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Hot women

star star star star star by Anonymous, 2 months ago.

Haven't seen the full video, but what I wouldn't give for solo videos of the woman in grey and the slightly older woman with shoulder-length hair. The other two are hot as well.

re: Lights?

by Anonymous, 7 years ago.

No, it's not 'a myth' that some of us prefer 100's (or 120's) - I *vastly* prefer women smoking longer cigarettes. I don't mind too much if they're smoking lights either, as long as there's a lot of smoke displayed.

re: Lack of Snaps and Rings

by Anonymous, 9 years ago.

But we all have slightly different tastes. I don't like rings at all.

Very sexy

star star star star star by Anonymous, 9 years ago.

The fact that this video is on sale makes it one of the bigger bargains on this site ... Cristina is probably overlooked on here, because she's perhaps not as classically beautiful as several others I could name on here, but that doesn't matter at all to me - she's very sexy, has a very sexy attitude... just drips sex to me, actually, and is in a hot outfit and smoking double for the second half of this clip. And for something even hotter, check out the SmokingSexies clip of her, which I think is fantastic.


by Anonymous, 10 years ago.

Isabel's first shoot was very, very good. But I hoped to see her again with her hair down, and I'm not disappointed! And I haven't even seen the video yet, only these (excellent) photos.


star star star star star by Anonymous, 11 years ago.

While all of Fran's videos are good, this one is exceptional. From her eyes to her deep inhales to her often-exposed breasts, she's very hot.


star star star star star by Anonymous, 12 years ago.

Eugenia devours her cigarettes in this video. Very sexy, especially if you like the heavy smoking type.