her that in a smoking fetish video the viewers want to see smoke. Many, many times Monika didn't exhale until there was nothing left. When she did exhale sooner, she rushed her exhales so if you blinked you missed it. Also, there is no variety to her smoking at all. No snaps, no nose exhales, no residuals (because she exhales too rapidly), and certainly nothing like rings. Nice girl and a good smoker but between the so-so lighting and her style, it did not make for a good smoking fetish video.

Great girl. Not a great video.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

Pat is lovely and she's a good smoker. However, the video has a lot of problems. One problem is that there are too many cut scenes so we're not really seeing her smoke three ENTIRE cigarettes. Not even close. Another problem is that the lighting is bad so her exhales look thin and I don't for a minute believe that her exhales are actually thin at all. This girl can smoke!! Finally, if you don't backlight then for goodness sake don't have an off-white couch as the background. Smoke is white, the couch is white, so the only time we get an idea of her exhales is when she blows straight at the viewer. Fortunately, SSW has vastly improved since this early video. A shame because the girl is lovely and nice to look at!

Elena is the star of the show.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

It's an amusing clip done in the spirit of fun. However, make no mistake about it, Elena can inhale more smoke (and from a stronger cigarette because Elena is smoking Reds, not Lights) than both of the other women put together. And she's adorable with all those freckles. Too bad so many years have passed and we'll never see Elena again. I love both clips that have her in them. Again, I'm amazed that no one but me has given a stars rating to this clip. Personally, I would have preferred that it be Elena solo again but this was pretty good anyhow.

re: The cutting is disruptive

by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

Your criticisms seem well founded, especially about smoke visibility. To me, a video can't be more than 3 stars if the smoke isn't well lit. After all, the fetish, for the most part, revolves around the issue of the woman's smoking skills and nothing indicates heavy smoking more than large-volume exhales. I had the same criticism of the Mel video. In only one scene were the exhales even remotely visible. I hope in future videos that exhale visibility gets a higher priority in the production of video.

Bad lighting.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

The vast majority of Monika's inhales in this video are very, very thin, sometimes almost invisible. It's obvious that she's a heavy smoker so I'm sure the smoke volume is there but it just wasn't captured. Monika herself is a beautiful woman so it is a shame that she looks like she's in a terrible mood in this video. I don't recall even one smile. I hope she finds serenity in her life.

Nice but rather ordinary.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

Magda is a pretty woman and I love when SSW gets mature women to model. Magda's smoking is rather ordinary but it's not bad either. As I said on the Elena video, I'm amazed when I go back before 2010 and see that many videos have no reviews of them at all ... like this one! This is a solid effort by SSW. Good lighting and decent smoking and Magda is lovely.

She's terrific!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

I'm amazed that no one has ever reviewed this video in 12 years! This woman is very pretty. While her smoking isn't showy, you can tell she takes really big drags because it always takes her two or three exhales to get all of the smoke out of her lungs. The lighting of the exhales is very good especially since it was at a difficult angle. Members of this site should do themselves a favor and go back to SSW's early years. The videos are excellent and the vast majority of them are at bargain basement prices. This is an excellent video and it cost next to nothing!!

She is an angel.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

Fran knows that I'm a tough grader who rarely gives five stars and five stars is exactly what I'm giving this video. She's beautiful and has a very nice energy about her. She's a very good smoker and I kind of wish Fran had done more close-up, profile views because in that scene you could see that Kalina had copious residuals indicative of deep inhales. If I had any complaint about Kalina's smoking it's that occasionally she does quite complete all of her French inhales and I wish she'd done fewer of them. However, given that she has only been smoking for 2 years she has a very mature style. I'm very glad I bought this video. Good job, Fran. Keep them coming!!

No way.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

After watching the preview video that Fran generously provided, I have to say that there's no way I'd buy this video. The dark, noisy music alone is enough to put me off of this video. Her smoking is also as immature as her musical tastes. I'm going to get the Kalina video. Now there's a classy young lady who knows how to smoke!

re: beautiful girl

by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

As you may have noticed, Anonymous, I largely agree with your opinions. The smoking fetish world is getting littered with dying sites like Smoking-Models and already dead sites like Random Snaps. I also found the shooting of Mel to be difficult to watch because of what it might have been, but wasn't. Mel is a beautiful girl but it's like SSW just couldn't keep the camera still once a good angle was found. Honestly, in the SF world, I think the only site that is thriving is USASmokers. They make simple videos with 4 to 6 scenes per video with ONE angle per scene. When you buy a USASmokers video, you also get a second video with 2nd angle scenes. Their videos are inexpensive, simple, and good. And most of their girls are Marlboro girls which I love.

re: re: I don't know...

by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

I don't understand the motive for creating an expensive video where the camera cuts away from any one model so much that you don't have long enough to feel a connection. I wish group videos had no more than 3 women and I'm also tired of candids. The recent video with Mel could have been truly great because she's gorgeous and a Marb Red smoker. However, in all of the outside scenes you just can't see any of the exhales. The only angle in the whole video where the smoke was visible at all was the few minutes in her red top. I would think that the importance of smoke visibility in an SF video is an obvious "must".

Exhales Are Rushed Too Much

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

I know I'll get massively down voted for this but I thought the video and the smoking was very ordinary. AnnaMC rushes her exhales so much that if you blink you'll miss them. I like mature smokers like Raquel, Gwen, and Alazne who have massive residuals and who often take several exhales to clear their lungs. In this video, every scene looked almost identical to me. I really do not understand the rave reviews for this video. The light and sound work were excellent. However, this girl does NOT smoke like a "pro".

re: Just To Clarify....

by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

I like what you said here, Tazz. No other people on this site should tell you to shut up and/or take your business elsewhere just because you have an unfavorable rating on a video. Frankly, I tire of so many people just rubber-stamping every damned video with a 5-star review. Fran is a great artist and he's a good guy but, as an artist, he's well aware that not all his work is A+ work. Users like you, Tazz, should continue to buy and give an honest review. To everybody else I can only suggest that they shouldn't press other buyers to kiss Fran's ass at every turn. When people do that, after a while it just seems phony and I wouldn't be surprised if Fran gets tired of people stroking his ego. He doesn't need it and I very much doubt he wants it. His excellent work speaks for itself and if it's occasionally merely "good" that's hardly harsh criticism.

More side profiles, please.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

I don't think any woman on this site, not even Raquel and Jen, can take in the smoke volume of Valeria. The problem is that her exhales are often broken into an initial exhale and later subsequent extra exhales. Sometimes it's broken nose residuals. In any case the exhales are oddly unsatisfying. There can be little doubt that Valeria is a power smoker par excellence. Nonetheless, it's just not a five-star video for me. It's good but not great.

Not a good idea.

by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

People that have this fetish want to focus on one or two women at a time and form a kind of "relationship" with them through watching the video. When one's attention is split among eight or ten women it's impossible to have this "relationship". If you're going to have a large number of women, then do something like the playing cards video because smoke visibility is best when models sit still. Finally, I don't think "dancing" describes what they're doing. In the preview video, all they do is sway from side to side like a willow tree. I won't be purchasing this video. A shame because it looks like a lot of work went into it.

Carol is sexy as hell.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

Carol is very, very sexy and she takes big drags off of her cigarettes. The mother seems very nice but I found her to be a distraction. Too bad Carol disappeared after this video because she's definitely worthy of this site. One thing confused me, though. In the first two-thirds of the video Carol smoked Marlboro Reds but then in the last third she smoked Lights. Which one is her real brand?

Upon a second viewing ...

by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

When she's in her red top and in a darker place, her exhales are much more visible. If the whole video was like that scene with her in red I'd have given it 5 stars. However, when she's in the water or on the beach her exhales are nearly invisible. I truly believe that candids, for the most part, just don't work. I noticed that when Lorena was photoed outside a few people just didn't like the smoke visibility. Well, if Lorena takes much bigger drags than Mel then it stands to reason that Mel's smoking really should be shot indoors. Mel has potential and I love Marlboro Reds girls. Bring her back but make it an indoor session.

There's no one like her.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

I once had a girlfriend who exhaled out her nose while double-dragging and it connotes the most fiendish kind of smokers. I found this video absolutely sensational and for the life of me I cannot understand why the video was discounted. Anyone who is a real smoking fetish person just has to find this video fabulous. Great job, Fran.

Beautiful girl, ordinary smoking

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 3 years ago.

