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Fortuna Vero

by Bagan, 4 months ago.

She is very hot in my opnnion. And she is clearly a smoker in the second scene you see a lot of rinkles caused by smokinng also she is weezing. Would be nice to see more of her full body.

cute addicted smoker

by Bagan, 10 months ago.

Very beautiful girl. I like the second scene where she is lying with a nice jeans with 4 buttonos. She smokes not super intense, though she finish every cigarette with some pumps to get out the last nicotine to feed her body. and she smokes also quite fast because she constantly dragging on her cig.

addicted cute lady

by Bagan, 10 months ago.

this video is great. you can see that she is a real smoker because of her yellow teeth Also in the second part she is wheezing and there is a also you here a cough. Prooving that she has black lungs.


by Bagan, One year ago.

Nice clip. Her lungs must be very black. Would be nice to see a video of her when she wakes up in the morning and lighting up her first cigarette.

Amazing Painter

star star star star star by Bagan, One year ago.

I bought this video because I bought the video of lucy with the same painter (the one without glasses) and she is really lovely in her jeans. Would love to see a video with her!