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The Dynamic Duo

star star star star star by BT, 9 years ago.

WOW this is beyond stunning. Great job Fran, can't wait for the follow up with these two gorgeous smoke guzzling wonders !


star star star star star by BT, 10 years ago.

Sara is a stunningly pretty girl who at times reminds me of a younger Monica Bellucci. The combination of this along with her first class style and incredibly well filmed footage catapults this vid into my top 5 of all time on clearly the best smoking fetish website out there. Take a bow Fran.


star star star star star by BT, 10 years ago.

Jessi is undoubtedly one of the prettiest girls and best smokers on this website. Her eyes are to die for and her love of smoking is just awesome. Super deep drags from her Malbro Reds that I can't imagine she could do without. She just oozes sexiness with every second of this brilliant 26 minute clip. Congratulations again Fran for continuing to release this unrivalled quality. Can't wait for the next one.


star star star star star by BT, 11 years ago.

Nati's got IT, and IT's a beautiful thing.

You gotta get Nati, Rosy and Francesca together for the ultimate shoot.