Mel is a very beautiful woman but I found her smoking very ordinary. No residuals, no snaps or open mouth inhales, no nose exhales. I gave it 4 stars anyhow mainly because I enjoy looking at Mel. However, from a fetish point of view she just doesn't do it for me.

Better Every Time I Watch It!

by Eleuthero, 4 years ago.

I've already given this fantastic video a 5-star rating. However, this video delivers over and over again and gets better with time. Her drags are as huge as any model on this site and her exhales are just enormous with copious nose residuals, especially in the bathroom scene. I have a lot of SSW videos and many are great but none greater than this one. I hope she returns again when she's 39 or 40 when I expect she'll still be smoking 30 cigs a day like she does now. This woman is perhaps the most fiendish smoker I've ever seen ... period.

The very best.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 4 years ago.

I've enjoyed many of your videos over the years, Fran. However, I think Raquel is just in a league by herself. My only complaint is that I want more side views so we could see her massive residuals. She's a true fiend and the coughs communicate that same message. Of all your girls, I think Raquel, in her videos, is actually smoking just like she smokes in real life. She's fantastic, right down to her sizzling drags. Maybe you can get her for one last shoot?

No one is better than her.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 4 years ago.

You can tell that this is the way Raquel has smoked since her early teens. Nothing looks phony or staged. She's been shooting with Fran for 8 years and she's still a hard core, heavy smoking Marlboro girl. She's my personal choice for best model on SSW.

Absolute Masterpiece.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 4 years ago.

This is what the fetish is all about i.e., taking a drag while exhaling the previous drag out of the nose. I haven't bought a Smoking Sweeties video in a long time but this one is an absolute masterpiece. Encarni's drags are absolutely enormous and her exhales are gigantic clouds. If Fran continues on this kind of theme, I'll be back again and again. This might be the very best Sweeties video I've ever purchased and I've got some very good ones with Gwen and Raquel and Jen. As good as those were, nothing tops this one. This is as good as it gets.

Hot as a pistol.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 5 years ago.

In the short preview video, Mery seems a little bit shy but this only adds to her charms. She's gorgeous and she definitely knows how to smoke a cigarette!

Wrong Brand.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 5 years ago.

Just my two cents but I don't like it when women smoke lights, especially lights 100s. It's like they can't handle the strong smoke of a Red. I believe that in Lorena's previous video she did smoke Reds. I also shy away from "candids" like Wix because the lighting outdoors usually obscures the smoke.

Too many 100's.

by Eleuthero, 6 years ago.

I've noticed that in recent videos the girls tend to smoke all 100's. There are quite a few guys who think King-sized cigarettes are sexier. At the very least mix it up with a little of both.

Penelope alone!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 6 years ago.

We've seen plenty of Rosy and Gwen but I think Penelope is skilled enough and pretty enough to merit her own video. Personally, I'm not a fan of these multiple girls at once videos. Give Penelope some exposure in a video of her own!

re: Oh the hair

by Eleuthero, 6 years ago.

I've never seen one girl in my life whose appearance was heightened by that "long on one side, shaved on the other" look. Not one. It's awful.


star star star star star by Eleuthero, 6 years ago.

Wow does she take enormous drags!! In the stills, when I saw the gimmicky "cigarette on a string" pictures I didn't know if I'd like this video. I love this video!! The "cigarette on a string" scene is the best one for showing off the volume of smoke she inhales from a profile view. She's got VERY strong lungs. In contrast to another viewer, I like her hairstyle pulled up like she appears to like it. In any case, this video is a "must have".

Tries to hard to be sexy.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 6 years ago.

In my opinion she tries too hard to be sexy and it detracts from her smoking which is good but unremarkable. She's a gorgeous girl who doesn't need any theatrics to win over the audience. If she were more understated it would make her far sexier.

She's adorable and a fiend.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 6 years ago.

She takes HUGE drags. It's easy to overlook her smoking skill because of her lovely face and body. This video ranks highly among my extensive SSW collection. Those who haven't seen it are in for a pleasant experience.

Gorgeous and Skilled.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 6 years ago.

Besides being an absolute knockout, this beauty has really strong lungs. That triple drag at the end of cigarette #5 would put a light smoker on their knees. I like this video because there are no stupid tricks, no two-at-once or three-at-once ... simple, skilled smoking by a girl with terrific lung power. She also has a delicious body. Just a great video.

The Painter ... YES!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 6 years ago.

The painter has a lovely face and a sumptuous, curvy body. Lucy is too slim for my liking. Also, it would be nice if you had girls smoking short cigarettes once in a while. Not all of us find 100's sexy.

A woman, not a girl.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 7 years ago.

I really wish your site featured women over 30 more often. I'm just not into 18 or 19 year old girls. This female is all woman and obviously not a kid. That's more like it!!!

re: re: Lights?

by Eleuthero, 7 years ago.

I most assuredly did NOT say that NO guys prefer women who smoke long cigarettes. Your point is that "some" prefer that. The word "some" is very vague. However, my viewpoint is not based merely on my preference but on the existence of very successful new sites where the shorter cigarettes are the rule rather than the exception. I'm thinking mainly of USA Smokers. This site, based in Arizona, has more girls smoking king sized cigs than 100s or 120s and in just a few short years it has made it to the short list of studios listed by This same site also has models smoking full flavored cigarettes about 80% of the time. I don't think the correlation of this fact with its rapid ascent to success is an accident. Sometimes new sites reveal new truths about markets for any product, SF videos being no exception.

As a personal aside, I find that often long to very long cigarettes only "match" to the faces of certain girls, usually if they are tall and lanky. A short girl smoking a 120 looks like she's put a telephone pole in her mouth to me. In any case, the market is too tilted to the idea that 100s are universally preferred by SF video buyers and USA Smokers is kind of a "refutation" of a "cliche" that only became a cliche by repetition in the marketplace.


by Eleuthero, 7 years ago.

I remember a video here of a Czech girl named Iris. Iris said that people who smoke lights are not REAL smokers. I tend to agree with this sentiment. Ultra-processed "light" cigarettes never even existed until the 1970s for all of human history. It's like they RESEMBLE cigarettes but they're not the product as it exists in nature i.e., strong tobacco. I know that when I smoke a light it's like smoking air. Also, I think that it's a myth that guys prefer women who smoke 100's to women who smoke king size. People forget that in the old days, Marlboro Reds (king size) were a WOMAN's cigarette and those long Pall Mall's with no filters were a MAN's cigarette. I'm an unabashed Raquel fan because she's a hard core Red's smoker and it just seems like the real powersmokers here (like Jesse) prefer those ... and I prefer THEM!!!

Finally, she's back!!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 8 years ago.

I agree with Cody that it's hard to say whether Raquel or Gwen is my favorite but it's about time that Raquel reappeared!! I like the fact that she's NOT doing "gymnastics" here with the two-at-once thing that nobody does in real life. This is just hardcore Raquel looking fabulous and smoking Reds with gusto. You've got to love the videos of mature women because they have better residuals and a style that's not artificial. They tend to do it in front of the camera like they do in real life. They don't need to pretend. I'm so glad she's back!!

The Body Painter.

by Eleuthero, 8 years ago.

Some of us guys like women who are a bit fleshy. That body painter girl is really cute! She'd look great in her own video. I'm rather surprised that I'm the only soul who has made a comment on a video that's been here for four or five days!

Better Looking than Before

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 8 years ago.

I didn't think she looked that hot in the first video with her hair tied up, the dark lighting, and some unimaginative outfits. At least here her hair is flowing around her shoulders, her outfits suit her much better, and the lighting is brighter and more in the spirit of things. She's not one of my favorite models either but she's a lot more appealing here than she was in her video from last year. The brighter light and the brighter clothes create a brighter mood. I just wish it was longer than 12 minutes.

Fashion Makes a Difference

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 8 years ago.

Sometimes seemingly small things can make a big, big difference. If you look at her second-to-last video she is STUNNING in that true-blue top. This girl in fashion circles would be called a "Winter". They look good in blues, white, black, red, and high contrast looks. In this video she does things which severely detract from her look. Lime green and off-white actually make her skin look sallow and unhealthy. Also, she looks much sexier with her hair loose and around her shoulders. The fetish is turned on by a really intangible blend of the smoking and the look of the girl. In my opinion some of her outfits and looks in this video made me not buy it. I did, by the way, buy that second-to-last Bojana video and love it.

It really is all about Penelope

by Eleuthero, 8 years ago.

