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Quite good - but not great

star star star star star by Camelion, 7 years ago.

After all the praise I feel obliged to offer some criticism.. The model’s beauty, enhanced by her nice smoking style, is quite unique (which is good!). The interview is more extensive than expected (which is great!).

However there are also quite a few negatives, in particular: Whereas the „technical“ quality of the vids here (especially in recent times, e.g. Vanessa’s latest) is usually great, I was rather disappointed this time by poor visibility of the model’s face (which is not so much a result of smoke in the room, but rather a question of lighting, contrast etc.) and ill chosen camera angles (except for the last section). On a more personal note, I must say that a model gains a lot in sensuality and overall „hotness“, when she fully accepts and enjoys smoking as an integral part of her personality..


star star star star star by Camelion, 9 years ago.

Two hot girls (each in her own way), solid to excellent smoking, nice voices, even some smoking related talk! Personally I usually prefer single model interviews with no or very few cuts, so I'd give 4,5 stars here if I could.. I really hope to see Lucy again, she has great potential!!


star star star star star by Camelion, 9 years ago.

Dessi is one of those (few) girls who would be smoking hot without smoking too: hot face and body, nice tattoos, sexy voice.. But of course the smoking is a great plus.. One of the best EVER!!