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Born to smoke

by Anonymous, 3 months ago.

Rosie is beyond any comparison the most beautiful smoker on this site and throughout the SF community. She loves every long deep drag and holds the smoke with such deep longing . Great nostril exhales too! Thankyou so much sexy Rosie- you just get better and better!


by Anonymous, 4 months ago.

You are amazing Helen- your beautiful smoking style and to see someone who is so at ease with the elegance of her addiction and hunger for smoke - thankyou for smoking for us and for being so very very sexy . What a stunning body and so good to see the wonders of heavy smoking.

Sexy so deeply sexy

star star star star star by Anonymous, 4 months ago.

The second scene with its slow deep drags is what this site is all about- keep it up fran . Soooo sexy

Staggering beauty

by Anonymous, 3 months ago.

What a body- fed by nicotine not food. Such beautiful breasts and to know that this sexy body is seeping smoke all day and night - does she wake in the night to drowsily inhale into her sexy lungs? Thanks so much

Desperate beautiful smoking

star star star star star by Anonymous, 4 months ago.

This is one of the sexiest smokers I have ever seen. Beautiful, desperate inhales and noisy exhales and a wonderful almost double pump as she tries to fill her pretty body with the nicotine she so desperately craves. Thankyou so much for sharing her with us

Great nicotine hunger

star star star star star by Anonymous, 4 months ago.

Very beautiful and sexy girl with sensational body and I too liked the intense addiction and nicotine hunger she demonstrated , but the exhales were pretty messy and lots of smoke escaping in addition to a beautiful stream