I prefer the Gwens, Raquels, and other mature femmes. Even in the stills, I find my eyes wandering to Penelope and not even looking in the other girls' direction. Ariadna and Clemma are, of course, attractive but they look very much like girls. Penelope is a woman and a damned gorgeous one at that. When the three of them are smoking all at once, the volume exhaled by Penelope exceeds the other two put together. I sure hope Fran brings her back for a solo shoot. Me likey!!!

This is an excellent video.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 9 years ago.

I decided to go back through the time machine to review one of the older SmokingSweeties selections in Michelle.
It's a mystery to me why there hasn't been any more reviews of this video in 3 years. She's a very, very good looking model and everything about her smoking style is sensual yet natural. I think she inhales and smokes this way on an everyday basis. Her inhales are powerful indeed because when the camera is at the right angle, even after big exhales her residuals go on for 20 seconds. Yet there's nothing "gymnastic" or artificial about her style or the video. It's excellent in every way. She's delightfully talkative, animated, relaxed, and real. And what a shape she has!!

Nice to see Gwen again.

by Eleuthero, 9 years ago.

I always felt Gwen was vastly underrated. Nobody ever compared her skills to Alazne or Vanessa and many others. Yet those who got the first Gwen video saw that her inhales are so very deep that it takes at least three strong exhales to stop the residuals from leading out. As far as looks go, she's just an absolute fox. She has a more mature sexiness than Rosy, Vanessa, and other models who are certainly lovely but do not have the polished, mature look of Gwen. There are many of us here who prefer this kind of look.

An Encouraging Note To Constanza

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Constanza, you are a beautiful young girl and you looked your very best just the way you entered Fran's studio ... in the white dress and with little or no make-up. Do not take my criticism of the video as a criticism of YOU. You are probably too nice and shy to insist on NOT changing your outfits, your hair, and your make-up constantly. Most women NEED to put on all kinds of extravagant outfits, fuss with their hair all the time, and "pose" to be the kind of sexy that you are ... naturally.

When you're already a pretty, sweet girl who is NOT full of herself, you are already what most men want. Be proud that you have naturally what most women need to WORK to have. Everything in the video would have worked out a lot better if you were ALLOWED to be exactly what you already are.

Anonimoose's Objections.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Anonimoose ... I think you are an ALAZNE fan as I am (that "Boston 77" shirt ... ooh la la) and I agree with you that it's a shame that we can't get terrific smoking with the final impression of the model as a red-blooded human being. We get the total package with Jen, Alazne, Raquel, and the long-gone Elaheh. I actually DO find Erika very, very attractive on a purely physical basis but that's a very individual thing. However, that attractiveness doesn't gain any "traction" because of the traits you describe. It's there but nothing "ignites" it because ... she's not PRESENT.

Your review is interesting because it brought to light something which I had not been able to articulate heretofore. I also expressed concern above for Erika's full flight into physical self destruction. As I expressed on the Forum, it's like her divorce made her "flip" from a smoke-free lifestyle into this surrealistic representation of inwardly-directed ANGER. I've never seen anything this radical in real life or on any other model in SmokingSweeties.

Addendum to Review.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

For some reason, Alexia's exhales seem particularly weak at the START of the video and got stronger in the middle and end of the video. Perhaps, as with the recent Erika video, during editing the order of scenes might have been reversed. I believe Alexia was smoking ULTRA-lights but with Winstons it's hard to tell but they were certainly at least lights. In any case, one can usually tell who the "in real life" fiendish smokers are and Alexia isn't one of them. She puts on a decent show but compared to the site's IRL "fiends" (Jen, Alazne, Mireya, Jessi, Erika, Raquel, Vanessa, Bojana, or even Gwen ... ALL of whom smoke full-flavor in their videos) the thickness of inhales and especially residuals just isn't there. Gorgeous, delicious girl. Not an all-star smoker.

She's a Mediocre Smoker.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I think most of the reviewers above were so taken with her physical beauty that they forgot that this is a smoking fetish video. On many occasions, this model's exhales were SO weak and with virtually no residuals that it revealed that, despite the practiced-in-front-of-the-mirror open-mouth inhales, the volume inhaled was very ordinary. On other occasions when she TRIED to multi-pump she never really inhaled the smoke. She kept it in her lungs and just released it as a "fireball" with no follow-through residuals.

Therefore, despite her lovely eyes, hair, and lips, this video did NOT turn me on or even come remotely close to doing so. If this were strictly a "beauty pageant", this might be a 5-star video. As a smoking fetish video, it most assuredly isn't.

Waste of Time/Money

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I'm not saying anything here that the paucity of reviewers (3) doesn't already say for itself ... this model is boring and tiresome. Nine minutes into the video, you finally get a decent set of shots of good inhales and nice exhales but that's the CASTING SESSION and not the video itself!! In the video itself, Constanza is the Second Coming of Carole, so much twitching, twisting, and thrashing about that you get ZERO decent exhales and, basically, one long DANGLE. IF you like a nine-minute nose exhale, this vid is for you! :) Except Carole is much prettier and a better smoker. I never thought I'd live to see the day I'd be comparing Carole FAVORABLY to another smoking model.

In the interview, she bobs-and-weaves on the couch more than a prize fighter trying to avoid getting punched. It's hard for Fran even to keep a steady picture of her HEAD. Her smoking style is best described as "disorganized". To be sure, there's always smoke somewhere around her head because it is always LEAKING out of her mouth and nose but to call these "exhales" is to abuse the word. In almost the entire half-hour you can hardly recall more than a few organized, well-executed exhales. Her inhales are just as artless. No beautiful "glopping" open-mouths like Gwen, no beautiful huge nostrils while the next drag is being taken in like Jen or Jessi. In many scenes, even her dangles are awkward looking because instead of a SOFT insertion into her lips (like Raquel) she looks "purse-lipped".

She's a pretty girl, especially in the white dress in the casting session, but she comes across as being at least as young as her 20 years of age. The interview is monotonous as even though she is fairly proficient in English it seems to take her two minutes to say one sentence of something substantial.

This model probably DID look good in the casting session but, in my opinion, after about ten minutes of edited footage, it should have been very obvious that the resultant product is not worthy for this site. She might work out if she had many, many hours of COACHING because she CAN take in plenty of smoke. Without such coaching, she should never be used again for a film on this site.

I stand corrected!!

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

According to Fran, Scene One in the video was the LAST scene actually shot. This means that Smoke2Max above is likely to be absolutely correct about Erika's ability to hold smoke. Amazing. Astonishing. This means that those 8 minutes at the start where she BREATHES smoke and just massacres those C'Fields are AFTER massive tugs on 8 previous cigarettes!! Wow!

Only concern is how much longer she can keep it up because in her first video 17 months ago, there was virtually zero coughing. Now she has very wet and very violent coughing spasms. Erika, dear, cut back to TWENTY a day!! You'll enjoy your beloved habit much longer.

Just for numbers fans, in Erika's first video, she claims to smoke two cartons per week. FYI: That's not 50-a-day. It's FIFTY-SEVEN per day. Barely shy of 3 packs.


star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Erika, du bist ein himmlischer Engel aber du rauchst wie ein Daemon. Ich liebe das du bist voller diesen Wiederspruchlichkeiten. Es ist sehr provozierend. Komm zu uns fruh und oft zuruck!!

Now for the English portion of our show. :-) I got the most recent Erika video before this one. My previous mediocre review of THIS was based on the stills because I'm just not into gimmicks like hula hoops. However, this video has humor, pathos, beauty, and just amazingly deep smoking for a rookie smoker. Her multi-pumps are very much like Alazne's and just as deep.

So ... I change my mind about my original rating. That said, I actually think smoking has made Erika MORE beautiful with
time rather than LESS. This seems physiologically impossible but she's beautiful here and positively steamy-sexy in the recent one which occurred 17 months later.

Clearly, as far as the "sexy" angle goes, most of this site regards Vanessa, Rosy, and Franchezca as the "sexpots" of SS but that could be a function of average viewer age. As far as I am concerned, Erika, Raquel, and Alazne are far more my style.

Hilarious Review, Masterium.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I love zany writing but I must remind you that there's
only ONE Z in "thizz" :)

Review of Erika The Model

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

In the first eight minutes of this video, Erika shows a fiendishness which is practically beyond duplication by every model ... except maybe Alazne. My sense is, however, that even "smoking machine" Erika doesn't smoke like this in real life and, therefore, her lungs were rather shot by the end of Scene One. Scene One, however, is the most amazing display of smoke-hunger I've ever seen. And yet, Erika, at age 32 has skin as smooth as a baby and eyes as clear and lucent as a curious child.

