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re: rosy

by Brad Armond, 6 years ago.

i agree. I know this isn't a porn site but she does have a rockin' body and it would have been nice to see more of it., like some shots including her legs. Close ups are nice, she certainly has a very pretty face, but I tend to buy the vids that display more than just the face.

The body

star star star star star by Brad Armond, 8 years ago.

Oooops, I forgot to rate it with my review yesterday. I also agree with bill that the chain light-up in the water was a definite turn on.

What a bod

by Brad Armond, 8 years ago.

I'm surprised there aren't more reviews. This and the one with Vanessa sunbathing on the roof are about as good as it gets if you're a fan of watching women with perfectly fit, tone bodies smoking. The last few minutes is my personal favorite part of this video, where she smokes while showering and then proceeds to pose very sensually showing off her beautifully sculpted body while, of course, smoking away. I almost cried when she finally put out the cig, put the sun dress back on, and walked off.

What a bod!!

star star star star star by Brad Armond, 8 years ago.

If you enjoy watching a hot woman with a gorgeous body smoke, this one is for you! My personal favorite part is the end, where she leans over the balcony and displays that perfect ass and those killer legs. Nice camera work! Hard to believe she can maintain such perfect tone to her body and smoke like she does.

Very sexy!!

star star star star star by Brad Armond, 8 years ago.

Ewa is one EXTREMLY sexy lady! My only critique is I'd have liked to see her complete a few cigarettes from start to finish instead of jumping to another scene after 5 or 6 drags. I'd especially have enjoyed watching her smoke 2 or 3 when she was laying down in her blue underwear. What a rockin' bod! The shower scene had me weak in the knees. Would have loved to watch her smoke a couple all the way through in there. Still enjoyed the vid; hope to see more of her.


star star star star star by Brad Armond, 8 years ago.

Love this girl. Reminds me of Rosy but I find her even sexier. I particularly liked her in the short dress showing off her beautiful legs as she hammered down the marb. More of her please.

Holy smoke!!

star star star star star by Brad Armond, 8 years ago.

My kind of video. No goofy stunts like 2 or 3 cigs at one, or cigarettes dangling from strings. Mireya is an attractive girl and when she slaps on a little make-up she looks stunning. Then she puts on those short shorts, lays on a bed and crushes those cigarettes....... This video and her have me mesmerized. I almost cried at the end when she put out her cigarette, immediately lit another, and I didn't get to see her finish it. I knew it had to end but it seemed so cruel of you! Great video. More of her, preferably showing off those legs again.