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Forgot to mention

star star star star star by Darknight, 13 years ago.

Sorry I forgot to mention: ever heard a beautiful girl like Adriana moaning when she inhales?
If you feel this could be a major turn on... BUY this one...
She turns every aspect of smoking into something sexual...
Never seen anything like this before.
Pleas Fran: give us more of her!!!
that'll be my prayer tonight...


star star star star star by Darknight, 13 years ago.

OK... I've ssen many smoking vids... form this site or others.
By far, Adriana is the one whose impact on me was the strongest!
Her smoking is simply incredible: her open mouth inhales drove me crazy and the way she smokes so sensually is unmatched.
This girl, apart from being beautiful, understand perfectly how her smoking can drive a man crazy for her...
To sum up: I'm totally addicted to Adrianna and, Fran, you'd better shoot her again very very soon!!! otherwise you may lose one of your most faithful customer ;-D
ADRIANA: I haven't seen anyone so beautiful display so much sensuality while smoking. You are a dream girl!


star star star star star by Darknight, 13 years ago.

straight to the point: DON'T MISS THIS VIDEO!!! this girls is an absolute DREAM!
whoever likes a girl who smoke will just fall in LOVE with her!
I've never seen a girl who just get this sort of kick from cigarettes! It's simply amazing and incredible at the same time.
She masters every aspect and technique when it comes to smoking.
Her body is simply stunning and her face beautiful.
I'd give everything to be able to share her smoky world for just an hour...

A dreamy situation

star star star star star by Darknight, 13 years ago.

Take a ride with these two fantastic sisters. Here is the reat: you are in a car and they are smoking up a storm! whoever like smoky atmospheres will be delighted. the tiny space of the car makes it very special and the camera setting makes it look like you are in the car with these two beauties, and like they play with the fact that you love to see them smoke... Straight in the face exhales (RAY or even between them), rings (yes even in a car) creamy exhales (see the brunette on the second picture: this exhale is to die for).
Nearly 15 minutes of pure smoking pleasure leaving me with only one huge regret: I was not the one filming this or driving so I wasn\\\\\\'t in the car with them...

addicted to her!

star star star star star by Darknight, 13 years ago.

I have to start by saying that, normally, I'm not into nose exhales. but the slide show and especially the second pic (with this enormous exhale) convinced me to give it a try.
ADDICTED is now what I am. It's the right word I now use when talking about what I feel and think about her. She is simply exceptional. she was able to captivate my attention from begining to the end of her vid.
Needless to say that she convinced me that a nose exhale can be a major turn on and incredibly sexy when its done her way! can't wait for more from her. Please!

simply AMAZING!

star star star star star by Darknight, 13 years ago.

this girl is a real treat for someone who loves real smoking girls! she shows so much pleasure when smoking that she'd turn any non smoker or anti into a real pro!
I can't imagine this girl has only been smoking for 6 months! she's really mastering all aspects of smoking: style, sensuality, incredibly volume exhales, french inhales, snaps, nose exhales...
Everything is there, add to this that she's really pretty and display a gorgeous body! perfect woman!