I think she deserves to be considered as a top model on SS and I hope that in future videos she will pace herself so that we can see a bit of Scene One in ALL of the scenes. She is a beautiful contradiction with that angelic face yet "demonic" smoking. :-) You are beautiful, Erika, and it's obvious from the reviews of your videos that you've established yourself as one of a handful of "must see" models on SS. Fran has found yet another "wunderkind" smoker with a very unique kind of allure.

Did Not Match The Hype

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

For starters ... she does NOT smoke 12 "down to the filter". The last one is at the end of the video and is half-smoked. One at the end of scene one is put out with plenty of tobacco left. The smoke visibility in the scene when she was lying down was very bad. You almost couldn't see any exhaled smoke at all until she turned a bit toward the camera. She looked better au naturel ... without the red lipstick. Her natural features needed no enhancement.

Finally, in the "doorway" scene, she should have been instructed to face sideways most of the time because when she nearly blocked the doorway the smoke visibility was, again, impeded. She HAD a black background in back of her which enhances smoke visibility. Why not use that to best advantage? Under almost ALL circumstances, when the model blows the smoke straight at the camera, ESPECIALLY when they have a light-colored top on, you just cannot see very much smoke.

Erika, herself, is a lovely girl ... in my opinion a more unique kind of beauty than the much-heralded Vanessa against whom she is often compared unfavorably. I think she is quite delicious. She does make amazing pulls on her cigarette but, as Marcos S. states in the review immediately above mine, the camera often cuts away IMMEDIATELY after an exhale so we get to see few residuals which surely must have been there in abundance.

This is a rare case when I think that Fran did not make the best use of his model. I felt that the first scene showcased Erika's powersmoking the best and the rest of the video just did not measure up to what we saw in the first 8 or 10 minutes.

All of the Gwens are Good.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I have three of the Gwen videos. Gwen is proof that good looks alone
do not equal sexiness. Most would probably rate young Anna as more
beautiful but Gwen just has that certain something that makes her more
alluring. Those thick, pouty lips and those wide "Did I do that?" eyes
might have something to do with it.

If I have any complaints at all about this video it's that her smoking
sounds here aren't nearly as audible as in future Gwen videos like
her Volume 15 and 16 videos. However, like most excellent artists,
Fran improved and captured the smallest details in his later works.
This, however, is still an excellent job, especially the visuals.

Also, you've got to love the insert where Gwen's cravings were driving
her bananas!!

Forgot to Rate!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Though I like the Vol. 15 Gwen the best (the "Tropical Bikini" video), this
is also a very good video. I agree with Sam above that some variation in
clothing would have been nice but there's no faulting the lighting, angles,
and general photographic excellence in this one.

I still maintain that Gwen's best look is in light, bright clothing like that
Tropical Bikini. Black lingerie is just a bit too somber for her. That's
better for a "nasty girl" type of model and Gwen is kind of wide-eyed
and doe-like ... very far from "nasty girl". Just my two cents.


star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Sorry to be the "fly in the ointment" to the many Vanessa fans on this site but I
just find her smoking style to be "robotic". There's no variation in style. The
"whooshing" noise also has too much nose involvement and sounds like SNIFFING
to me. Compare this with the Jessi videos where you just get the pure "ssssss"
sound of a seasoned smoker. The "sniffing" sounds of Vanessa's inhales just
don't do it for me.

I cannot quarrel with the fact that Vanessa does move an amazing amount of smoke
in and out of her lungs. She IS a "smoking machine". However, I think even people
who disagree with my assessment must admit that the sexual allure of models and
their smoking styles is a very subjective thing. Vanessa just does not do it for me.

Finally, I just don't get the whole point of the dance scene since we cannot hear the
music. Vanessa's dance moves just looked like pseudo-random thrashing about.
Well, I must say I'm mystified that this video is number four on the "top ten" chart
on SS!! I guess that's what makes markets!

G vs. Phillip above.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I wanted to participate in the debate between G and Phillip above. I agree with G that a pretty
girl doesn't need metal in her face to enhance her beauty. I disagree with Phillip that a "bad
girl look" is needed at all. I'm guessing that G is older than Phillip. Phillip ... just by virtue
of being a heavy smoker, a woman, especially in this day and age, is ALREADY a "bad girl".

Therefore, when you see a woman who's an especially good smoking fiend like Jen, Raquel,
or Alazne, what's fascinating is the CONTRADICTION between their relatively innocent
appearance and the fact of their fiendish smoking. If a girl has a metal ball below her lip,
and massive tattoos, the smoking doesn't add a new element that was not there in the first
place. Nothing imaginative or new is introduced by the smoking.

It's a strange inversion of the natural order of things when the "young" want predictability and
lack of surprises and the "old" want imagination and newness.

Natural Smoking Wins Again!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I have always said that if a smoker is skilled, there are no tricks needed. That's why
I like the Raquel, Jen, Jessi, Valeria, and Alazne videos the most. No need for dangle
poses. No need for smoke rings. No need for "gymnastics". The TRUE pros on SS
are the women I've named because just by smoking like they do every day, they are
like superwomen.

Alazne's video two years ago was sensational. This video, even more natural than
the first where Alazne fussed a little with lipstick, surpasses the quite terrific first one.
I totally agree with Annonimoose above that the red "Boston 77" shirt transforms her
look. Fire-engine red is Alazne's best color for garments ... by far. She looked a bit
pale and tired in that light gray garment at the beginning but maybe it was shot on a
different day than the rest of the video ... I have no idea. She's an absolutely lovely
woman, tired or well-rested.

Yes, one can tell that the "girl smoker" of the first video is now a "woman smoker" in
this video. A couple of wet coughs confirmed that. Frankly, I'm amazed that she
hasn't had the wet coughs all along. The volume of her smoke intake is so surreal
(equalled if, by anybody, maybe Valeria) that if one observes closely, on many hits
off her cigarette, she'll do two FULL nostril exhales and three FULL mouth exhales.

What completes things for me is that Alazne appears to be a very MODEST, SHY
woman with a charming, authentic, blushing smile. There's something about
the combination of a bit of innocence with fierce, "bad girl" smoking that is so
incredibly sexy.

I understand she no longer lives in Barcelona so kudos to Fran for going to the
effort to re-book her for another shooting but, most of all, to Alazne and Fran
for cooperating to make an elegant, powerful, entertaining, and has-to-be-seen-
to-be-believed piece of true art. Thanks, Fran! Thanks, Alazne!

What a Fascinating Woman!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

This is on my short list of most loved videos. Even before the interview, you could
see that this woman has a very deep melancholy and yet a very deep love of life.
Her eyes say it all. I think she's absolutely lovely and she has multitudes inside of
just one person. Naturally, she smokes like a total fiend. I think she is THE heaviest
smoker on the site. Her residual exhales after ten seconds often contain more smoke
than the entire drag of most models.

The video, the interview, and the model, Valeria, were all top shelf, first rate. One
can only hope that we'll get another chance to see her. I like videos where the model
is the total package ... beautiful, soulful, mature, elegant, and intelligent. And such
videos are as rare as hen's teeth. This is such a video.

She Must Have Driven Fran Nuts.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Five stars for Fran's editing and shooting. Five stars for Carole's beauty. However,
this GIRL is very, very immature. She's not a woman at 27. This is the kind of girl
that you'd pick up at a disco and feel like the luckiest guy in the world ... for about
two days. After that she'd drive you so crazy with her mania and egotism that her
looks would no longer matter. What a pity!!!

This is the kind of model who is NEVER "off stage". Therefore, I wonder if she can
ever be a PARTNER to any guy because one gets the feeling from this video that
any onlookers are always an AUDIENCE and never compadres. Such narcissism is
a HUGE turnoff to me.

Can she smoke? Is she beautiful? Yes and yes. Is she a woman? No, she's a girl
and she's childISH, not childLIKE. Indeed, with the ashtray right next to her, she
seemed to get off on tossing matches all over the apartment. I think she knew she
was bothering Fran and instead of having an attack of conscience, she has an attack
of more egotism. It's like her mind is telling itself: "See, Fran, I'm so incredibly
gorgeous that you'll put up with any and all of my behavior because all men WANT

I think this is her modus operandi with guys ... whoever they may be.

