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star star star star star by Anonym, One year ago.

I think the previews down't show at all how smart this girl is. She seems to be quite old/mature (older than many of the other models), but after I bought the video I recognized how pretty she really is: at the end of her 20ies. Her Skin is a bit effected by smoking and also are her teeth, but she is a very very cute, smart young women with a very nice smile. Yes, she laughs in the video, althoug she appeared very strict in the preview pics. And she has the cutest smoker voice ever. It's quite a pitty that such a women damages her lungs (I give up counting how many cigs she smokes for us), but she is a very addicted, natural young women. An every-day-smoker. I would mary her at once.


by Anonym, 10 years ago.

These girls are among the best girls at this page. I hope we see more of them, especially of Saray's friend!

Vanessa: Chain Smoking Girl

star star star star star by Anonym, 12 years ago.

...great! I hope that her lungs never force her to stop smoking, she looks so cute and natural with her cigarette!

Patricia: Bikini and lycra smoking girl

star star star star star by Anonym, 12 years ago.

This girl seems to be so addicted that she always bites her nails when she can't smoke... Why don't you have more nailbiting girls?