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Rosy - Queen of Smoking

by Cristiano, 11 months ago.

Rosy is without any doubt one of the greatest smoker on Now, I would recommand, let her perform in a great area = at the office with sexy business suit and elegant high heels! let her smoke all day during the work and let her enjoy so much smoke with a lot of other models, also performing in office outfits, that would be the best video ever!! thanks for thinking about this idea ;-)

what a dream!

by Cristiano, 8 years ago.

congratulations to this new clip!!! i've bought it within seconds!! one request: plz produce Clips, where the models walking in high heels, dressed like a secretary and smoke the hole Office down!! thanks so much for your work!!

The Best!!

star star star star star by Cristiano, 8 years ago.

Thanks sooo much to Rosy!! Amazing scene outside with the high heels!! Plz do more clips including such scenes, maybe with a group of great smokers!! I recommand Franchezca and Lorena!!

a dream

by Cristiano, 9 years ago.

absolutely amazing!! I wish more of these clips! one in a office with secretaries in high-heels working and smoking all day were my dream!! do it please ;-) it would be wonderful!!