Greatest Video on SS.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I would learn Spanish, Greek, or any other language known to man to be with this stunningly gorgeous, yet natural, woman. This is the ONLY video on SS that a tough reviewer like myself would give more than five stars. Why? Because there are NO histrionics or "theater" here ... this is the way a real-life fiend smokes ... and yet she's so incredibly feminine. I love, love, LOVE the way she puts the cigarette in her mouth. I love, love, LOVE the way that she loves smoking so much that she's always tasting her lips and doing other preparatory moves before each drag because it tastes sooooo good to her. She CARESSES the cigarette with her juicy lips. She loves it so much that she makes several wonderful facial moves on most drags to extract the most smoke yet none of it is overdone or fake. This is the way Raquel smokes. It's really a well done CANDID video.

What a woman!! What a video!! If I lost most of my videos by accident, the two Raquels would be among the four or five that I'd save at all costs. This video is precious!! Thanks for this video, Fran. Raquel ... you are the Smoking Sweetest of them all.

Re-grade to 5 Stars.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Gee, I've never given THREE reviews of ONE vid but ... I think this is the most mesmerizing 14 minutes on this site. The way she puts the cigarette into her soft lips, the movements of her beautiful face when she power-drags, the constant nose and mouth/nose combo exhales, the way she elegantly double pumps, the way she removes the cigarette from her mouth, and the sense that this is not Raquel doing smoking "gymnastics" for Fran ... this is authentically Raquel. Also, another reviewer on the longer vid said that the stills do not do justice to her captivating beauty. He's absolutely right.

If I cannot stop watching it and I've already viewed it five times all the way through, I just can't deduct even a tenth of a star even though I really am concerned that her lungs are starting to rebel from 20 years of lovely abuse. The long-lasting close-ups and her comfort with them add the finishing touches to a hypnotic piece of art.

Excellent job.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Beautiful girl!! I'm glad I bought the one vid of her at the top of her game.
If I have one small criticism, it's that during the scenes with her blue top,
her lungs obviously run out of ability to inhale deeply. However, she's very
young and we only see such staying power with long-term smokers like
Raquel, Jen, and Gwen whose lungs are broken in and somewhat desensitized.
From reviews of Bojana's earlier videos, she's only acquired her much more
formidable inhales in the last year or so.

Like M.R., I am a "self-loathing" fetishist because I'm not sure that I'm happy
or sad that sexy Bojana has gotten soooo much more skillful. For now, she
appears to have no cough and no obvious damage. Her exhales (before she
runs out of gas) are really, really long and thick. Yes ... it's very stimulating
to watch.

Her fashion sense has also radically improved from earlier videos. In a way
it's funny to see her sense-of-self inflate. She knows that now she's "cool"
in a way that she wasn't before. I hope she doesn't get TOO inflated because
I think girlish innocence (which Raquel still has at 33) is amazingly sexy.
Being too aware of one's allure takes a little of the bloom off of the rose.

Sweetie's New Star.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

The name of this site is Smoking Sweeties and Raquel is, without doubt, one of the most stunning, gorgeous sweeties on the site. She gets my vote as most attractive. And she's kept her girlishness even though she's 33. Beautiful without any apparent conceit. Raquel ... I hope that nasty cough does not prevent you from doing more videos with Fran. You're mesmering ... and I hope someone at SS can translate this for you into Spanish. :-)

Ms. Gorgeous is a Chimney!!

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Just got the new, short Raquel vid with no interview. Wow. When this woman inhales it's not just to put on a show for us. You can tell that this is how she smokes. After an inhale, the smoke comes streaming out of the filter. And she's indisputably one of the site's most attractive models. I'm glad Fran is based in Spain. What is it about those Spanish women that's so damned sexy?? No doubt I'll be getting this "long" Raquel vid soon ... she's a pro!!

Love The Languorous Exhales

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

This woman can REALLY take in a LOT of smoke. I loved all the "drifting" exhales where it was just wafting out of her nose and/or mouth. You could tell in many spots in the video how deeply she was inhaling because when she removed the cigarette from her mouth, smoke was often SPEWING out of the filter. The bathroom was so full of smoke it looked like the Killer Smog in London in 1960 ... she REALLY puffs, this beauty!!

Of course, she's also quite fetching to look at. If I have any issues with the video I feel kind of sorry that it's obvious that she's going to have to quit smoking because that cough is baaaaad!!! When coughing fits are that bad, relatives usually gang up on smokers and nag them into quitting. Also ... well ... it doesn't please me to see a person suffer even if they're doing something I find very sexy.

Great close-up photography, Fran. I'm not usually a dangle-inhale fan but she's the best dangle-inhaler I've seen on this site. The red bikini top just added to her immense sexual allure. So, all in all, a very worthy clip.

Ridiculous Melodrama.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Oh, come now, Jessica!! You acted like you were having an orgasm on each inhale. However, with maybe one or two exceptions out of 24 videos I've purchased on this website, the depth of your inhales were among the very weakest. I love expressions of enjoyment but this was like something out of a badly overacted soap opera.

You can often tell how deep an inhale is by how much smoke gushes out the filter after the cigarette is removed from the model's mouth. Here, it was very paltry. So far, I have to say that my worst recommendations have been for American and British smokers. Give me the Spaniards and Kylie and I'll be quite happy, thank you!!

Great vid!! Why so few reviewers??

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I must have "weird" tastes compared to most of your customers, Fran. I think Tanya is beautiful!! I like the fact that her kind of beauty is unconventional (I especially like her nose and her lips). I like the boisterous exhales. I like the shortness of the final interview which did not take anything away from the video. I know this site is just
chock full of Rosy and Vanessa fans and to each his own opinion but I think many girls on this website are underappreciated like Elaheh, Kylie, Tanya, and others too numerous to mention.

Thanks for appealing to us statistical outliers!!! We have a voice on your site through your choice of such a wide variety of models and smoking styles. I'll never, ever, figure out why, in three years, this vid only got ONE review. The lighting is superb. Tanya is sexy as hell. The smoking is straightforward but I appreciate it when the models don't overdo one trick over and over and over again like rings or dangle-inhales.

Thanks, Fran. Great job!!

Second Kylie Vid???

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

This girl is so beautiful, so soft, so feminine ... if you did another vid of her it would be great. Perhaps, if I may be so bold to suggest, in these interview videos, exploring aspects of the girls besides smoking would be terrific. What are their aspirations and passions in life? I think breaking new ground like this would be interesting. I've re-rated this video just because ... well ... I can't stop watching it!!! So it must be a 5-star!!

Forgot to rate it!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I usually prefer the older, more seasoned smokers because they just seem to be able to take in more smoke. This is a HUGE exception. I just hope her incredibly fiendish smoking doesn't slow down over the years due to health concerns. I have never seen a human being smoke like this and it is sexy as hell!!! She could outsmoke any male fiend I've seen ... ANY of them!!! This video is my "guilty pleasure" and I never tire of seeing it.


My bad!!

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

After I criticized Fran for all of Carole's hyperactivity and need to fidget about,
I found out on the forum that this was Carole's improvising and not Fran's
choreography. Sorry about that, Fran. However, it's a pity that Carole has to
be such an "actress" in her videos and to act out ten moods in three minutes.
She's really, really beautiful and this beauty would express itself much more
fully if she kept her ass STILL for a few minutes at a time.

She'd be at the top of my personal list based on her lovely, rosy skin and
gorgeous face and fiendish smoking. Maybe you can pass this message
on to her and also the same message that SomeThoughts expressed on
the Forum. She's shooting herself in the foot with all the theatrics.

Can't Wait to Buy This Vid!

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I love watching older women smoke. First, they're in my age bracket so I feel I can
relate to them more but, more importantly, I've noticed from observation that their
lungs are so accustomed to smoke that their drags are really HUGE. I've always been
amazed at the unending residuals of seasoned smokers and it's really sexy. Maybe
that's why I liked older women even when I was younger!! Younger smokers are
often just posers who blow out this micro-miniature puff of smoke ... except, of
course, on this site!!! I can tell from the stills that Valeria is a pro's pro.

"Awesome" ... What Are They Watching??

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Already rated the video but I'm always amazed to see these 5-star ratings with one-sentence
glowing remarks such as the previous rating ... what was he watching??

This girl, quite literally, shows the difference between an 18-year-old in 2011 and an 18-year-old
in, say, 1970. In 1970, her maturity level would have been considered that of a 12-year-old trying
her first cigarette behind the barn. All the nonsense she talks like "Smoke is better than air. You
can taste smoke. You cannot taste air". Good Lord!! "I want a boyfriend who smokes as much as
me". Geez. No wonder she got dumped by a non-smoker boyfriend. It's probably not because
she smokes, it's because she's got an incredibly immature (the word "jejune" comes to mind)
philosophy. Are their any OTHER attributes of boys that count??

