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How beautiful!

by Dreamer, 9 years ago.

Haven't seen the video (not yet) but the pictures look absolutely amazing. Such a sweet looking girl with the cigarette dangling is a vision to dream about. I loved to see those open mouth exhales, which for me shows how much pleasure she takes from smoking - just as much as an open mouth inhale. Fran, congratulations for your work and for finding such beauties. You (and we) are lucky to live in Spain where so many women still smoke.

Jen Flash Smoking

star star star star star by Dreamer, 11 years ago.

I have not bought this clip,but for the pictures I'm looking at I am not able to see a single shot where I could think of this woman as awful. She looks absolutely stunning to me. I would say these are the best new pics I see in a while and they make me very much wanting to see this clip. OK I'm telling this by the pics not by the video I haven't seen yet. But she looks so amazingly hot to me I could not get it past also. My opinion, of course. Great job Fran!