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re: re: Oh the hair

by Anonymous, 4 months ago.

I absolutely love Gwen. She is stunningly beautiful. But I agree with the others, that hair is not flattering. Even with a woman as gorgeous as she.
I’ve only purchased one video from this site - “Sexy Smoking Girl” and she looks absolutely incredible. Especially seated with the sheer blouse. I’ve looked at the site and in her latest video I think she’s covered in tatoos now and dyed her hair. Too bad.


star star star star star by Anonymous, 11 months ago.

This woman is so stunning it’s just unbelievable. She has a gorgeous face, eyes and lips. And hair. Delicious body. Athletic yet curvy.
She smokes so sensually with such nonchalance and sex I’ve never seen anything like her. It’s almost like she’s so beautiful and in good physical shape she shouldn’t be smoking. But she does do naturally. The long inhales with open mouth , the nose exhales, double and triple drags.
Just so sexy there are no words. Except thank you.

Gwen Chain Smoking in bath

star star star star star by Anonymous, One year ago.

Gwen is in my opinion the most attractive model of all, and an incredibly sensual smoker. She’s gorgeous and has a beautiful body.
I’d love to see a video of Gwen doing nose exhales.