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Adios Rosy

star star star star star by Cuda333, 2 months ago.

I hate that Rosy has quit smoking, however this video and the ones before it have cemented her legacy in the smoking fetish community. In these unprecedented and unstable times, this may become a trend among other models as well due to the price of cigarettes continuously rising. I just hope she made this decision for herself and her health and she wasn't forced. This video is more than an appropriate finale. Adios, Rosy. You will be missed and best of luck on your future endeavors.

Now That's More Like It

star star star star star by Cuda333, 2 months ago.

This site was always the GOAT for the smoking fetish community, and now it's reclaiming that spot. Becky has matured wonderfully and she is still a stunning smoker. I'm also enjoying the close up shots of the ashtrays and the models ashing their cigarettes. The obvious health effects of a heavy smoker are also present with Becky and is a wonderful showcase as well. I hope SSW keeps up this current trend of revisiting models who have been on this site before and updating their present status. This clip doesn't disappoint; keep up the more frequent updates and much thanks!

Continuing Trend?

star star star star star by Cuda333, 8 months ago.

It was great to see Nuria again and she has matured gracefully. I'd love for this to be a continuing trend of catching up with some of the greatest older models such as Alazne, Raquel, Jen, Valeria, and Mireya. Thanks to all involved for making the first of what I hope are many follow up clips to come.

re: Treadmill

by Cuda333, One year ago.

All very much agreed. The only exception: Have them walk on it without heels. The clopping noise gets old.


star star star star star by Cuda333, One year ago.

Karina is clearly having trouble breathing as can be seen towards the end of the clip, but she refuses to quit. To me, that is total cigarette dedication. she inhales deeply, smokes full flavors, and gives an excellent interview. The number one site of all smoking fetish sites may not updated as often, but so far the updates have been worth the wait. Kudos!!!!

A Triumphant Return

star star star star star by Cuda333, 5 years ago.

What Lucy makes up for with a lack of maturity and experience is something that other models lack. An insatiable, admirable love for cigarettes. She may lack the experience of a Vanessa or Alazne, but even her past videos are proof positive that she is well on her way to becoming one of the best. Hopefully, she has no plans of quitting and does become one of the greats. Well worth five stars. Hope for more updates in the future!

Magnificent as Usual!

star star star star star by Cuda333, 5 years ago.

I agree with JK. With updates being fewer, we have more to look forward to as a community. And I for one am willing to wait for updates from the best fetish site there is. Rosy is magnificent as usual and smokes proficiently as always, but I just wish she would get rid of the Malbro Lights and get back to business with the Reds. To me, a model is not a true addict unless it's full flavor. To each his own I guess, but I hold a similar opinion towards Silvia and Alexia. However, wonderful work as always and I do hope for continued updates!


star star star star star by Cuda333, 6 years ago.

So glad to finally see an update; and one of this quality at that. Ariadna is one of the best young smokers ever filmed on this site. She is very experienced for her age and it shows. Deep drags, multiple drags, and long exhales. The way her chest heaves with almost every drag is an awesome display of her addiction. There is no other site that captures the fetish with the detail and quality of this one. Picture, sound, everything is and always has been the best available. I definitely hope more updates with more frequency are in store for the future.