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star star star star star by Donnie, 8 years ago.

Wow.. this is a dream girl. Her face, her lips, her theet. Wow... Great model. You can make much with this girl. Very atractive smoker woman. Perfect colors... This is class!!

Power Lady, but...

star star star star star by Donnie, 8 years ago.

You make a great work.. and in this video i see a very example for the power smoking. But, for my interest, Alexia don't have a really smoker face. Where is her hungry. Ok... the cigarettes, one after one, but i don't see a natural smoker face. Is a my impression, but i want see girls that loving their addiction and that feel their smell as a parfume...!!

Beautiful Light

star star star star star by Donnie, 8 years ago.

Great Shot Fran... in this video i see one the best lighting in all your production. Gwen is very hot and sweet...
I have seen this video, but it is much beautiful..., and so, i buy this work. Thx..!!


star star star star star by Donnie, 9 years ago.

Another incredible smoker. Gorgeous girl e fantastic style. But i hope, in the next work, with beautiful models, that you use one camera for the zoom in her mouth. You can get most glamour shoot.

Beautiful work.

star star star star star by Donnie, 9 years ago.

We know all on the others girls, but i want make the congratulations for the new model girl: Teresa. This girl have a great potential for next videos. I wait ever a video where you make power close up in your full smoke mouth. Use a camera zoom in her mouth and you have the most beautiful film that you can do. For the rest this is a great work: light, models... power smoking!


star star star star star by Donnie, 9 years ago.

This girl fills the lungs with the greatest pleasure. The sound is wonderful. You hear the smoke that delves into slow, deep down. It 's really exciting to see smoke Alejandra. The light is very good, but maybe it was better if she was still. Great Job.

Oh My God... !!!!

star star star star star by Donnie, 9 years ago.

Isabel... very very sexy girl and beautiful addicted smoker. I'm impressive the drags and the sequences when she arches the cheeks with full smoke. I love this girl so much that i want buy another video in the next time. The light is magnificient. Great Job Fran. And the audio is a dream for my feticism. This girl sings with the lungs!

Wow Wow Wow..!!!!!

star star star star star by Donnie, 9 years ago.

This girl has a great talent. Her lips are wonderful. But there was not need for lipstick. I love the natural color of her lips steaming. I see Anna fiercer and most eager to nicotine. I like that a lot. But do not force the deep inhalations. There is no need. Anna sucks well anyway. The smoke enters in depth without the need to push in liters of oxygen. If there is too much air, the exhalation of smoke loses density. Anna is much more good. Gorgeous snaps.. and impressive the rapid sequence of the last drags..!!!!! I love your close up. Into the mouth... mmm.. The lights are spectacular. And also the sound quality is excellent. Installation: Do not cut during the action. Cut only when the subject has completed the action. 5 stars for your efforts. I am happy to buy your video. Bravo!

Great Job..!!!

star star star star star by Donnie, 9 years ago.

Great Job..!!! Very powerfull smoking. She is a talent... power drag, multiple drag, fantastic light in her mouth and nose exhales, gorgeous residual smoke. Fran, in the next work you can make most close up into her mouth... and you have the perfection!


star star star star star by Donnie, 10 years ago.

Sexy Girl and Sexy Smoker. The light is perfect..!!! Beautiful lips... You can make another video with Anna? You can much close up into her mouth... you can shoot her snaps of smoke and then her power exhale + residual smoke? I need of her mouth on full screen!!! The makeup is perfect. Don't change the look. She is a bomb.. !!! Great work..!!!


star star star star star by Donnie, 11 years ago.

Sexy voice, sexy body, sexy smoker... this girl is perfect. I hope that Smokingsweeties make another video with Kylie. This girl is a pleasure to see. Beautiful, sexy, addicted to smoke and know as do it very well. I hope that in the next video you make so many close-ups to natural beautiful lips.. No lipstick... this girl is a flower naturally.


star star star star star by Donnie, 13 years ago.

Wow... !!! A beautiful girl. Magnificent voice. Great smoker.
Good photography, but it takes more care about shooting and editing.
Too many errors. However, it is a great clip. You're better man.