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Cute smoking sisters

star star star star star by Anonymous, 7 years ago.

Splendid video of 2 beautiful girls with long blond hair who like smoking so much. Sylvia looks really proud while watching her sister smoking. Both girls have excellent smoking style and look so sexy ! More of them please :)


star star star star star by Anonymous, 8 years ago.

2 nice smoking girls who surely like each other. Saray's smoking style is fine, she clearly is the more heavy smoker of both. I wished the blond girl would have blown (exhaled) more often smoke on Saray's hair. And thereafter she should smell Saray's hair and tell how much she like it when her hair is smelling strongly to cigarette smoke :) That is the best a girl's hair can smell, isn't it !


star star star star star by Anonymous, 8 years ago.

So nice to see her back ! She looks really great, slim body, long hair and perfect heavy smoking style. The kind of girl you are hoping to meet once :)
She should never stop smoking, but keep smoking her 50+ cigarettes day after day. I like to see her smoking multiples. Hope to hear next time some of her (wet)coughings too !