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Work of Art

star star star star star by DDL, 8 years ago.

Gwen is one of the best smoking models ever. Beauty, smoking style, camera presence all outstanding. But the body painting makes this one quite interesting. Not only to see Gwen's beautiful body being painted as she's smoking but to see the painters smoking themselves. If they would be willing, you should do a video with them. Others have mentioned the brunette but the other one is also attractive and I love her smoking, particularly the light-up at around the 9 minute mark. All in all, another excellent video with the expected great smoking of Gwen enhanced by the unexpected fine smoking of the body painters.

More, more, more!

star star star star star by DDL, 9 years ago.

I really liked Lorena in the video she did with Eli. But this one is even better. She is absolutely stunning, it's easy to see why she was Miss Barcelona. And her smoking style is mesmerizing to watch. Only complaint is the length of the video, much too short. Hope to see more of this goddess soon.

Another Great Video

star star star star star by DDL, 9 years ago.

Silvia is an excellent and attractive smoker. But Dafne is stunningly beautiful. To only be smoking 2 months and be that skilled is impressive. Also, if she already smokes a pack a day, she will likely be up to 2 packs a day or more pretty soon. Her sister is certainly a good teacher. This is another terrific video, well worth it.

Another must buy!

star star star star star by DDL, 10 years ago.

This is another excellent video. I like her smoking style, already quite accomplished. Very beautiful as well. This site is consistently good.

More More More!

star star star star star by DDL, 10 years ago.

So glad to see Sara back. I hope it won't be so long between videos next time. I would say her smoking is not quite as good as the first video but the bar was set very high with that one. She's still one of the best I've seen. And she is even more gorgeous here if that's possible. Good to see her use a lighter this time, that was the only thing I would've changed about the last one. More Sara, more often please.

Another Great New Model

star star star star star by DDL, 10 years ago.

This was a good video. Not quite up to most of the other ones. Erika is an excellent smoker but I don't find her that attractive. I've really liked Raquel's solo videos but she's not really highlighted here. Alexia is awesome again here. I would like to see a solo video of Teresa but not before a new one of Sara. Maybe the two of them together even though they have a similar look? That would be amazing.

New Queen

by DDL, 10 years ago.

I have purchased at least 20 videos from the site. There have been many great ones. Many great models (Rosy, Gwen, Elsa, Jen, just to name a few). However, I feel that Sara is the best combination of beauty and smoking prowess. She is truly stunning, especially when she smiles. And her smoking is incredible, possibly the best exhales I've seen. She is already in my top 5 of smoking models and she definitely has what it takes to be #1. Excellent job Fran. Hopefully, there will be more from Sara and soon!

Jen Flash Smoking

star star star star star by DDL, 11 years ago.

This is even better than her other video which was excellent as well. Jen is absolutely gorgeous and this video showcases her hot body. That first outfit really shows her breasts and legs. And her smoking is truly amazing. Best exhales you will see. Jen may have passed Rosy as my favorite on this site, hope to see more from Jen.


star star star star star by DDL, 11 years ago.

As if it wasn't enough to have the amazing Rosy back, she is joined by her 3 lovely friends. IMO Rosy is still the standout, she is as beautiful as ever and an awesome smoker. The other ladies are also wonderful smokers. This is a must-buy based on the quantity and quality of smoking and the beauty of the models. Another A+.


star star star star star by DDL, 11 years ago.

Valeria definitely is quite a smoker. She looks a bit older than 40 but is still quite beautiful even with her longtime heavy addiction. Very deep drags, nice exhales. very good video.


star star star star star by DDL, 12 years ago.

I discovered Smoking Sweeties a few months ago and have purchased several clips. They have all been excellent but Rosy is absolutely mesmerizing. Her beauty, her style, her amazing body. Just incredible. After watching this, I ordered all her other clips. This one is the best for me though. Keep up the great work and hope to see even more of Rosy.