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Wow! what a Cutie

star star star star star by Andrea, 9 years ago.

Sheila is without doubt the best and most attractive smoking girl i have ever seen.. i love the way she uses her eyes .. She has such a relaxed and sensual smoking style.. very alluring and confident its like the cigarette is a natural part of her.. I hope to see heaps more of this stunning smoking beauty.. If i was able to give her 10 stars i would.. Smoking Perfection


star star star star star by Andrea, 12 years ago.

Awesome idea, great lighting, fantastic clip, could be a bit more variety in the smoking tho eg. 2 at once and more dangles, I dreamt that i saw another clip of Natia and Rosy dressed as barbies chatting and smoking... sigh... Can dreams come true Fran???? :-)

Perfect Natia

star star star star star by Andrea, 12 years ago.

STUNNING!!! Natia WOW!! very pretty,love her gorgeous green eyes. Natia is one of those girls who can do absolutely anything with the cigarette and look sexy doing it... Lovely, such beautiful smoking. I think i like her even more than Rosy


star star star star star by Andrea, 12 years ago.

Pure class.....from her cute little paw print tattoos to her pretty pretty face. Rosy is amazing..Her smoking sooooo natural and so so sexy.. She clearly luvs her cigarettes. ive seen alot of sexy and pretty smokers on the net but Rosy is THE BEST BY FAR...Simply GORGEOUS...OOOooh those dangles..AWESOME!!!
The only pity is that she is not smoking red 100s in this clip now wouldnt that be something to behold..Oh well i guess we cant hav everything..or can we...Fran??? Please Please can we see more of Rosy