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Dazzling Debut

star star star star star by David, 5 months ago.

Zahira is an absolute stunner and an amazing smoker. While I appreciate so many of the models here over the years, I haven't been this instantly captivated since Sara's first appearance. Some will say the tattoos take away from her beauty but I think they only add to it. It's only one video but she has all the qualities to rival the many wonderful ladies on this site and be one of the best ever. Hope to see more of her for sure. Your work is much appreciated. This video is another perfect example of what the smoking fetish is all about.

Olivia is a Star In the Making

star star star star star by David, 6 months ago.

Another excellent video. The ladies are all having fun together and are skilled smokers. I enjoyed the dancing as well. No disrespect to the other two but Olivia is the standout here for me. A total bombshell, extremely pretty and an amazing body. Hope to see more from her in the future. My only negative is I prefer lighters over matches but just a minor quibble. It's nice to see some wonderful new models along with returning favorites. It would be incredible to see Sara again if at all possible.


star star star star star by David, 2 years ago.

So wonderful to see Lorena again. Such a great and unique smoking style. She is such a stunning woman as well. She looks the same as in her other videos with no visible effects from her smoking habit. One could stare at her beautiful face for hours but adding in the smoking is almost overwhelming. I also enjoy power smoking and double and triple drags but her deep drags and awesome exhales are a joy to watch. We may not get frequent updates on this site but the quality is undeniable. Thank you for the continued great work.