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star star star star star by Chris, 7 months ago.

This woman is a true goddess. Her sublime body cashes, cashes and cashes... It's magnificent to watch. We only ask one thing by looking at her: "Anna takes puff after puff please!". We want mor!

re: Not a Vanessa Fan.

by Chris, 8 months ago.

Even if she is pretty, I don't really like it either. Besides, I never bought a clip about it. I've been waiting for some models for many months... Alexia, Karina, Sheila and Anna MC!
With each publication I wait for them but I despair...


star star star star star by Chris, 11 months ago.

Karina in 2022 please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this beautiful girl !

re: ugh!

by Chris, One year ago.

¡Lo principal es que ella fuma! ¡Estamos aquí para ver cómo las mujeres bonitas se lastiman mientras fuman! Terminan destruyendo lentamente sus cuerpos... ¡No importa la marca de cigarrillos!


star star star star star by Chris, One year ago.

What I like about Encarni is that it is sublime! but in addition she takes puffs of tobacco continuously. This feeling of lack of nicotine is strong! we even see him tremble at times !!!! I love!!!! she is never satisfied !!!!! the black around her eyes makes her terribly beautiful and sexy.

More please...... Encarni !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

re: What about young girls?

by Chris, One year ago.

Totally agree with you.
I want ANNA MC back! she was so young in the videos posted here. I am so curious to see its evolution. Whether his body has changed because of the tobacco. Her face and her breasts were so wonderful ... a downright sexy young lady !!!! and seeing her smoking, damaging her body drives me crazy every time I watch her videos.
Anna MC please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful Anna!

star star star star star by Chris, 2 years ago.

8 years since I bought this video but apparently I haven't commented!
One of the most beautiful videos on the site. Just magnificent model, a dream body. I love the way he smokes! Hope she will come back soon to see how she has evolved over all these years.
Please Fran!!!! Back Anna MC!!!

re: Finally something good

by Chris, 2 years ago.

Yes ! Anna MC! she was very young at the time. Curious to know how she is physically with all these years of smoking. I am sure she is still so pretty and sexy


star star star star star by Chris, 2 years ago.

Thanks thanks thanks! Finally Rosy!
It's incredible ... for old subscribers like me, we saw Rosy very young! 10 years later, she is still so beautiful! it's incredible! she must have smoked thousands of cigarettes! but she is still so beautiful and sexy! The cigarette makes her feel good!
My favorite scene? the one with her dress !!!! beautiful, sexy. My Gosh, I will dream of admiring it with my own eyes just a few seconds!
I haven't bought a video for a long time.
Really thank you, I've been asking for Rosy for months! my wish has come true.


by Chris, 2 years ago.

Rosy, Karina, Sheila, Teresa or Anna MC please! A sequence where we see one of her smoking 3 cigarettes in a row.
Why not a challenge: smoke these 3 cigarettes in 10 minutes flat. In a room with a spotlight to admire the smoke coming out of the mouth.
In a beautiful, sexy evening outfit. They are beautiful women and especially heavy smokers! I would like to see that!
I don't like the models for a few months :/

re: Please

by Chris, 2 years ago.

Oh no I just saw that! she smoked so well ... this strong addiction made her an incredible model.


by Chris, 2 years ago.

Rosy, Ariadna, Karina, Sheila or Anna please! I liked Rebecca a lot too, but she doesn't seem to smoke anymore.


star star star star star by Chris, 3 years ago.

She is really well made up! a pleasure for the eyes! I would like to see Rosy or Anna MC made up like Gwen.
I would like to have more closeup on his face :)

Anna MC

by Chris, 4 years ago.

Oh yes Anna MC ... she is part of my top 4 with rosy, ariadna and Sheila!

Magnifique !

star star star star star by Chris, 6 years ago.

Quel dommage que cette vidéo est si courte :/
Elle est tellement divine Gwen, plus de 20 ans de tabagisme et pourtant elle est toujours aussi magnifique !
Elle fait partie de mon top 3 des modèles sur ce site ;)


by Chris, 8 years ago.

Ce que je trouve dommage depuis un moment, c'est les tenues des modèles.
Il y a des modèles vraiment sublime, mais les tenues ne suivent pas vraiment.
Karina avec une robe par exemple et la vidéo aurait été magnifique. La c'est soft c'est dommage.
Rosy: Heavy smoker extravaganza ça s'était une jolie vidéo !
Mais bon il en faut pour tous les gouts ...


star star star star star by Chris, 9 years ago.

Disappointed ... Lorena has a superb corp and on this video we see not long enough his entire corp.
This is what is missing in most of the videos lately.

Magnifique !

star star star star star by Chris, 10 years ago.

Je vais mettre mon commentaire en français car qui sait peut-être que la charmante Rym le liera :) Tout d'abord c'est une fille superbe y a rien à dire, elle a beaucoup de charme. J'avais déjà acheté la première vidéo que j'avais beaucoup aimé donc naturellement j'ai acheté celle-ci. Elle a vraiment un corps magnifique et j'aime beaucoup sa façon de fumer. J'espère qu'il y aura encore d'autre de vidéo avec elle. Merci Fran !


star star star star star by Chris, 10 years ago.

a little disappointed by the video, the girls are beautiful and very well smoke but their outfits are not terrible. Why not have put their skirts or evening gown? ca would have been superb. I love the scene from up 8min30 11min35 but not whole cigarette smoke(why did you cut!?

Great !!!

star star star star star by Chris, 10 years ago.

Rosy is beautiful, she has a perfect corp is my favorite model! It is possible to see her in evening dress the next time she will ask!? : p