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star star star star star by Deepinhale, 8 years ago.

This clip is another step in the evolution of the smoking fetish video. It is the perfect blend of theme, model, and production. This isn't just a a video clip of a woman smoking a cigarette, this is art. Rosy has never been one of my personal favorites but she has several strengths and this clip provides a wonderful showcase. Rosy is a human smoke pump with a hot little body and gorgeous tits. That quality is put on display with a perfect blend of art and science. Everything about the video is intended to convey the feeling of being saturated with smoke and it works. The entire clip might not appeal to everyone but there is no denying just how well done the whole thing is. If part of your fetish is watching a woman infuse herself with smoke and you want to see it done in an idealized way over a period of time, then this is as close to perfection as anyone has ever come.

New Standard

star star star star star by Deepinhale, 8 years ago.

This clip sets a new high water mark for smoking fetish videos. Although Vanessa's look does not particularly appeal to me, there is no denying that she is an outstanding model. Her enthusiasm for filling her body with smoke along with her charisma and comfort in front of the camera are incredibly sexy. When Vanessa leans back on the sofa with her lungs full of smoke at the 8:45 mark is about as hot as it gets. That said, what really lifts this clip into the stratosphere are the production values. Fran has nailed almost every aspect of filming a smoking fetish video. The purple and black setting, the leather sofas, the lighting, the model's outfits, the way she moves around the room into different poses, the great camera work that doesn't resort to weird angles, it is all outstanding. I can't wait to see this kind of professionalism and skill used with other models. Phenomenal work!


star star star star star by Deepinhale, 9 years ago.

I don't know where Fran finds keep finding these girls but he has outdone himself this time. He could make a career out of just filming Sara. I don't know if I've ever seen that much smoke come out of a woman before, especially in the first scene where she is wearing a green top. Absolutely fantastic. This clip is the definition of money well spent.


by Deepinhale, 9 years ago.

This video is already one of the five best that Smoking Sweeties has ever done and that is saying something. If you ever wanted to see Angelina Jolie in a smoking fetish video, this is as close as you are going to get. The entire video is outstanding but the scene in the middle of the video where Alexia is leaning against a wall, playing with her hair, moving smoking in and out on her lungs, and eye flirting with the camera, is exactly what a smoking fetish video is supposed to be. That segment should be used to train new smoking fetish producers. Unbelievably hot. I have a special folder where the all-time great clips live and this one earned a spot after the first viewing.

Smoke Soaked

star star star star star by Deepinhale, 10 years ago.

In almost 15 years of watching smoking fetish videos I don't know if I've ever seen a woman put that much smoke in her lungs with of a single cigarette. Alazne certainly knows how to infuse herself with nicotine. I don't think she double/triple pumps in the normal sense where each pump is a drag/inhale by itself. Instead the first couple of pumps pre-load her nose and throat with smoke, she takes a final drag, and then inhales the whole thing as deep is she can. Residual inhale fans will lose their mind. There is so much smoke inside of her that it never stops flowing out. If you like watching a woman move smoke in and out of her lungs then this is the video for you.


star star star star star by Deepinhale, 10 years ago.

Simply incredible! The drag she takes at around 13:10, and then inhales, closes her eyes, and bites her lip, is too hot to withstand. I love redheads and this is the best smoking video ever to feature one. Please do more with Isabel.

Inhaling Deeply

star star star star star by Deepinhale, 12 years ago.

Might be the best model ever filmed on this site. It is all about inhaling smoke and Helen delivers. You MUST shoot her again.