Yeah, I am turned on by girls that smoke and it's a very involuntary response. There is no
rational explanation. It just is. I'd be embarrassed to go into some lengthy monologue
trying to rationalize it. I don't talk about it with anyone except my closest friends and very
sparingly at that. Irrational inner mental states exist in all of us. However, trying to turn
them into virtues via talk is embarrassing.

It reminds me of the old playright George S Kaufman who once said to a woman motor-mouth:
"My dear, is there ANY thought in your mind that ever goes unexpressed"? I think that about
says it all. Bouchra ... if you read this ... keep that quote in mind.

An Afterthought.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.


In the scene where she goes from a side profile up close to the camera, the smoke
visibility is not so good. It's true that you DO get a close-up of her lovely face, which
I think is yummy. However, it's really nice when we can have BOTH!!

I'd Like to Jump Her Bones!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Sexuality is a mysterious thing. However, for reasons I cannot fathom, I
find this lady sexy as hell. Her voice is magnificent. The red outfit is
magnificent. I love her legs (good thighs, not bird legs). She's a good
smoker and they are Reds kings which are even a bit stronger than
100's and, in my rather unusual opinion, sexier. I like SHORT smokes.

Everything about this woman puts me in a very nice trance.

She's delicious.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I would have preferred that most of the shots be closer up since I
like to view residual exhales. Nonetheless, I think Elaheh is an
underappreciated woman because she's very classy and mature.
I normally don't like "hardware" on a woman's face but, somehow,
it does not detract from her natural beauty at all and her demeanor
is not vain or conceited. She's very sexy and feminine.

This girl could NEVER disappoint.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I thought I'd seen the ultimate in exhale volume with the Jen videos but this is
just surrealistic. I've dated some pretty skilled smokers with amazing exhale
volume but Alazne is on a plateau all by herself. Often, her THIRD exhales
are more than many girls FIRST exhales. If she didn't smoke she could be
an Olympic-class runner because her lung capacity is astonishing.

Vanessa ... move over ... you've been dethroned.

Now for the technical part of the show!!

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

This drop-dead gorgeous beauty queen is also pretty damned good at
smoking. Her exhales have volume and there are lots of residuals although
many of those residuals were cut off due to moving the camera or sub-optimum
lighting in some scenes.

Bottom line is that Anna is no slouch when it comes to smoking and she's one
hell of a lot better, in my opinion, that some people touted as heavy smokers
like Ajda who has weak inhales.

I doubt Fran will get a chance to video her again but I sure wish it was possible!!
She's almost TOO beautiful to believe!

Language Skills.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Can't rate the vid because I only saw the one-minute short cut on DailyMotion. I have
to say from a sales perspective that this short cut does NOT draw a buyer in. The
stuff she says sounds either crazy or incomprehensible. What's a "blue slaving peace"
as noted by Fran in the vid description above? This makes me recall the comment by
another reviewer on the Ajda/Iveta Chain Smoking Interview who says that Iveta's
English is so poor that she sounded "deranged". The one-minute teaser clip on
DailyMotion gives a similar impression.

As much as I love Fran's photography, I have to say that he really ought to rethink
his interviewing techniques and his choices of who to interview. For example,
beautiful Anna was a joy to watch but the interview was just bad because Anna's
English was bad. The same questions often get repeated in too many videos
and, if the women have bad language skills their answer is pretty lame like:

"What do you feel when you smoke"? Answer: "Pleasure" or "It calms me down".
Virtually EVERY interview repeats these questions with the same monotonous
answers. Try a greater variety of questions. The second Jen video should be
a "gold standard" for these interviews because the interview was only 5:30
out of 25 minutes and her conversation was animated. That's my ideal ...
interviews should NOT dominate the smoking and should be done with
subtitles if the speaker cannot speak English well. No more than one
quarter of a vid should be interview. When models go on and on they
stop dragging. The flow of smoking gets interrupted.

Indeed, as one gentleman commenting on the Ajda/Iveta video above
says, there's too much "Euro art house". Too much. I think 80-90%
of us would gladly supplant much of the hackneyed talk with fiendish
mutli-pumps or just simple, satisfied smoking.

Dissolve Shots.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I did not buy this vid but found Malc's review to be erudite and honest.
We need more of this on SS because if EVERYONE was like this, then
the abundance of 5-star ratings would be much more believable.

I love Fran's work but if the audience gives a "standing ovation"
for great, good, average, and poor videos, how is a potential buyer
supposed to make an informed decision?

Malc, however, focuses on a couple of issues that pervade many SS
videos. Those "dissolve cuts" ARE an irritant because they often cut
off the end of a beautiful exhale or eliminate a view of an exhale
altogether. Surely the extra few seconds to complete a scene costs
nothing to the SS crew.

Malc's other main issue is that sometimes there's too little fetish video
and too much "art house" video. Indeed, these are videos for people
who are turned on by women who smoke well and often. BTW: I
don't think Ajda is any better looking than Iveta at all and she DEFINITELY
is not a powersmoker as Malc astutely points out. That's why Ajda's
exhales are thick but VERY SHORT.

Good critique, Malc! I can only hope that such stern critiques will be
heeded since few critiques on SS are so erudite and detailed. Most are
reflex 5-star ratings which are of zero benefit to the buyer and zero
benefit to Fran as well.

She's a Treasure.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

And like most treasures, you want to be the first buccaneer to find
it!! I don't understand why Elaheh's videos are at bargain-basement
prices. She's beautiful and so are the videos. I greatly appreciate
her understated style. No pyrotechnics ... just beautiful smoking
of strong cigarettes by a strong, yet very feminine woman.

I know that this site is flooded with the Rosy and Vanessa fans and
they're lovely young ladies but this is a WOMAN and for those of
us who prefer a more mature approach, these are welcome videos.
Her movements are graceful, her voice delicious (in part one), and
her manner inviting.

I sincerely hope she returns because she's an undiscovered jewel.
Fran ... I hope she's still in Spain to make a new video. She's
overdue for one.

She's Just Lovely.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Some of these vids you start out feeling terrific about but they lose
their luster after a couple of viewings. This one is the opposite.
The more I watch, the more I like.

At first I didn't like her lack of animation but it was one of the first
vids I bought. Later, after I'd seen some with too much talking
and/or too much activity for my taste, her calmness was actually

But most of all, you look at her SKIN in high-definition and she's
just a LOVELY woman. She still has rosy cheeks!! Her eyes have
a kind of melancholy beauty. The shape of her face is great from
all angles whereas some models look best either only from the
side or from the front.

Yet this rosy-cheeked beauty is THE Malboro Girl of the site
because she sucks that hard Marb smoke with all her might.
And there's no surreptitiously substituting the full-flavored
Reds with lights as in the Gwen videos (though i think Gwen
is delightful!). Though Jessi looks thoroughly soft, feminine,
and modest, her lungs after years of 40 short Reds a day are
an anatomical marvel.

After buying about 18 or 20 vids, this is one of the few that
has actually GAINED appeal with time. I'd like to retract my
early, and wrong, initial 3-star vote on this vid and stick
with just my later 5-star rating. This video delights and
never irritates or grows stale.

Simple and Elegant.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

You've got to love her voice!! It's a classic sexy smoker's voice. I like
the simplicity of the video, the use of all close-up shots, her talking
exhales, and I think she's quite beautiful. If I would change a thing
it would be to have some powersmoking but I appreciate it when the
models smoke as they do in real life. There's absolutely nothing
artificial or contrived about this video. I could listen to her voice
all night long.

Wonderful Woman. Too much talk.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

This woman has such natural beauty and when she does take a normal drag and
does a normal exhale, she's quite sexy. But more than sexy, she's the type that
you would take home to Mom. I'd flirt with this woman even if she didn't smoke.
However, there's waaaaay too much talking in this video. And she overdoes the
one "trick" she's good at ... smoke rings. Interview vids, in my opinion, should
strike a balance where the talk does not exceed about one-quarter to one-third
of the vid because, after all, what we like to watch is smoking. Talk should
enhance things like residual ("talking") exhales and not get in the way of
fiendish dragging.

It's a shame because her normal drags, though not enormous, have a certain
sultry sexiness about them. However, when she's talking she's often waits
twenty seconds or more between drags. And when she's exhaling, the rings
occur in about 70 percent of exhales. A pity ... I love her normal exhales.

