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Some advice...

star star star star star by Anonymous, 2 years ago.

Given that you actually read these, I thought I'd give some constructive feedback rather than just saying I like a particular model or don't etc.

Overall, it's a great video concept. There are so many movie moments with people playing cards in a casino whilst smoking so it's something we are all familiar with. The models are incredibly varied so there is something for most people here. Also I like the makeup bit because it's a change of scenery.

There are a few problems with this that don't exactly detract from the overall quality but could be sorted out for later videos. I should also point out that whilst I'm sure others have different favourites, I was pretty much only interested in Alexia.

1: there is virtually no dialogue here and it's quite awkward to watch. In the bathroom, Erika and Raquel seemed to spend most of it watching Alexia and trying to copy her style, although unsuccessfully in my opinion. It would have been good to have them chatting a bit whilst they put on makeup or even applying makeup onto each other.

2: why is Alexia the only one able to play the card game? It's really strange that she has to explain the rules several times to Raquel and makes me wonder why they didn't play something they were all familiar with. As a suggestion, it would be amazing to see them play Texas Hold 'em with casino chips etc and would add to the drama.

3: it's impossible to focus on a favourite here because the cuts destroy any momentum and often models are out of focus or blocked by another. My suggestion here would be to do what they do at USA smokers and release two or three different angles as part of the video package. This would also reduce editing time because it's just one shot that you can watch from different angles in separate videos. This way, every model can be in shot from at least one angle.

4: these videos always lack movement, which is not a serious issue but could be better. One of my favourite scenes is Lorena's most recent where she walks around with the cig in her mouth. This is always better than them standing stationary.

Hope this helps.


by Anonymous, 2 years ago.

I have no idea what they are saying. Is there a version of this with subtitles?


star star star star star by Anonymous, 2 years ago.

Can you get Vanessa back to recreate this but 12 years later. Same beach, bikini etc. Would be amazing nostalgia.

Bring Her Back!

star star star star star by Anonymous, 2 years ago.

I know you get so many requests for these anyway but this is still the best video on this site and it's been over 10 years. Would love to see how Maite is getting on.

Volume Up!

star star star star star by Anonymous, 3 years ago.

Honestly I think this might be the perfect smoking sweeties video. The sound of Estefania running out of breath as she dances and smokes is amazing and she looks stunning throughout the video. Is there a reason we are not allowed to know the models' real names because I would love to find her on Instagram or Facebook etc.

re: Love it, however...

by Anonymous, 3 years ago.

There is only one model in this video that has done Smoking Sweeties before. Her name is Becky and she starts with the leopard dress and then switches into a transparent black one.