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star star star star star by Daniel, 9 years ago.

Thanks Fran for this masterpiece!
In this Video Jessi gets prettier than ever!!!! She is absolutely beautiful, a stunning smoker but doesn´t look like one. Thats a thing which I like a lot. I adore her smoking style and she is a woman with a perfect pair of smaller breasts even though I normaly like it bigger:)
Another 5 star video to dream of this night. Thanks a lot!!!!


star star star star star by Daniel, 9 years ago.

Thanks Fran for this phenomenal work!!!!! Erika is an awesome powersmoker to dream of and in my opinion in this video she is looking better than ever. The scene in the bathtub is so incredibly sexy! After I had seen the pics I had several hot and wild dreams at some nights with her in.
What would I give to be with her just a day seeing her live powersmoking her 50 cigs or smell her breath or even have a smokey kiss.
Please, please give us more shoots of her!!!!!! Erika you are awesome!!!
So thanks again!

Absolutely gorgeous!

star star star star star by Daniel, 12 years ago.

This girl is the girl of my dreams!! What a great body, long blond hair and beautiful smoking! Thanks a lot for her and please, please more of her in the future!!!!!! I love her!
This is the best smoking-site on the web!!!