I would encourage you to do a pure, nonverbal shoot with Kylie. She's just
a lovely girl and I think the sexiness of her smoking, which is very real,
receded into the background because one remembers smoke rings and
lots of talk with insufficient dragging.

Thanks to Idydx

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Your thorough review convinced me that the 50-second mini-clip on is the best that the Sophie vid has to offer. Your
comments on lack of smoke visibility are helpful because that's my
number one love in these vids and if I can't see it, it just doesn't look
as sexy to me as the great studio vids Fran does. I'll check out the
Ajda vid as you advised.

Excellent but too much rambling talk

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Maite is a beautiful girl whose lips caress a cigarette beautifully. Her exhales are soft
and sensuous. The only reason I did not give the video the full five stars was because
I felt that she talked too much, often repeating the same points four or five different
ways. She lacks the modesty of, for example, Jen and Judit and tried to turn smoking
into a "philosophy of life". Perhaps this is just her youth. However, Fran's photography
here was just beautiful and there's no denying that this girl is a gorgeous addict. How
many of you noticed that she was so "high" on nicotine in the last standing scene that
her figures were trembling ... badly!!! I rather like it!

Unpretentious and Beautiful

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Unlike some videos where the models seem to want to give a rather
embarrassing "philosophy", in this video, the lovely Judit just gives
you believable testimony. She's a nervous girl. Smoke allows her
to bear her nervousness. She enjoys it but is obviously a bit
uncomfortable about her parent's attitude about it.

The dark background lighting for most of the video highlights the
huge volumes of smoke and the residuals BEAUTIFULLY. Only in
the last scene lying down do the exhales get a bit washed out but
this is fine because Fran appears to want to highlight Judit's
lovely face and beautiful hair.

This video is superb. Not only is Judit an Olympic-caliber smoker,
there isn't a thing about her which is phony, immature, long-winded,
or vulgar. Fran captures her terrific smoking AND her modest, shy,
and endearing personality. This is an all-star performance by Fran
and Judit.


star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

This girl is a phony "heavy smoker" with no residuals, no multi-pumping,
no nose ... and a way of holding the cigarette with her lips that looks like
a beginner. Don't waste your money.


star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

After feeling like I wasted money with the Bouchra and Christina vids, I was ready for
a real powersmoker with no interviews full of "philosophy". So I got the short Alazne
vid (I'll get the long one shortly). This, to me, is what SF is all about. It's about the
sexiness of the art of smoking. It's not about philosophy. It's not about hula hoops
or exercise equipment. Fran, I know you're trying to appeal to varied audiences
but I really wish you would stick with your excellent photography and your recruitment
of amazing, sexy, and powerful smokers (Jen, Jessi, Alazne, Vanessa, Gwen).

Elaboration on my review.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

When Judit does the "pop" sound, it's because she's really inhaling HARD.
However, a person can make that sound with a weak or even nonexistent
inhale just by holding the filter tight with the lips and then pulling the
cigarette out. Christina's "pop" sound is NOT indicative of a really strong
drag. It's a phony affectation because if her drags were that deep she
would have very strong residuals like Judit. In fact, she often RUSHES
the first exhale (which is often a volume hardly above an ordinary smoker)
out of her mouth because, as her cough attests, she really does NOT like
the feeling of smoke in her lungs.

Another bit of phoniness on Christina's part is the two-at-once scene.
The real powersmokers on the site would smoke the two almost as fast
as one. Christina takes in no more smoke with two than she did with
one. It's just art house "drama".

Finally, on a girl with, generally, rather normal exhales, the lighting has
to be better to create the illusion of more smoke than is there. In more
than half of this video, you can't see ANY smoke on Christina's exhales.
None. And I cannot stress enough that she shows NO sexy smoking
traits: 1) Major nose exhales, 2) Lengthy residuals, 3) Major multi-pumping
(she fakes it a few times), 4) Speed smoking, etc. etc. etc..

These interviews with young women should be almost entirely eliminated.
Their "philosophy" sounds very contrived and sophomoric. It has the
effect to a mature listener of being EMBARRASSING.

Bambi Smokes Like a Soldier!!

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Like Jen, another case of a girl whose straight-on profile looks like
the epitome of innocence. However, that "pop" when she removes
the cigarette from her mouth is only from a powersmoker. The guy
who said she "doesn't inhale" is about 180 degrees incorrect. If
she "didn't inhale", how come she has so many full second exhales
and even residuals after that!??

Mikey has a point.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Can't rate the vid but I think Mikey's critique can actually help Fran.
I love many of Fran's vids and think Mikey doesn't understand that
if he tries other sites he will realize that Fran is the best in the
business. However, that being said, I think Fran can grow if he
listens to some of Mike's contentions. I'm saying that as a person
who just wants good smoking, good lighting, nice clothes, good
angles, and lovely women.

Like Mikey, I do NOT want to see hula hoops, bad dancing (Vanessa's
"Smoking Machine 3"), odd positions like doggy positions (this vid)
or upside down (Rym), etc.. I want the models smoking what they
smoke EVERY DAY (I think Fran talks too many Reds King's women
into Reds 100's women under the delusion that all men think
long cigs are sexier ... NOT TRUE).

The bottom line is that Fran gets hot models, is an excellent photographer
and we're very grateful for his work. However, I do see too much evidence
of OVERDIRECTING and too many ridiculous stunts. We're smoking fetishists.
That's what turns us on. We love you, Fran, but I hope you take Mikey's
advice, though somewhat harshly stated, as USEFUL GUIDANCE because
until I saw his critique above, I was reticent to voice a similar criticism.

Your first Jen video, the second Jessi video, and colorful bikini Gwen video
are very, very well done and there is ZERO artificiality. Those are the gold
standard. I think your sales will improve (and we want that for you)
handsomely if you keep things simple.

I forgot to rate the vid!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I gave a glowing recommendation but forgot to fill in the stars. This
video is a 13 on a 1-5 stars scale. Magnificent lighting. Perfect hair
style for Jen's face. Girly, feminine blouse. Aesthetically and erotically
beautiful smoking. Even on vids I like, I'm usually ready for them to
end when they do. I could watch this all the way through 20 times
(Gee, maybe I already have!!!) and still be craving more. She's got
the most sincere, gorgeous smile ... it's the kind that would melt
your Mom's heart ... let alone your own. What a fabulous woman
this one is!!!!


by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I commented on Rosy's lack of residuals. Upon re-viewing this video, I
noticed that at the end of almost all of her second exhales, she "chases"
all remaining smoke out of her lungs which is NOT sexy as it positively
prohibits residuals. Compare to Vanessa or Jen whose styles are almost
defined by the CONSTANT "leaking" of smoke out of their mouth/nose
whether it be two seconds after the exhale or ten seconds.

Rosy certainly inhales deeply, but she exhales in a way that almost implies
that she wants that nasty smoke out of her lungs COMPLETELY before her
next drag. That's why I think she's "merely" a good smoker but not a
SUPERLATIVELY good smoker.

Just an observation.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

In her first video, she had that wild, gorgeous red hair and her face looked
youthful and sexy. Much as I find smoking women sexy, it always makes me
a little sad to see a young girl age very prematurely in the space of only a
couple of years from smoking.

Compare this to Jessi who is a total chimney and whose skin still has a lovely
color to it in the SECOND video and who is obviously older than Alejandra.
I see the same kind of extreme aging in Jessica, too. She's a chimney but
it's really harming her.

I get off on pretty girls smoking like any other fetishist but I prefer it when
they retain their fabulous looks like Raquel, Jessi, and Anna. I think it is
possible to be a smoking fetishist without being a sadist who gets off on
wheezing, premature aging, inhalers, and the like. After all, there's
something REALLY sexy about a woman who is soooooo strong that years
of smoking appear to have had NO damage at all. That's awesome strength.

Bad video.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

The girl tried too hard to make herself look like a "bad ass"
yet her inhales were VERY weak ... especially compared to
similar-aged girls from Fran's Spanish or Eastern European
models. Well, I couldn't go too far wrong since the vid was
marked down by 50 percent but, as the old saying goes,
"you get what you pay for". From now on I'll think I'll avoid
the "sale" videos and pay the well-worth-it higher prices
for a video that gives me some pleasure. This is the only
vid I've downloaded that gave me ZERO pleasure.

This young girl is just an immature kid trying so very very
hard to seem sophisticated but, in the end, her dialogue
was very sophomoric and shallow.

