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by Anonymous, 2 years ago.

¿Sería posible hacer un vídeo sólo de la chica que aparece en este vídeo con el top blanco en el minuto 2:54?

Magnífico vídeo

star star star star star by Anonymous, 3 years ago.

Si ves este vídeo estoy seguro de que te encenderás un cigarrillo. Es imposible resistirse a la tentación de fumar viendo a Alexia hacerlo de forma tan placentera, apasionada, con inhalaciones profundas, exhalaciones voluminosas... ¿Qué sentirá mientras lo hace? Es imposible quedarse inerte sin tratar de vivir la misma experiencia. Parece que quiere hacer contigo lo mismo que hizo "Instinto básico" con ella. No obstante hay algo que no se puede imitar, o al menos obteniendo el mismo resultado que ella consigue: en el minuto 18 la verás maquillada, en el 22 con gargantilla y ya cerca del minuto 30 la verás de cuerpo entero en algunas escenas.
Preciosa sonrisa además, que no tenía en vídeos anteriores, y un español más fluido.
Lo mejor sin embargo en el minuto 3:04 cuando dice: "Si yo tuviera un amante secreto (exhala), fumar sería mucho más apasionado y yo me sentiría mucho más satisfecha". Si yo tuviera... ¿Acaso no lo tiene ya? Difícil de creer. En cualquier caso, si lee los comentarios que hacemos los compradores de los vídeos, sólo tiene que pedir a Fran direcciones de correo electrónico, porque algunos estaríamos dispuestos a dejar de ser secretos e iniciar el contacto. Sin duda alguna.

Pretty girl, boring video

star star star star star by Anonymous, 7 years ago.

The girl is wonderful, but her first video was much better. This video is very static and she doesn´t talk. Boring!

Beautiful and natural smoker!

star star star star star by Anonymous, 9 years ago.

Excellent girl and smoking show, deserves ten stars but there are only five! This is the girl you can find in a café or in whichever activity you do daily and her smoking style is really very natural and enchanting. The spot is absolutely realistic and you have the feeling that the girl is a few meters from you.
She also changes her dressing and coiffure several times so you can enjoy her from different points of view, very feminine indeed!
Her smile and smoking style have the power to enchant people and I assure you that if you have the opportunity to meet her in a café, you will feel the need for smoking or you will have an impulse to light your first cigarette if you weren't smoker. This is confirmed in the video by Nuria herself when she says that a friend of her asked her to teach her to smoke and she became a strongly addicted smoker. The reason of her enchanting power? I don't know. It might be her beauty or the pleasure she feels when she smokes, or maybe both.
The control she has over the flow of smoke is total, she knows how to keep the smoke inside if she wants to and as long as she likes and how to exhale it in an order and directed way. This is the difference between a person who has recently started to smoke and a person who has been smoking two packs a day for twelve years. Really amazing!
You can also see in the video that in many situations the quantity of smoke inhalated is so high, that even after exhalated, a portion of smoke still remains in her lungs, and only comes out when she is talking. You have really the impression in these situations that the girl is made of smoke. I wonder what will come out from her breasts when she become pregnant: milk or smoke!!
However I think one thing should be improved in this video: the interview is very short and superficial. Fran, if you film her again, please prepare better your questions. You missed and excellent opportunity for letting people know how the life of a strongly addicted smoker girl is. For example, I would have asked: 1) how long can she wait without smoking, 2) has she a job in which she is allowed to smoke, and if not what does she do when she is at work and can't smoke 3) what would she do if she had to take an eleven hour flight? 4) is she worried for her health? 5) would she give up her habit if she becomes pregnant? 6) how do people living with her feel about her continuous need of nicotine and smoke? 7) has she had any problems for this reason with the tenants living with her? 8) has any of her friends told her that she had to quit? Nuria, if you are reading these lines, note that I would really be very happy if you wanted to teach me to smoke.

You can do better videos with her

by Anonymous, 9 years ago.

very beautiful and sexy dressed girl, but the video is very static. She spends all the time in the same place, doesn't move. Also, I don't like her smoking style: the smoke exits from her mouth in a very unordered way, like a cloud, I prefer deeper inhales and more directed flow of smoke. Fran: this girl is very beautiful and sexy. You can do better videos with her.

Good performance Francesca!

star star star star star by Anonymous, 11 years ago.

Hi Francesca. This video is amazing and probably imposible to improve, but I have many ideas for your next video that you could appreciate. However I think publishing them in this section could not be a good idea, so I'll send them to Fran. Please contact him about the subject. Thank you for admitting suggestions. It will be a pleasure to see you again! Keep smoking so sexyly and smartly!

She looks like a cinema actress. Very good performing!

star star star star star by Anonymous, 12 years ago.

I liked a lot the way she performs in front of the camera. She really looks like a cinema actress! Very elegant smoking style indeed. During the video she changes several times her dressing way for your visual pleasure. Each pose is better than the previous one. You will love it! Well done Fran. Why is she not performing again?


star star star star star by Anonymous, 12 years ago.

I've no doubts at all that this's the best video I've ever seen in this Web site. I love her smoking style and her particular way to show herself in front of the camera. She is a very heavy smoker and she's very proud of that. You will love seeing her so sure of herself.
This beauty and her sexy way of dressing will give you many minutes of visual pleasure.
I have specially appreciated the moments when she's talking by her mobile phone and smoking. Fran, you have to put more of her in this web site!PLEASE!!!!!