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Looks messy

star star star star star by Darth76, 7 months ago.

This is based on the preview only and I am on the fance about purchasing.

If the preview is representative of the full video (which is should be) then I'd agree with the review above that it all seems a bit 'messy' and the exhales all look a little forced for my tastes. This could be a personal preference thing though and others clearly think it is great.

Good, could have been great

star star star star star by Darth76, 13 months ago.

Kalina is stunning and I did really like the profile scene which was very nice. I was going to give this a 3 but that would have been harsh, 2 things see this fall short for me:

1 - Karina does not hold the smoke in for long enough most of the time.
2 -The constant cutting of angles is just so distracting. This is just basic film making surely? You do not cut mid 'moment' it is just a no-no IMO

Would like to see Kalina again for sure though.

Constant cutting to different angles

star star star star star by Darth76, 2 years ago.

The girls are great, the lighting is terrific, also like how you switch between the girls mostly rather than them smoking together, so in many ways this is a 5 star video. Dropping a star though as I find the constant switching of angles distracting, would much prefer you sticking with it per cigarette. Maybe even shoot from both?

Not Rosie's best

star star star star star by Darth76, 7 years ago.

I purchased this just for Rosie but this is (IMO) really not her best. It is pretty good and Desiree has potential but I'd call the smoking solid rather than spectacular and the race really is not a race at all. Sadly again I am not sure that the description is 100% accurate.

I personally prefer longer holds too but that may just be me, don't get me wrong this is still very good (hence 4 stars) it is just not a 5 star one for me. It is well worth your money though and Rosie is still my favorite model, I just think that she maybe has the perfect video in her!

No Variety

star star star star star by Darth76, 7 years ago.

I continue to buy your videos as there is more good than bad however I am finding more and more that he description does not really match the videos.

Gwen is stunning and is clearly a good smoker but I found the video repetitive and far from 'mastering all kinds of smoking techniques and tricks' mentioned in the description. With the exception of a few nose exhales and rings and some dangling I though there was not enough variety and it was mostly the same standard snap inhale throughout and the same ( a little messy IMO) mouth exhale.

I am maybe being ultra picky here but I do not think the smoking here is up to the standard of other videos you have done. Good, solid and straightforward but for me at least not 'top notch' Still 3 stars though so really not bad.


star star star star star by Darth76, 8 years ago.

I thought that the smoke holding was minimal and did not find Annie's style that appealing (that is probably a personal taste thing)

Really really nice

star star star star star by Darth76, 9 years ago.

Rosy is great, my favorite after Franchezca and this is her best yet.

I especially liked the first part of the video and the dangling parts were great. Would be wonderful if Rosy could step it up further still, double inhales,longer holds, and multiple pumps.

Really good video though.

Not really that great

star star star star star by Darth76, 9 years ago.

Sara has great potential but imo this video is not as good as the reviews suggest. I'd give it 3.5 stars, it is good but not great.

There are some nice moments however I think the inhales are disappointing (all closed mouth unless I missed it) and as others have pointed out the lighting for half of the clip is not great.


star star star star star by Darth76, 9 years ago.

This may be a grower but after a couple of viewings I found Rym's style a little rough around the edges compared to say Franchesca or Alexia, it is though still a good clip and worth buying.


star star star star star by Darth76, 9 years ago.

It's all a matter of taste but I found this disappointing and not a patch on the other bar scene video with Angela.

I agree that her exhales are strange and that goes someway to ruining it for me.

Others may love this but this is one of the worst clips I have bought I think.


star star star star star by Darth76, 9 years ago.

Very nice Eugenia knows her stuff.

I too would love to see if she (or any other model) could multiple pump a whole cigarette non-stop.

Very Very Good

star star star star star by Darth76, 9 years ago.

A close match for Franchezca,Alexia is great.

Personally I prefer the side on/profile to looking at the camera and I am not a fan of the cutting to an from camera angles.

Would definitely buy clips from Alexia again

Not her best - Still great

star star star star star by Darth76, 9 years ago.

I'd say that this was not as good as her previous videos, although the section from just before 7 minutes through to around 10 minutes is terrific. She is easily the best model I have seen on here.

Obviously a taste thing but I much prefer the side on view and I do not care for the outdoor shots. Others probably like them.


by Darth76, 9 years ago.

You could have bought her a drink. The combination of smoking and drinking would have improved this clip I think, drinking while holding the smoke in etc.

Having said this Angela is lovely and I'd love to see her in some more videos.

Not as good as I was expecting

by Darth76, 9 years ago.

I found this disappointing and I cannot put my finger on why. She is a wonderful smoker but there was just something missing for me.

Awesome (again)

by Darth76, 9 years ago.

I think I prefer her other video (just) but this is just another tour-de-force from beginning to end.

Difficult to criticise, maybe having one one if the cigarettes as an uninterrupted dangle would be great but that really is splitting hairs.


very nice

star star star star star by Darth76, 9 years ago.

Very nice, personally I prefer corks but enjoyed this nonetheless and Rosie is terrific.

Would have loved to have seen one of the clips as a full end to end dangle. Some doubles or triples would have put this over the top too.


star star star star star by Darth76, 9 years ago.

She has terrific potential but I found the whole thing rushed. The drags were a little hurried as were the exhales, she almost looked nervous.

Not bad but not great.