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star star star star star by Daniel, 12 years ago.

My GOD!! thats the only comment I have. MY GOD!! Next video with her, I would like her to speak in an interview. Better would be if she posses together with another model as pretty as her. And convincing this model to try smoking. Teach her to do snaps. zzzz inhale sounds and be really pretty smoking, just as Franchezca. WOW!!! An eye catcher!

Sexy little Cleo

star star star star star by Daniel, 13 years ago.

"Survivor" , we did the same thing. As soon as I saw this vid, I bought it. I have so much faith in this site. She is adorable. She clearly knows how to smoke, and also how to seduce men. I think the man who will get her, he will be lucky, IF HE LIKES women that smoke. She 2 times has this small natural snap, wich is soooooo cute. After a really deep suck on the cig, she snaps away, not too clearly. But her style is great.
She is also very sexy doing her thing with her bra. She is closing her eyes slowly while lifting her blouse of, squeezing her tits a little bit. WOUUWW. Get this vid!!
Now we are waiting for a "teach her how to smoke version 2"!! Come on Fran!!!!


star star star star star by Daniel, 13 years ago.

But as written, we need a number 2.

What about a vid, with the same to girls, but switching roles. Teach the HOT girl how to inhale. I don't care if it is acting, just seeing her, strugle, or mayby cough a little bit would be SMOKING SWEET(ies).

Thanks for one of the best videos yet!! Looking forward to nr. 2 of that girls.


he did it again

star star star star star by Daniel, 13 years ago.

even before having watched the whole movie, I can just say. WOW, not the big reviewer, but again, you did it. She has class, style and a whole lot of sexy in her....

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star star star star star by Daniel, 13 years ago.

I never do reviews, but this one!! OMG. The blond is ok, but i will concentrate on the dark hair.

Michaela(dark hair) is SOOOOOO beautyful.
It's not so often we get to see a beauty like this smoke!
She looks innocent and model like, and she smokes very well.
Very sensual, and she knows how to catch u with her beauty eyes.

I really wish we could see these sisters again. SOON!! I will be the first to buy that video.

Thanks for the great work