What a babe!!!

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

This is one case where I could care less if she smokes.
She's got to be one of the most beautiful women on
this entire site. What a face!!! A rare case where the
smoking is IRRELEVANT.


by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

In what universe is the 52 year old woman "beautiful"? She looks ALL of
52 and has the "cottage cheese" skin and strange facial skin warping to
prove it (the giant "suck lines" near her mouth are NOT attractive but
might be if she were thinner). I *love* mature female smoking vids but
just based on the stills I would not want to witness Carol's mother using
an asthma inhaler, coughing like hell, and, as the observer cited above,
missing out on her talking exhales because she's either covering her
mouth or turned the wrong way. So ... I'd miss the part that I'd want
to see the most!!!

More mature women? Yes! But not THIS one.

French Inhales ... eh.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I almost got a couple of Iveta's vids but the description that drags are
"almost always followed by superb French inhales". Fetishists all have
different turn-ons but I'm a guy who likes gigantic exhales (Jen and
Alazne, for example), residuals, and "pop" inhales. French inhales,
to me, just take too much time and are rather affected since, in real
life, people seldom do them. But, bottom line, they aren't sexy to
me at all. They don't indicate smoking prowess at all. Prowess is
basically volumed inhaled, speed of smoking, constant residuals
(can't get the smoke out for 20 seconds, for example), and the
exhale is the DEMONSTRATION of the volume inhale.

Frenches are okay now and then but not a steady diet throughout
a vid.

Gwen Looks Better in Light Colors

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Gwen's best look is the one where she starts in a light bikini. Black
is definitely NOT her best color. Light colors bring out the natural
tanned tones of her lovely face. This is a subject I actually know a
lot about so if you'd like to discuss it privately, Fran, I'd be happy

Rosy is vastly overrated.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

To me, the mark of a true cigarette fiend is RESIDUALS. I got the "Rosy Chaining
6 Cigarettes" video and was underwhelmed. Sorry, Irene, I normally agree with
your assessments but not with Rosy. Residuals show that the smoke is inhaled
soooo deeply that it simply cannot be expelled immediately. I watched Rosy's
nose and mouth after her second exhales after each inhale. Virtually ZERO
residuals. Sure, the volume on the main exhale is way better than an AVERAGE
smoker but after the second exhale, it's over ... and I mean OVER. And she
goes out of her way to make sure the second exhale removes any remaining
smoke ... it's a turn-off.

I do NOT, in any way, shape, or form classify her as a powersmoker in the
class of Mireya, Jen, Gwen, Bojana, and, of course, Vanessa. Vanessa is
one unending residual. Jen's are sexy and long-lasting. I'm mystified by
the adulation for Rosy. She's pretty but compared to Jen's first video??
In that vid Jen would have moved anyone's hormones with or without smoke.

Bottom line?? Rosy to me is a competent but rather dull smoker.

She's Delicious.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I got both Jen vids and they're very different than one another but they
both show her awesome lung capacity. To me, nothing is more sexy
than a bad girl who looks as innocent as a doe and that's Jen in her
pink blouse. Good lord, she's gorgeous and, as the other Jen vid
proved, has a look of intelligence that's hard to find in other models
on the site. Let's face it ... models are lovely but more often than not,
there's a "vacant" look in their expression or else they just seem like
bimbos. This girl seems like she'd be a terrific wife and partner.

Surrealistic Machine.

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I thought Vanessa was the best speed-smoker on the site but no one
sprints without ANY rest like this young woman. Actually, Vanessa,
great as she is, has the same "whoosh" sound throughout her videos.
This woman has more varieties of inhaling which, to me, is sexier.
I'm puzzled why her name doesn't come up more often in the discussion
of the great powersmokers of the site.

Awe Inspiring

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Wow!! As Irene commented, the multi-pumps are fiendish enough but after she's
blown out a huge nostril exhale she has more than enough smoke left for a FULL
mouth exhale. The girl's been practicing and as we know, "practice makes perfect". :-) :-)

Irene is right again!!

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I'm amazed at how often I agree with your view of things.
Gwen is underestimated on this site and I cannot understand
why this vid is on sale since it IS her best as you stated.

She stopped overdoing the smoke ring blowing, her double
or even triple exhales were captured nicely by Fran. The
darkness of her filters proves that the guy on one of Gwen's
other vids just doesn't realize that you can inhale lots of
smoke in many different ways. If all the models did it
the same the site would be boring ... which it is anything

No residuals

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

I now "get" the love of Vanessa but Rosy?? She has almost ZERO
residual smoke after her exhales. The residuals, to me, are the
mark of the best on this site which, to me, are Jen, Gwen, and
Vanessa. Residuals show the ultimate depth of the inhale and
the abovementioned girls really pull, especially Jen whose smoke
keeps coming out 15 seconds after a voluminous exhale!!!

Love Those Malboro Girls

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

This girl's lips are gorgeous and her multi-exhales are terrific.
It's the residuals and second/third exhales that are the mark
of a pro to me ... and she's all that

I don't get it.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Deep inhales?? You gotta be kidding me. What video were you guys watching?
The silly and distracting music on the laptop was also an irritant. She does
have thick exhales given that the time length of her drags is very short. However,
I don't see her holding the smoke for more than one second. There are also
almost no residuals. Compare to Jen who is the Queen of Residuals.

She's "cute" but, in my humble opinion, far from beautiful. There are much
cuter blonds ... even Kylie who did only one video. I just don't get the Vanessa
bandwagon especially with this video. The Jen vids and Jessi, to me, are waaaay
more compelling.

She grows on you.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

At first I didn't like the total lack of emotion in the Jessi vids but her smoking
is absolutely awesome. I never did understand those who complain about her
looks. She's lovely and the bone structure of her face is model material for
ANY kind of modeling. Fran ... I wonder if she'd be up for an interview vid??

With Sound Way Up This is Prodigious Smoking

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

My bad!!! She tokes so hard that she warps the shape of the filter and with the
sound up to max you get these terrific snap noises when she's finished her toke.
This is way better than I first thought

To Jen's Detractors Above

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

There's no doubt that in the two years since her introductory vid with Fran, Jen
has aged ... and is now a beautiful, playful WOMAN and not the GIRL of the first
video ... and a beautiful girl she was. For some reason, a couple of the straight-on
shots in the second scene made her face appear different than scenes one and
three which might have led the gentleman above to think it wasn't even Jen ...
something WAS off briefly in that second scene. Don't know what it was.

However, Fran's work is sooooo terrific and at such great prices and delivers such
satisfaction. Even the best movies by Coppola, de Palma, etc. have a minute or
two that isn't absolutely perfect. The excellent is not the enemy of the perfect!!

As for Jen, my favorite SS gal, I can only reiterate that she's got the best light-ups,
the best residual exhales, amazing exhale volumes, and not a hint of artificial
dramatics. I love everything about her smoking, even the movements of her mouth,
her slow open-mouth inhales, her desperate double-clutches when the cigarette
is almost done, the combo nose-mouth exhales, ... can you tell that I have a
terrible crush on this woman??

If she had better exhales ...

by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

In terms of sheer powersmoking, Jessi could be the most photogenic model.
She certainly takes huge enough inhales.

Excellent ... but not Jen.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Jessi's smoking is strong but her residuals aren't there. Also, unlike the very adorable Jen
who is animated and alive, Jessi's emotions were like those of a robot. I know I'm the
only rating here lower than four stars but Jen set such a high bar for adorability, beautiful
double clutches on every light-up followed by wonderful "messy" and voluminous exhales,
lengthy residuals out of the mouth and nose ... I doubt you can top her. Jessi needs to
have SOME animation in her features because us lovers of smoking women want to see
them acting like playful girls, not automata.

Too egocentric

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

Call me old-fashioned but I like the vids where the "girl next door" keeps her clothes ON and lets the smoking stimulate our imagination to surmise what is underneath. No doubt that Erika is an Olympic caliber smoker but the combo of the tiara on her head and the bare tits is just too overt for me. Maybe I'm the "prude" of this site ... which has many terrific "girls next door".

I want to cuddle this girl.

star star star star star by Eleuthero, 11 years ago.

There are a lot of vids of "hard" girls and the smoking does not
represent an interesting contradiction to their hardness. Jen
really is the "girl next door" and her amazingly sexy smoking
is such a compelling contradiction and admit it, guys, we all
want an INNOCENT "bad girl". She's adorable. I want her to bear
my children. Of course, I'd have to stand in a LONG line.