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Eyes of bliss, voice of enchanting maturity

star star star star star by Conor Farrell, 2 months ago.

Raquel, Raquel...and Fran.

This is top shelf, get the ladder out material.
There is an unmatchable eligance and uncaged freedom that comes from a mature smoker. An unapologetic beauty and ability to be absolutely one with their instrument of choice, and gratitude of joy that it brings to be totally in the moment. I see this gleaming through every Raquel vid. But here this is encapsulated and enhanced with utter precision in the aqua float. How truly beautiful an experience Raquel is having when she is allowed to be at one with her joy.

I won't even bother going on further about how truly beautiful Raquel is. She is an utter blessing in an anxious world these days.
Raquel is living her life, stay out of her way.

Dream girl

star star star star star by Conor Farrell, 3 years ago.

Just realised that I somehow missed getting this update from the one and only mesmerizing enchantress Raquel with that amazing voice. This made my day.

Simply stunning

by Conor Farrell, 3 years ago.

New content is very scarce on here these days so when theres a new video and it's the smoking Queen that first brought me to this sight.... naturally I would dive for it immediately with joy. She is an absolute gem.