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An unoriginal thought

star star star star star by Anonymous, 9 years ago.

This has been said before in these pages, but because Erika is so incredibly exceptional, and is such an amazing powersmoker (especially for someone who's only been smoking a relatively short period of time), it's well worth saying again. What got Erika started smoking was the bitterness of a divorce, and while other commenters on the forum have pointed out that she "smokes angry", and that is certainly true, that's not what I want to repeat. What another reviewer said was that he often sees Erika and her intense and sexually-charged smoking performances through the eyes of the man who allowed her to get away, imagining him just finding her beautiful smoking arts vids and pix on the Internet by chance, viewing them with increasing heartbreak over letting her get away, and then calling and begging her to take him back so he could live with her and live within her smoke. This girl is amazing marriage material, and someone who HAD her would do anything the get her back, after finding out how beautiful she is when she smokes.