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Oh the hair

star star star star star by Brad, 6 years ago.

What is with basically shaving one side of your head when you have gorgeous hair?

1 out of 3 girls

star star star star star by Brad, 8 years ago.

Very disappointed in this one. Ariadna is the only decent smoker with her short, quick, thick post inhale spurts that come out her lips, nice dangles and a few nose exhales. The blonde is pretty much hidden in the background most of the time with no defined style. And the 31 year old is a very straight forward smoker also with no nose exhales, frenches or snaps. The dialogue is what one would come to expect from a 3-some and that is all fine, if conversation in these vids is your thing. Too bad because the trio are very sexy in their own right... just not much going on to make this entry anything special.


star star star star star by Brad, 9 years ago.

I would have given this 4 or possibly 5 stars because of the style Alba has 32 seconds of footage thrown into the first portion of this vid that had no business being there. And because said footage is of her with her hair down looking absolutely gorgeous wearing black! Why tease me with such a minimal amount of a scene? Seriously. If you had kept that out, I would never be sitting here dreaming of what I did not see. He exhales are thick and her attitude is awesome. This is why I am so upset over the tease. Get her back!!! And have her let her hair down.

Sit Still

star star star star star by Brad, 10 years ago.

WOW this video annoyed me. This girl could not stay put. She was moving all over the place. In and out of frame, twisting her head mid exhale, nervous and jerky almost the entire time which is unfortunate because she is very sexy! I don't know if she was nervous or not taking things seriously but the smoking suffered. One of my least favorite entries yet.

Lots of potential

star star star star star by Brad, 10 years ago.

I am not a fan of dialogue so this review will not cover the questions and answers of the interview portion of the vid. I will say that her facial expressions and mannerisms are sexy (to me). She is a mature smoker with some heavy drags. But her exhales are delayed long enough that the smoke volume suffers. She does have a slight natural snap and at times, thick smoke floats out her lips in what appears to be her attempt at thicker snapping. Yes, the talking and residuals are nice but if she could do more exhales quicker from her lips and nose, the volume could be huge. I would like to see another session of Valeria concentrating on thick exhales. And... this has always been a somewhat gripe of mine from Frans shoots... I hate it when the tops of models heads are cut off. Yes we get to see breasts but I wish the framing would drop down just a tad so I can see all of the models face and hair. I know I am probably in the minority on this "nit picking" but it is honest. I like mixing things up with older models so this download was a nice addition to my already heavy collection of SWEETIES vids.

Too Much Smoking

star star star star star by Brad, 11 years ago.

Normally there can never be too much smoking for my tastes but this video went over the top. But my mediocre review may actually be a compliment to the producer(s). First off, the fact that there are 4 black haired beauties is confusing to the eye. It took me 5 or 10 minutes to truly identify the ladies. But at that point, I was captivated and struggled to catch each exhale. There is some really good smoking going on in this video. But sometimes, one gals exhale in the foreground would cloud (pun intended) another gals exhale in the background. I noticed that my heartbeat increased while watching Rosy and her friends! I would love to see a couple of these ladies in solo or duo scenes because the style of smoking is excellent. And kudos to Fran for not only the editting skills needed, but for framing the women in shots as well as possible, considering the amount of smoking that was going on. Taking on a task of capturing 4 smoking goddesses at the same time is one heck of a project! It was just too much for this viewer. I would love to see more of the tatooed gal and her slow nose exhales! If you want a great candid style video featuring a bevy of beauties in a bar setting... buy this one. If your doctor recommends little strain on your heart for health reasons, skip it. :)

Best Girl Yet

star star star star star by Brad, 11 years ago.

Encarni is my favrorite smoking model yet. Her nose exhales are awesome even when the lighting is not fully on her, you can see the thick volume of smoke she is exhaling. I would love to see her in more videos standing so you can see her exhaling front on or slightly at a 3/4 view. I am not a big fan of the girls laying on their sides or backs while smoking. (just a personal taste). Right now Encarni and Rosie are the only 2 models that I would purchase clips from without even looking at the preview pictures.
Mireya is also fabulous and I like the change to black hair.


star star star star star by Brad, 11 years ago.

I like the fact that this model is not as calssically attractive as most others on this site. She is not ugly by any means but does have a unique look to her. And Fran did do a good job of hiding her teeth in the preview picks. Her smoking is intense and her exhales are thick. I personally would like to see more average girl next door models smoking. But I guess there are other sites for that appeal.


star star star star star by Brad, 12 years ago.

I was slightly disappointed with this entry. I love Raquel's look... don't get me wrong. She is the type of model right in my wheelhouse. But overall, the volume of smoke is not there. And she does spend the majority of the vid against the wall. I can not judge this volume based on audio because that is not what I am interested in or looking for. (So it may be 5 stars for those fans). I keep a collection of screen captures for my own personal library and on average, I save 40 - 50 images per video. Raaquel racked up a total of 20. I would be very interested to see if the thickness of her smoke increased with a different setting or change in lighting. Being a huge fan of SMOKING SWEETIES (I have downloaded over 50 titles), this ranks in the bottom half.

What it's all about

star star star star star by Brad, 12 years ago.

This is what keeps me coming back! Like Michael Bolton...I celebrate Elsa's entire catalogue. LOL. As long as vids like this are produced, I will continue supporting this site as it is the best in an "industry" of fading smoking glamour/fetish producers. Bravo again!


star star star star star by Brad, 12 years ago.

I am a little disappointed with this release. Mom has some great talking exhales but too often, her hand is blocking her face. And in the final segment she is turned enough so that her hair is blocking what appear to be heavy residual exhales, That combined with she continues to move around in the shot so that she out of frame. And Carol is your average good lookin smoker. Not much style. This video is GREAT on dialogue. The conversation between the 2 smokers is awesome. And if you are a lover of coughing, the poor Mother hacks throughout, and many times needs her daughter to tap on her back.

21 minutes of glory!

star star star star star by Brad, 12 years ago.

This woman is like a friends hot mother when you were 15 or 16 years old. Raspy voice and oblivious to how much smoke comes out her nose and mouth. Make no mistake about it... Oriana is heavy smoker with long talking exhales and thick little puffs of smoke that escape her lips right after she inhales but before she relaxes and exhales. A very unique style that is captured on camera even when she is not directly within the studio lighting. This is the type of woman that should be filmed smoking, and needs to filmed smoking.

Site Unseen

star star star star star by Brad, 12 years ago.

I downloaded this video before the photos were even posted. That is how much faith I have in the quality of smoking available out here. (Plus I am an impatient person). So... Cleo is very cute and a great smoker. She has nice long thick exhales and appears very comfortable in front of the camera. Add her to the list of models we SHOULD see more of. The only scene(s) that I do not care for is when the model is laying down. I just do not like the visibility of the smoke from that angle. I am sure there are some out there who enjoy that element, but it is not for me. I hope Smoking Sweeties continues to produce top notch smoking videos because this stuff is the best in the business!!!

Thick Thick Thick

star star star star star by Brad, 12 years ago.

Please bring her back! Some of the thickest mouth to nose combo exhales you will ever see. The lighting really highlight's the heavy volume of smoke that gushes from this woman's nose. More nose exhales! This vid is in my top 3.