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Nuria is always 5/5

star star star star star by CJ, One year ago.

Oh wow, what a unexpected lovely surprise :D I was always a huge fan of her past videos, and she is still just beautiful! Such lovely eyes, that twinkle with pleasure when she smokes... So glad you brought her back, and i agree with earlier posters - i would love to see updates from more of the other SSW legends, personal wish: Sheila, Rym, Anna M.C, Dafne, Estefania, Elsa, Paula, Franchezca... etc.

But this is Nuria's moment and i won't take that away from her :) So great to see you back Nuria, much love from a long time fan


star star star star star by CJ, 2 years ago.

For me this is the best one in a while. She's beautiful, love her style and personality. Very cute, and very sexy smoking. I would love to see more from her, preferably with a longer interview. But really hope we will see more from you Kuroha :) Please come back, much love!

very nice

star star star star star by CJ, 8 years ago.

Very glad to see Sheila again, her last video became somewhat of a sleeper hit for me. And this one is in some ways even better... Love the interview, love the close ups, love the full flavours and simply LOVE Sheila... Her beautiful innocent look makes her heavy smoking seem all the sexier.. She also seems to have a nice personality which shows sometime, in my eyes not the sort of girl you would expect to smoke, which again makes it look so much better on her. Especially since Her style is so powerful. Its obvious that she truly loves smoking, and is strongly addicted... A rare combination, but just my taste, this girl is very much my type... Wonderful video all in all.

Hope to see more of this lovely girl, defintitely one of my top-names on the site. 5/5


star star star star star by CJ, 9 years ago.

5/5 easily amd straight to my top-5. Alexia - stunning. Smoking - s t u n n i n g... Love the interview. One of the most beautiful, heavy smokers i've ever seen! Just wonderful to watch you, Alexia. Perfect, every single second... Would love to see her doing Reds next time :)


star star star star star by CJ, 9 years ago.

Really enjoyed this one. Sheila is a real cutie, and it was a joy to watch her.. Don't agree with the other review that the style would be inexperienced, she takes long relaxed drags and smokes full strength camels, just beautifully. Not powersmoking, but just deep inhales and regular smoking for satisfaction, very very nice. Sheila you are gorgeus, thanks for this :)


star star star star star by CJ, 10 years ago.

don't see what the fuzz is about, i thought it was amazing. Tanya is soo beautiful and both the girls are seriously smoking, with very nice style, clearly addicted to nicotine. Great stuff as usual, really enjoyed it.

Just beautiful

star star star star star by CJ, 10 years ago.

This clip is amazing. Alexia is simply beautiful!! Mysterious, sexy and also alluring personality.. Her smoking is on the same level, just stunning! Im usually not so big on dangles, but when this girl does it it's pure magic.. She often puts it really deep into her lips, and inhales huge amounts without difficulty, always with a sexy, pleased look..

I also very much appreciate the addition of subtitles, dialogue is important to me and subtitles are great if the girl doesn't speak english. Again and again you keep impressing Fran :)

This girl goes straight into my top-picks of the site, alongside Franchezca, Sonja, Elsa, Carole and Natia.

Alexia, you are just unbelivably beautiful and your smoking is among the sexiest i've ever seen. Please return in the future :)


star star star star star by CJ, 11 years ago.

After seeing the last video, got this instantly. I was taken by shock, since it's even better than the last vid, which was amazing in every way. I now regard this one to be the best sf clip that i have seen, any category. Franshezca, you are absolutely stunning!! When i'd started watching i just couldn't look away. I truly hope we will see more from you in the future, you are such a rare gem.