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Pure Power

star star star star star by D, 7 years ago.

Encarni's one of my favourite models of all time. Her nostrils are constantly at work, she's literally breathing smoke.

Sound, sound, sound

star star star star star by D, 7 years ago.

While i don't find Alazne as attractive as some of the other girls in terms of looks or smoking style, this video is ALL ABOUT THE SOUND. Her wheeze is pretty hardcore and if this is your thing - you won't find a better video online.

Doctor's Orders

star star star star star by D, 7 years ago.

I did see most of the videos searching for another girl to keep up with Erika and Encarni. Alexia is on the right track, her smoking has improved brilliantly.

Love the first scene. She gives no quarter to her lungs, extracting enormous tar and nicotine levels from her ever-dangling stick. 9 mg tar and 0,8 nicotine? Times three, more like it given such drags. The look on her face as she takes severe, bittersweet beating is priceless, what a champion. She instantly lights up second cigarette and repeats the process, this time removing her cigarette from her lips (with shaking fingers) just to be able to do long lung-holds which coat her troubled lungs with even more tar. She would literally explode if her nostrils weren't constantly at work against overpowering, heavy smoke.

Five minutes of heaven.

Some evil doctor must have told the asthmatic superbabe to fight fire with fire. And she fiercly obliges.

See the rest for yourself.

Role model smoker

star star star star star by D, 7 years ago.

- love her lung holds and coughs
- great outfits, makeup, hairstyle

top 3 for me with Encarni and Erika, would love to see her smoking a strong cigarillo (she did smoke a small cigar with Erika in one of the videos i believe)