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by Eddy Ok, 9 years ago.

A beautifully-shot video with a great interview and intense smoking! Encarni's eyes are even more stunning without the makeup of her earlier appearances. Totally awesome, one of my faves.


by Eddy Ok, 9 years ago.

All three women in this video are well-spoken, intelligent, and interesting to hear. This in itself is unique, but their smoking is great as well, particularly if you're into natural, everyday smoking that provides more realism than showiness. It's definitely the best Q&A video you've produced! Anyway, Fran, Dunia is in my mind the most beautiful woman you've ever filmed. Dunia! She is goddess-like, breathtaking, exquisite, par excellence, and all-around without equal. In another life, I would go to war simply for a loving glance from her.


star star star star star by Eddy Ok, 11 years ago.

One of the best smoking videos ever made, the end. I swear, videos like this are going to carry me to my grave, but oh, what a way to go.

Gotta Get This

star star star star star by Eddy Ok, 11 years ago.

This video is so good that it should be put into The Library of Congress. The sight of four exceptionally sexy young women smoking together (and several times in unison) is enough to make me speak in tongues--this is a classic Smoking Sweeties mindblower.


star star star star star by Eddy Ok, 11 years ago.

Raquel is a wonderful, beautiful smoking woman with maturity and confidence. Her interview is one of the best on this site and in it she conveys a complete passion for smoking. Her smoking style is a great mixture of intense and relaxed, and she's very captivating in general. As always, great lighting, good questions, and I didn't even consider the camerawork until now, which means you guys did a great job.


star star star star star by Eddy Ok, 11 years ago.

This is definitely one of the best videos here, no question! These two girls are like fire and ice, or yin and yang--they just complement each other brilliantly. Both women are intense smokers, and, especially with their first cigarette in the clip, you can see that they're in heaven, and if you like beautiful women who smoke with a unique depth of passion, you'll be in heaven, too. A must-buy, IMHO two of the top 10 women on this site. Thanks for being awesome, Fran, and bring them back if you can!